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Handle: GooRoo
Real Name: Chris Egerter
Lived in: Canada
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Kosmic Free Music Foundation (KFMF), Kosmic Loader Foundation (KLF), Starry Knights Productions (SKP)

Modules: 37  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 37 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
Astroidium GooRoo IT 205Kb 55
Atomic Boy GooRoo IT 325Kb 58
Bambience GooRoo IT 92Kb 46
Conspiracy GooRoo IT 406Kb 52
De-Funct GooRoo IT 130Kb 54
Deliverance GooRoo S3M 140Kb 166
Demolition GooRoo S3M 156Kb 60
Dreamworks GooRoo S3M 186Kb 146
Ease Back! GooRoo S3M 151Kb 55
End of the Rainbow GooRoo IT 73Kb 47
Furious GooRoo S3M 221Kb 54
GOOWOLF GooRoo S3M 122Kb 49
Great White GooRoo S3M 139Kb 59
Hell-o-ween GooRoo IT 82Kb 50
Hyper GooRoo IT 668Kb 57
Into to Swamp GooRoo S3M 63Kb 156
LGM Revisited GooRoo IT 97Kb 149
Living Proof - GooRoo GooRoo S3M 179Kb 151
Mysterious Spy GooRoo IT 89Kb 47
Nightmare or Reality GooRoo S3M 92Kb 56
On the Run GooRoo S3M 211Kb 63
Planet X GooRoo IT 80Kb 43
Shredded Wheat GooRoo S3M 131Kb 58
So What Happens Now GooRoo S3M 112Kb 54
Sonata in T GooRoo S3M 124Kb 63
Spirit GooRoo IT 208Kb 52
Steel Sorrow GooRoo S3M 69Kb 52
Summer Swing GooRoo S3M 241Kb 61
The Shake - GooRoo GooRoo S3M 153Kb 161
The Terrorist GooRoo S3M 72Kb 59
thetrackering #32 GooRoo IT 70Kb 46
This Song Sucks GooRoo IT 102Kb 156
Wacky-Track - GooRoo GooRoo IT 70Kb 151
We Got Old School-GooRoo GooRoo IT 84Kb 48
We Want to Fly GooRoo IT 883Kb 54
Werewolf GooRoo IT 106Kb 149
Wisp - GooRoo-KFMF GooRoo S3M 79Kb 48

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