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Handle: Ghetto
Real Name: Heinz Brasch
Lived in: Germany
Ex.Handles: LCD, ShadowLight, Shadow Light, SHL
Was a member of: Alpha Flight (AFL), Doctor Mabuse Orgasm Crackings (DOC), Level Four (Level 4 - L4 - L'4), Shadow Light (SHL), Spreadpoint (SP - SPT), Sunlight, Wildfire (WF - WFC)

Modules: 50  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 1  online

.:: 50 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
-ght-bluring Ghetto MOD 139Kb 157
-ght-calpe Ghetto STK 46Kb 139
-ght-hamonicum Ghetto STK 36Kb 160
-ght-ione Ghetto STK 25Kb 181
-ght-newst Ghetto STK 39Kb 58
-ght-rain Ghetto MOD 70Kb 150
-ght-shogun Ghetto MOD 36Kb 55
-ght-sinthix Ghetto STK 37Kb 136
-ght-smile Ghetto STK 32Kb 176
-ght-speed Ghetto STK 41Kb 174
-ght-vision Ghetto STK 35Kb 186
-lcd-gamesong2 Ghetto MOD 41Kb 159
-lcd-gigabomb Ghetto MOD 34Kb 155
-lcd-never Ghetto MOD 59Kb 148
-lcd-schroeder Ghetto MOD 13Kb 66
-lcd-sunlight Ghetto MOD 96Kb 157
-lcd-swatch Ghetto MOD 55Kb 148
-lcd-syncron Ghetto MOD 45Kb 148
afl Ghetto STK 30Kb 86
art Ghetto STK 49Kb 181
articum Ghetto MOD 102Kb 147
balkan Ghetto STK 37Kb 179
bigbang_intro Ghetto MOD 89Kb 224
calpe Ghetto STK 44Kb 167
cool ght song Ghetto STK 45Kb 135
cyber Ghetto STK 51Kb 198
eye Ghetto MOD 71Kb 144
floating Ghetto MOD 34Kb 152
ghetto01 Ghetto STK 44Kb 59
ghetto03 Ghetto STK 39Kb 198
ghetto04 Ghetto STK 42Kb 51
ghetto06 Ghetto STK 38Kb 76
ghetto07 Ghetto STK 39Kb 52
ghetto09 Ghetto STK 37Kb 50
great Ghetto STK 58Kb 206
ham2 Ghetto STK 47Kb 192
hs Ghetto STK 48Kb 191
ice_ocean Ghetto MOD 41Kb 141
idiot Ghetto STK 68Kb 52
jazzycat Ghetto MOD 30Kb 144
jupper Ghetto STK 48Kb 189
m.herris Ghetto MOD 86Kb 140
mach Ghetto STK 38Kb 193
ndrl Ghetto STK 50Kb 188
scheisse Ghetto MOD 36Kb 148
schleudertrauma Ghetto & MIC MOD 224Kb 86
shogun Ghetto MOD 36Kb 140
shortone3 Ghetto MOD 31Kb 131
sin Ghetto STK 37Kb 200
the sweep-dhi#2 Ghetto MOD 183Kb 138

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