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Handle: DWB
Real Name: Christian Gunnar Nelson
Lived in: Sweden
Ex.Handles: Dr. Winston O'Boogie
Was a member of: Anathema (ATM - ANT), Imbassile, The Silents (TSL)

Modules: 85  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 2  online

.:: 85 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
amphex2 DWB MOD 44Kb 169
amphex3.2 DWB MOD 37Kb 162
ancid house2 DWB MOD 82Kb 182
another DWB MOD 25Kb 160
atm-nation DWB MOD 29Kb 154
beastfeast DWB MOD 67Kb 176
ben dover Blaizer & DWB MOD 73Kb 376
bitemycrank DWB MOD 14Kb 152
camping DWB MOD 54Kb 166
cloudwalker 777 DWB MOD 77Kb 161
cluster extension DWB & M-Litz MOD 105Kb 190
day zero DWB MOD 60Kb 148
day zero2 DWB MOD 63Kb 164
digit 7 DWB MOD 77Kb 168
discotec_2001 DWB MOD 26Kb 175
discotec_babylon DWB MOD 29Kb 158
distance DWB MOD 60Kb 150
early bird DWB MOD 11Kb 155
electron beam .fuse DWB MOD 51Kb 156
electron beam.fuse DWB MOD 52Kb 136
elevation DWB MOD 36Kb 150
future cockaigne DWB MOD 75Kb 148
hiphop darling DWB & M-Litz MOD 44Kb 70
hiphop darlingmix DWB & M-Litz MOD 48Kb 188
hors d'musique DWB MOD 58Kb 147
hotchpotch_(h-mx2) DWB MOD 145Kb 147
hypotention DWB MOD 29Kb 152
imaginia DWB MOD 65Kb 158
in-dust 3 DWB MOD 95Kb 172
junkface DWB MOD 50Kb 159
last boogie! DWB MOD 48Kb 154
macro_head2 DWB MOD 27Kb 154
macro_head3 DWB MOD 27Kb 159
mainvein DWB MOD 38Kb 155
majestic 2 DWB & M-Litz MOD 96Kb 184
maximum overdrive DWB MOD 84Kb 163
micro-sphere DWB MOD 23Kb 150
mindprobation DWB MOD 72Kb 159
mindprobation.bak DWB MOD 67Kb 146
mindprobation2 DWB MOD 66Kb 151
motor_mouth .dlewo DWB MOD 37Kb 153
music boy DWB MOD 57Kb 156
nach coma DWB & M-Litz MOD 91Kb 199
oracular pipes DWB MOD 165Kb 175
orberation (rd2) DWB MOD 38Kb 150
pencilhead DWB MOD 97Kb 166
pierun lemu DWB MOD 54Kb 153
poor me! DWB MOD 15Kb 145
popno! DWB MOD 50Kb 154
premeditative space DWB MOD 48Kb 148
proton 85 DWB MOD 71Kb 192
quickening DWB MOD 88Kb 150
raggamuffin DWB MOD 29Kb 159
ravedigger DWB MOD 79Kb 164
raveulation DWB MOD 51Kb 156
ray flower DWB MOD 71Kb 143
re-act n.o 7 DWB MOD 89Kb 168
remote desert .old DWB MOD 86Kb 138
remote desert .qbic DWB MOD 91Kb 155
s.p.a.c.e DWB MOD 76Kb 149
sirius tau DWB MOD 42Kb 150
skymines DWB MOD 60Kb 153
slumberland Blaizer & DWB MOD 45Kb 352
softheads lullaby DWB MOD 69Kb 146
softman DWB MOD 30Kb 148
space DWB MOD 6Kb 144
space-ambit 7 DWB MOD 61Kb 167
space-spagetti4 DWB MOD 71Kb 174
stainless DWB MOD 92Kb 154
strandedtune DWB MOD 66Kb 150
subnet f.u.s.e DWB MOD 79Kb 154
sweet nothing DWB MOD 82Kb 147
the experiment2 DWB MOD 59Kb 141
the experiment3 DWB MOD 46Kb 161
trashno Blaizer & DWB MOD 48Kb 375
trashno2.2 DWB MOD 71Kb 150
trause DWB MOD 30Kb 145
trip DWB MOD 18Kb 157
u.f.man DWB MOD 18Kb 147
ultraux vision DWB MOD 44Kb 149
vansinnet DWB MOD 67Kb 156
waves_of_god .dub.2 DWB MOD 49Kb 151
waves_of_godt3 DWB MOD 32Kb 149
wushmet2300 DWB MOD 140Kb 146
zirius DWB MOD 39Kb 150

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