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Handle: Elijah
Real Name: János Novák
Lived in: Hungary
Ex.Handles: Janos Novak
Was a member of: Majic 12 (M12 - MJ12)

Modules: 87  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 6  online

.:: 87 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
! ViRtUaL OrGaSm ! Elijah MOD 146Kb 54
!!!TEK!2.preview Elijah XM 356Kb 58
!AMBIENT.preview Elijah XM 164Kb 70
!CLASSIC.preview Elijah XM 481Kb 68
(Slayers)alpha1 Elijah XM 596Kb 58
(Slayers)alpha2 Elijah XM 272Kb 55
(Slayers)alpha3 Elijah XM 352Kb 54
(Slayers)alpha4 Elijah XM 153Kb 50
(Slayers)alpha5 Elijah XM 587Kb 55
(Slayers)CHARACTER SELECTION Elijah XM 244Kb 51
(Slayers)prev1 Elijah XM 417Kb 50
(Slayers)prev3 Elijah XM 507Kb 48
(Slayers)prev4 Elijah XM 481Kb 47
(Slayers)SLAYERS INTRO ZAK Elijah XM 563Kb 56
(Slayers)STAGE1 BOSS APPEAR Elijah XM 179Kb 55
(Slayers)STAGE1 MAIN ZAK Elijah XM 530Kb 54
(Slayers)STAGE5 INTRO MAIN Elijah XM 499Kb 56
*** Eva *** Elijah XM 334Kb 56
- chaos of my mind - Elijah FST 108Kb 65
- Full Chaos - Elijah XM 190Kb 44
- Haydee - Elijah XM 199Kb 54
- shine - Elijah XM 188Kb 51
angel tears Elijah XM 287Kb 230
Angel Tears Elijah XM 341Kb 63
another rainy anoon Elijah MOD 234Kb 81
ASD4.preview Elijah XM 139Kb 49
Butcher's Revenge Elijah FST 108Kb 48
c64 Elijah MOD 19Kb 74
cherry Elijah FST 328Kb 52
cold as ice Elijah MOD 294Kb 48
Cold Death.preview Elijah XM 641Kb 51
crystal Elijah MOD 52Kb 52
Dark Asylum Elijah XM 38Kb 52
Demon Eye Elijah XM 257Kb 49
Demon Eye-short Elijah XM 215Kb 46
demotune Elijah FST 213Kb 47
Desolation Elijah XM 286Kb 48
Dick Hard Again Elijah XM 269Kb 50
drunken ladies Elijah MOD 25Kb 47
Frosted Family Elijah XM 729Kb 52
game muzak #1 Elijah XM 543Kb 52
GAMEZAK2.preview Elijah XM 441Kb 48
hardtek1 Elijah FST 40Kb 52
i remember Elijah MOD 39Kb 48
Inner Voyage Elijah XM 406Kb 48
Into the Gloomy Night Elijah XM 662Kb 53
intromusic Elijah MOD 11Kb 49
jezabel Elijah MOD 244Kb 46
Left Behind Elijah XM 713Kb 49
lights and shadows Elijah MOD 187Kb 47
m6 Elijah MOD 69Kb 51
Midnight Rainbow Elijah XM 533Kb 49
nebula the crab Elijah MOD 9Kb 221
nebula the crab.orig Elijah MOD 8Kb 46
nebula the crab2 Elijah MOD 8Kb 44
NICETUNE.preview Elijah XM 209Kb 47
nonamed Elijah MOD 38Kb 45
nonamed-short-version Elijah MOD 38Kb 45
PSYCHO.preview Elijah XM 62Kb 46
queen of the dawn Elijah MOD 121Kb 46
red hair Elijah MOD 52Kb 45
Seeing Again Elijah XM 617Kb 49
Seventh Hell Elijah XM 567Kb 52
Slavic Funk-Tango v1 Elijah XM 395Kb 59
so beautiful Elijah MOD 77Kb 45
Solace Elijah XM 553Kb 50
song Elijah MOD 83Kb 46
storm Elijah MOD 91Kb 49
Symphony of Sickness Elijah XM 616Kb 51
TEARS Elijah XM 165Kb 49
Tech?-NO!!! Elijah MOD 76Kb 51
the hobbits.pp Elijah MOD 94Kb 46
the meeting Elijah MOD 37Kb 49
Thirst Elijah XM 670Kb 50
this strange world Elijah MOD 53Kb 46
Thou Shalt Suffer Elijah XM 606Kb 51
title muzak Elijah XM 543Kb 50
unattainable Elijah MOD 66Kb 48
Unending Pleasure Elijah MOD 282Kb 45
Waterfairy's Theme Elijah XM 631Kb 56
why? Elijah MOD 76Kb 48
without words Elijah MOD 103Kb 47
_COMRC1.preview Elijah XM 149Kb 48
_MELINDA.preview Elijah XM 488Kb 47
_POLKA.preview Elijah MOD 47Kb 49
_PREV.preview Elijah MOD 169Kb 45
_SPANISH.preview Elijah XM 425Kb 50

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