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Handle: AMusic
Real Name: Sotiris Varotsis
Lived in: Greece
Ex.Handles: AMU
Was a member of: Alloy, Analogue Music (Analogue), Andromeda Software Development pc (ASD), Bass Productions (Bass), Chicken Nuggets (CNG), Crux (CRX), Mach One (M1), OCT, Scar, Split Infinity

Modules: 30  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 3  online

.:: 30 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
A Bite Before I go AMusic XM 19Kb 116
All for the rain AMusic XM 240Kb 330
Burning Twilight AMusic MOD 103Kb 272
castrated blogies AMusic MOD 103Kb 273
Charcoal Entropy AMusic XM 9Kb 280
chilly AMusic MOD 140Kb 246
chip-monk AMusic MOD 4Kb 97
chip-monk.vocal AMusic MOD 20Kb 98
craving for madness AMusic MOD 95Kb 255
crux AMusic MOD 256Kb 243
eat this! AMusic MOD 528Kb 268
emotional outbreaks AMusic MOD 164Kb 246
funk of sorrow AMusic MOD 8Kb 261
fury of the fairies AMusic XM 41Kb 89
gabburger AMusic MOD 128Kb 247
loving the rainbow AMusic MOD 135Kb 246
lucid breeds AMusic MOD 130Kb 235
maturalise AMusic MOD 62Kb 240
Memory of Caladan AMusic XM 245Kb 230
mousmoulo AMusic MOD 5Kb 269
mushed potatoes AMusic MOD 64Kb 239
ode to vanessa AMusic MOD 143Kb 201
russian drug AMusic MOD 57Kb 243
solitude AMusic MOD 413Kb 249
sour taste AMusic MOD 132Kb 91
Stuck in the Chimney AMusic FST 172Kb 46
tirquise panther AMusic MOD 75Kb 243
Tracked Sardelle AMusic FST 80Kb 225
Triumph Of Love AMusic MOD 365Kb 204
war of the lizardz AMusic MOD 61Kb 239

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