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Handle: Firefox
Real Name: Jimmy Robert Kenneth Fredriksson
Lived in: Sweden
Ex.Handles: Jimmy Fredriksson, Swedish Imperial
Was a member of: Musicline (ML), Phenomena (PHA), Vortex 42 (V42)

Modules: 85  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 4  online

.:: 85 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
(Full Contact)menu Firefox MOD 62Kb 232
(Miami Chase)dock Firefox GMC 52Kb 352
(Miami Chase)hiscore Firefox GMC 54Kb 383
(Miami Chase)ingame Firefox MOD 13Kb 344
(Miami Chase)level1 Firefox GMC 52Kb 343
(Miami Chase)menu - macrocosm Firefox MOD 103Kb 242
(Miami Chase)NEWYORK Firefox GMC 54Kb 313
(Miami Chase)plant Firefox GMC 52Kb 346
alien beat re-mix Firefox STK 46Kb 163
all those years Firefox MOD 63Kb 489
all those years.demo Firefox MOD 63Kb 114
always on my mind Firefox MOD 84Kb 413
apocalypse 1 Firefox & Twins [2 musicians] MOD 111Kb 203
black hole Firefox MOD 30Kb 404
blaster Firefox MOD 36Kb 354
Blues Firefox & Tip MOD 21Kb 586
cf5ii Firefox STK 28Kb 171
check your level v5 Firefox MOD 57Kb 330
chinese dream Firefox & Tip MOD 61Kb 867
crack force 5 ii Firefox MOD 29Kb 383
Curse_of_Pacman Firefox & Tip MOD 72Kb 630
demo tune i Firefox MOD 36Kb 397
digital chock ii Firefox MOD 52Kb 356
exstasia Firefox MOD 50Kb 379
F14-tomcat Firefox MOD 91Kb 355
fftune1 Firefox MOD 32Kb 349
firefox Firefox STK 37Kb 477
firefox brutal mix Firefox STK 65Kb 376
Firefoxspecialv2 Firefox MOD 53Kb 357
forgotten minds Firefox & Tip MOD 118Kb 770
foundation Firefox & Mantronix MOD 100Kb 650
fructail intro Firefox MOD 36Kb 312
galaxy Firefox MOD 98Kb 437
galaxy ii Firefox MOD 98Kb 546
galaxy~ Firefox MOD 135Kb 372
generation*compoed DLX & Firefox & Tomas Danko MOD 135Kb 144
get with it mama Firefox MOD 49Kb 186
ghostmusic Firefox MOD 35Kb 327
heavy n' funky Firefox MOD 84Kb 354
hip for the hop Firefox MOD 49Kb 350
hip for the hop remix Firefox & The Hooligan MOD 108Kb 25
hiscore Firefox MOD 6Kb 304
i was lucky Firefox MOD 56Kb 353
i'm all you need Firefox MOD 73Kb 336
interspace_intro Firefox MOD 111Kb 383
its-no-secret Firefox MOD 56Kb 357
just spank it Firefox & Tip MOD 59Kb 642
Just_Spank_it Firefox MOD 65Kb 316
let's party Firefox STK 54Kb 495
load tune iii Firefox MOD 13Kb 332
low-altitude Firefox MOD 50Kb 323
m.o.n by firefox Firefox MOD 67Kb 401
macrocosm Firefox MOD 116Kb 700
macrocosm.sht Firefox MOD 110Kb 311
magic fantasy Firefox MOD 76Kb 345
mega end Firefox & Tip MOD 82Kb 659
megademo tune v2 Firefox STK 38Kb 605
music loader ii Firefox MOD 43Kb 360
music1 Firefox STK 53Kb 357
musicline2 Firefox MOD 30Kb 316
musiklinjen Firefox MOD 127Kb 1894
neaver ending love Firefox STK 70Kb 414
nice and funky ii Firefox MOD 86Kb 324
night flight Firefox MOD 47Kb 347
on the rocks Firefox MOD 52Kb 333
rasta man-firefox Firefox MOD 65Kb 390
she's like the wind Firefox STK 44Kb 323
slibbig house Firefox MOD 93Kb 323
static byte Firefox MOD 89Kb 347
static_byte.short Firefox MOD 92Kb 292
strange loader Firefox MOD 26Kb 357
sung Firefox STK 35Kb 182
the end Firefox MOD 58Kb 329
the link Firefox STK 52Kb 213
the seventh sea Firefox MOD 42Kb 323
the way i feel v2 Firefox MOD 54Kb 332
Utterly_Weird Firefox & Tip MOD 112Kb 625
v42 intro tune Firefox MOD 33Kb 440
Vaxjo_by_Night Firefox & Tip MOD 18Kb 557
vector Firefox MOD 62Kb 364
vector.long Firefox MOD 62Kb 178
vortex 42 Firefox MOD 25Kb 389
weird technology Firefox MOD 86Kb 333
x-mas tune Firefox MOD 37Kb 326
yeaah just spank it Firefox MOD 53Kb 355

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