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Handle: Dawn
Real Name: Ilkka Rosma
Lived in: Finland
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Aalto, Defacto2 (DF2), DTR, hyperion (HPR), Tequila (TQL)

Modules: 74  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 74 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
         sleeperwall Dawn S3M 411Kb 48
      Scales Of Phages Dawn S3M 220Kb 41
     Hold On Another Day Dawn S3M 350Kb 45
   < The Land Of Promises > Dawn S3M 193Kb 44
arctic life Dawn IT 880Kb 178
bailed out Dawn IT 9Kb 81
blick Dawn IT 4Kb 171
bloom Dawn IT 407Kb 176
copaiba Dawn IT 17Kb 166
d-vitamine Dawn IT 470Kb 172
dsd Dawn IT 9Kb 69
envenomed Dawn IT 14Kb 163
esko aikoo Dawn IT 5Kb 82
esko meinaa Dawn IT 7Kb 82
esko suunnittelee Dawn IT 22Kb 82
extension 3440, please Dawn IT 31Kb 163
fear factory Dawn IT 313Kb 172
fleam Dawn S3M 354Kb 38
funeraalit Dawn IT 12Kb 163
grin1 Dawn IT 19Kb 157
grin2 Dawn IT 17Kb 160
grin3 Dawn IT 25Kb 156
grin4 Dawn IT 29Kb 152
he plays with tropes Dawn IT 19Kb 160
hectic Dawn IT 6Kb 153
higher than high Dawn S3M 217Kb 43
i used to have clemency Dawn IT 486Kb 163
illanvietto Dawn IT 19Kb 160
introtune2 Dawn & Lukkk IT 10Kb 92
introtus1 Dawn IT 7Kb 160
introtus2 Dawn IT 5Kb 156
juhla-aamu Dawn IT 7Kb 187
kakophomies Dalezy & Dawn XM 6Kb 247
keijjjo1 Dawn IT 25Kb 84
keijjjo2 Dawn IT 16Kb 79
keijjjo3 Dawn IT 16Kb 79
keijjjo4 Dawn IT 24Kb 84
kihti Dawn IT 17Kb 156
koiruus1 Dawn IT 3Kb 141
kuutamoranta Dawn IT 47Kb 153
maybe after all Dawn S3M 104Kb 41
my dad's a bit distorted Dawn IT 346Kb 68
mysli Dawn IT 18Kb 146
outrigged Dawn IT 20Kb 164
overwhelmed Dawn S3M 12Kb 157
patchdog Dalezy & Dawn XM 7Kb 293
perhaps Dawn IT 13Kb 152
phenazon. 200mg Dawn IT 26Kb 151
pieces vol 1 Dawn IT 4Kb 153
pilipali#1 Dawn IT 14Kb 155
pilipali#2 Dawn IT 17Kb 152
pilipali#3 Dawn IT 9Kb 155
pilipali#4 Dawn IT 14Kb 151
pilipali#5 Dawn IT 13Kb 143
pilipali#6 Dawn IT 12Kb 149
possessive Dawn IT 9Kb 156
qwe Dawn IT 17Kb 146
saraste Dawn IT 32Kb 147
schwingkaakeli Dawn IT 20Kb 153
skoodispena Dawn & Lukkk IT 6Kb 78
snabbmakaroner Dalezy & Dawn XM 15Kb 237
soppajono Dawn IT 9Kb 157
soppajono2 Dawn IT 12Kb 144
spjahvsukaolpura Dawn & Lukkk IT 9Kb 84
stefan missar bussen Dawn & Zalza XM 15Kb 307
tenttu teino Dawn & Lukkk IT 6Kb 81
tolian strippaa Dawn & Lukkk IT 6Kb 82
trichinobezoar Dawn MOD 7Kb 160
turbaanimies Dawn IT 13Kb 155
twinkle Dawn IT 21Kb 151
weetabix Dawn IT 6Kb 142
xmas gifts(recycled) Dawn & Zalza XM 39Kb 131
you're in breach Dawn MOD 16Kb 153
zeevruchten Dawn IT 27Kb 145

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