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Handle: Ari
Real Name: Ariel Gross
Lived in: USA
Ex.Handles: Stalker
Was a member of: Analogue Music (Analogue), ANSI Creators in Demand (ACiD), DEFIANCE, Digital Music Kings (dMk), Five Musicians (FM), IC, OverThrowMachine (OTM)

Modules: 38  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 38 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
(Chain Reaction)4 In the Morning Ari S3M 77Kb 90
(Chain Reaction)Chain Reaction Ari S3M 38Kb 84
(Chain Reaction)Club Soda Ari S3M 57Kb 84
(Chain Reaction)Ipo Ari S3M 60Kb 79
(Chain Reaction)Medium Ari S3M 50Kb 78
(Chain Reaction)Spare Change Ari S3M 49Kb 76
(Chain Reaction)Vanilla Ari S3M 32Kb 79
(Clayside)Clayside Ari IT 743Kb 81
(Clayside)Clayside Menu Music Ari IT 433Kb 78
(Jurassic Realm)In Game Ari IT 576Kb 90
(Jurassic Realm)Menu Ari IT 226Kb 85
.....................Opaque Ari S3M 152Kb 176
Atlantis Ari S3M 258Kb 192
Blue City Ari IT 14Kb 239
Chips in Luv Ari IT 11Kb 60
Cloudless Days Ari IT 13Kb 57
Colors of Neptune Ari IT 659Kb 275
crystal tears tt22 bk-stk Ari & Beek S3M 58Kb 130
Falling Up Ari IT 125Kb 222
Fiat Lux Ari IT 497Kb 268
Flipping Ari IT 153Kb 76
Gameboy's Paradise Ari IT 11Kb 60
Having It All Ari S3M 145Kb 169
Jasmine Ari S3M 156Kb 229
Jelly Bug Ari IT 11Kb 55
Line of Coherant Thought Ari IT 160Kb 236
Lunar Lullaby Ari IT 243Kb 194
Mind Channel Ari S3M 363Kb 168
Nystagmus Ari S3M 230Kb 172
Oceanic Dream Ari IT 389Kb 80
One World Ari S3M 69Kb 226
Pale Ari IT 151Kb 72
Planet Fly Ari IT 129Kb 84
Pocket Ari IT 13Kb 245
Popcornia Stalkmix Ari S3M 68Kb 88
Pour Toi, Belle Ari IT 265Kb 249
Solace Ari S3M 250Kb 181
Tetriz Ari IT 12Kb 229

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