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Handle: Jerry
Real Name: Stig Rune Frydenlund
Lived in: Norway
Ex.Handles: Eagle, Iron Eagle, -J, Stig R. Frydenlund, Stig Frydenlund
Was a member of: Desire (DSR), Far Side, Hi-Tech, Insane (INS), Leeds Spreading Division - Light Speed Distribution (LSD), Poise Records (PSR), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Sardonyx (SDX), Unit, X

Modules: 231  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 5  online

.:: 231 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
## combase-mag ## Jerry MOD 75Kb 190
##blue jewel## v2 Jerry MOD 106Kb 55
-+-+c j i p+-+- Jerry MOD 3Kb 54
-+shanine+- Jerry MOD 128Kb 56
-=japanese media=-2 Jerry MOD 7Kb 218
0-exper.main2.ed!! Jerry MOD 233Kb 122
00-lucid-2 Jerry MOD 179Kb 127
00-personal-affairs Jerry MOD 7Kb 199
000-larry-3-tune2 Jerry MOD 88Kb 133
30th-November!.v4 Jerry XM 247Kb 220
64 memoriez Jerry MOD 2Kb 119
666-depressed Jerry MOD 8Kb 111
7-Sisters Jerry AHX 1Kb 211
a badgers tale Jerry MOD 14Kb 91
A Little Fruity Jerry AHX 2Kb 81
a-winner's-tip Jerry MOD 67Kb 183
abnormality Jerry MOD 131Kb 186
abs-ult(r)a-sonic Jerry MOD 7Kb 174
abs-ult(r)a-sonic_2 Jerry MOD 7Kb 195
Absence Jerry XM 211Kb 221
ac-pacmenu Jerry MOD 7Kb 184
ace of spades Jerry MOD 10Kb 47
Addiction! Jerry AHX 1Kb 179
Addiction!.ED Jerry AHX 1Kb 191
aim to the right!! Jerry MOD 15Kb 187
alone in the dark Jerry MOD 57Kb 185
ambrosia-land Jerry MOD 5Kb 47
American_Dream Jerry XM 577Kb 191
AxelF Jerry AHX 1Kb 219
a_part_of_me.vib Jerry MOD 216Kb 184
a_sensible_guy! Jerry MOD 7Kb 131
Back In Time Jerry XM 1871Kb 195
back_for_good!.ed2 Jerry MOD 205Kb 65
bamsetheme Jerry MOD 6Kb 48
become_the_other Jerry MOD 112Kb 186
bizarro-world Jerry MOD 8Kb 163
blind_man Jerry MOD 64Kb 168
blue oyster Jerry MOD 77Kb 48
blue-oyster-theme Jerry MOD 57Kb 194
Blurred Imaginations Jerry XM 965Kb 180
Boleti Jerry XM 8Kb 180
bright days Jerry MOD 12Kb 43
bull - s h i t ! Jerry MOD 24Kb 109
c.o.m.m.a Jerry MOD 7Kb 196
Carbodynamix! Jerry XM 113Kb 198
catchy if we can! Jerry MOD 6Kb 54
classic-c64 Jerry MOD 7Kb 207
comfort Jerry MOD 105Kb 47
crack_me_gently! Jerry MOD 3Kb 184
crack_me_up! Jerry MOD 4Kb 187
dark thunder Jerry MOD 17Kb 45
DarkMind Jerry XM 2467Kb 202
Darkside Jerry XM 2525Kb 242
Daybreak Jerry XM 195Kb 180
DayDreaming Jerry XM 915Kb 196
days_of_the_week Jerry MOD 484Kb 179
dead end Jerry MOD 32Kb 42
Delirium Jerry XM 1006Kb 178
dig Jerry MOD 15Kb 44
dig 2 Jerry MOD 11Kb 43
dig 3 Jerry MOD 11Kb 43
Dishwork Jerry AHX 2Kb 193
Distorted_Mind Jerry XM 535Kb 181
donkey monkey Jerry MOD 18Kb 49
Elephant_Beer! Jerry AHX 1Kb 179
elgingame-1 Jerry MOD 8Kb 186
Endspurt Jerry AHX 1Kb 62
Enigma Jerry AHX 1Kb 265
eternal for ever Jerry MOD 59Kb 45
Face in the Sand Jerry AHX 4Kb 50
fairlight-remix Jerry MOD 7Kb 228
feed-it-back! Jerry MOD 8Kb 195
Feel The Urge! Jerry AHX 1Kb 198
final touch Jerry MOD 57Kb 47
finding myself.p Jerry MOD 179Kb 107
finding_myself.v2 Jerry MOD 124Kb 197
flimbo.3! Jerry MOD 7Kb 119
fuck!ya Jerry MOD 11Kb 180
Funky Marmelade Jerry XM 1368Kb 58
funky toycars Jerry MOD 93Kb 47
Funky_People! Jerry XM 187Kb 194
g i n n y Jerry MOD 25Kb 189
GameExamples Jerry AHX 1Kb 188
GameExamples 2 Jerry AHX 2Kb 191
gameovertune Jerry MOD 6Kb 46
groovie_jokes! Jerry MOD 32Kb 46
guitar funkin' Jerry MOD 102Kb 59
hankypanky! Jerry MOD 19Kb 183
happytune! Jerry MOD 2Kb 196
hawkeye![jerry].e Jerry MOD 54Kb 119
hawkeye-intro Jerry MOD 7Kb 206
Hollywood Jerry AHX 1Kb 190
hope never dies Jerry MOD 109Kb 45
IceBreaker Jerry XM 60Kb 193
in limbo Jerry MOD 12Kb 79
intel outside =) Jerry MOD 4Kb 48
Into The Mist Jerry AHX 1Kb 198
Introduction to Seduction Jerry XM 2841Kb 204
introtune Jerry MOD 33Kb 48
Inventional Love Jerry XM 1271Kb 187
it's movember Jerry MOD 13Kb 49
Jammin' Overdose! Jerry XM 1035Kb 191
januzaj.rev5 Dascon & Jerry & Optic & Tecon & Triace MOD 19Kb 30
jeopardize Jerry MOD 45Kb 48
jerry-commando Jerry MOD 3Kb 133
jerry-commando! Jerry MOD 4Kb 192
jerry-polka-ext! Jerry MOD 44Kb 202
JERRY.02 Jerry AHX 1Kb 161
jerry_intro Jerry MOD 18Kb 48
Joy Story Jerry XM 419Kb 171
julekveldsvisa Jerry MOD 7Kb 63
kalde_pils_v2 Jerry MOD 5Kb 169
laban-o-rama Jerry MOD 4Kb 174
laban-o-rama.ed Jerry MOD 5Kb 194
lastninja 2.1 remix Jerry MOD 20Kb 122
lastninja 2.7 remix Jerry MOD 14Kb 184
lastninja 2.7 remix.long Jerry MOD 14Kb 124
lastninja 2.x mix Jerry MOD 2Kb 113
light'em up! Jerry MOD 12Kb 201
liquid leisure Jerry MOD 84Kb 50
Little Aquarius Jerry XM 738Kb 208
little panda v2 Jerry MOD 5Kb 63
Locked Up! Jerry AHX 1Kb 181
logic illusions i Jerry MOD 85Kb 47
Lost_That_Feeling Jerry XM 87Kb 176
love-sex'n-dope! Jerry MOD 7Kb 179
lsd-goamaniti-part1 Jerry MOD 159Kb 186
lsd-goamaniti-part2 Jerry MOD 163Kb 181
luminous skies Jerry MOD 74Kb 50
Make no sense! Jerry XM 382Kb 172
mammutt-endtheme Jerry MOD 287Kb 50
Mammuttdans Jerry XM 129Kb 179
marlboro-devil Jerry MOD 5Kb 106
marlboro-mamooth Jerry MOD 4Kb 110
material_man Jerry MOD 117Kb 46
Maximum taste! Jerry AHX 1Kb 190
Maximum taste! (Klub Diznee 2) Jerry AHX 1Kb 76
mb-countown Jerry MOD 8Kb 105
mb-funk-mb's! Jerry MOD 7Kb 106
mb-healthy-mb's. Jerry MOD 7Kb 102
mb-healthy-mb's..long Jerry MOD 7Kb 102
mb-marlboro-buerial Jerry MOD 7Kb 105
mb-nicotine-man Jerry MOD 4Kb 104
mb-no-marlboros Jerry MOD 5Kb 102
mb-no_light Jerry MOD 8Kb 106
mb-puffin'away Jerry MOD 9Kb 178
Mesmorized Jerry XM 2411Kb 207
middle-age-part1 Jerry MOD 73Kb 165
mikie!! Jerry MOD 2Kb 113
mikie!!!! Jerry MOD 3Kb 183
Millennium Jerry XM 10Kb 183
money for nothing Jerry MOD 2Kb 59
morality Jerry MOD 9Kb 174
Morning Jerry XM 136Kb 165
new-genuine Jerry MOD 52Kb 153
Ninja Spirits Jerry AHX 1Kb 207
no place to hide Jerry MOD 42Kb 49
nostalgia-intro Jerry MOD 1Kb 176
number of the beast Jerry MOD 15Kb 66
Obsolescent Jerry XM 680Kb 191
one of theze dayz! Jerry MOD 6Kb 167
overtime Jerry MOD 8Kb 12
p-e-z Jerry MOD 7Kb 152
pacific ice Jerry MOD 7Kb 51
pan-a-sonic! Jerry MOD 121Kb 199
panda blues Jerry MOD 11Kb 55
paternity leave Jerry MOD 9Kb 159
Petteroes 1 Jerry AHX 1Kb 206
Petteroes 2 Jerry AHX 1Kb 177
Petteroes 3 Jerry AHX 1Kb 206
picket fences Jerry MOD 20Kb 51
piglet Jerry MOD 6Kb 50
Psychedelic Jerry XM 4Kb 189
quantum_leap Jerry MOD 56Kb 51
rahiem-mayhem Jerry MOD 12Kb 176
rebellion Jerry MOD 226Kb 110
Rent-A-Pink Jerry AHX 1Kb 179
Rent-A-Pink.alt Jerry AHX 1Kb 64
Repeative Jerry AHX 1Kb 187
river volga Jerry MOD 150Kb 175
river volga.long Jerry MOD 162Kb 112
rollo-ronny Jerry MOD 5Kb 167
Second Phase Jerry AHX 2Kb 78
sexual_contents Jerry MOD 270Kb 116
Shagma Jerry XM 531Kb 195
sirkustheme Jerry MOD 27Kb 187
slow motion Jerry MOD 21Kb 52
Smooth Talker Jerry AHX 2Kb 77
soft burgers Jerry MOD 4Kb 111
Starbreeze Jerry XM 1109Kb 198
state of mind Jerry MOD 121Kb 226
Staying Awake! Jerry AHX 1Kb 186
Susifications #02 Jerry XM 17Kb 179
Susified Jerry XM 2555Kb 214
Target 101 Jerry XM 8Kb 199
The Assault Jerry XM 468Kb 176
The Assult Second Stage Jerry XM 989Kb 182
the far side Jerry MOD 46Kb 51
the gr8 giana remix Jerry MOD 7Kb 241
the gr8 giana remix.long Jerry MOD 7Kb 134
the higher you get Jerry MOD 46Kb 52
the last marlboro Jerry MOD 6Kb 190
the last marlboro 2 Jerry MOD 10Kb 116
the last marlboro.long Jerry MOD 7Kb 112
the lonely consult Jerry MOD 10Kb 56
the_blind_man Jerry MOD 63Kb 105
The_Crossing Jerry XM 516Kb 188
third dimension Jerry MOD 48Kb 54
TimiTunes Jerry AHX 1Kb 197
tinytune.short Jerry MOD 19Kb 57
TLN2-Central Park Jerry AHX 2Kb 196
toccata sid Jerry MOD 10Kb 217
toccata-psif Jerry MOD 14Kb 190
Toycars Jerry AHX 1Kb 180
trude! Jerry MOD 111Kb 186
trude!.short Jerry MOD 103Kb 104
ultimate power Aardvark & Jerry MOD 40Kb 123
Underwear Jerry XM 246Kb 153
Underwear v2 Jerry XM 137Kb 167
Underwear v3 Jerry XM 137Kb 163
Vice_Versa ? Jerry XM 108Kb 194
walkin'_in_the_city Jerry MOD 213Kb 109
War And Rembrance Jerry XM 589Kb 190
watch over you.ed4 Jerry MOD 13Kb 54
Western Comfort Jerry XM 959Kb 197
wild and wicked 2 Jerry MOD 53Kb 54
wild imaginations Jerry MOD 3Kb 176
wild imaginations.long Jerry MOD 6Kb 112
zippofluid Jerry MOD 8Kb 185
zippofluid.short Jerry MOD 8Kb 100
zuchiro Jerry MOD 75Kb 179

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