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Handle: Judge
Real Name: currently not public
Lived in: Germany
Ex.Handles: Techno Judgement, EBM Judgement, E.B.M. Judgement, Electronic Body Judgement, General Zoff, Lightmonster, DJ Dea, The Judge, TJG, RWR
Was a member of: Byte Busters (BB), Dynamic (DNC), ICE, Nostrum, The Bastards (Bastards - BSD)

Modules: 51  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: n/a

.:: 51 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
01.in -ice-we trust Judge MOD 59Kb 60
03.pay money??? Judge MOD 46Kb 61
04.doomstone Judge MOD 40Kb 64
05.compact Judge MOD 35Kb 64
america Judge MOD 100Kb 162
beep-17.11.91-jt Judge MOD 2Kb 23
belgium at night!!! Judge MOD 49Kb 152
bimbo punishment Judge MOD 43Kb 56
bimboo threat Judge MOD 47Kb 90
burn reggin, burn!  Judge MOD 100Kb 44
burnt in 20-12-91 Judge MOD 27Kb 52
clouds and planes Judge MOD 33Kb 50
darling_imperator!! Judge MOD 9Kb 23
defcon -remix by jt Bulldog & Judge MOD 50Kb 26
easy flight Bulldog & Judge MOD 53Kb 164
flying fishes Judge MOD 73Kb 149
german july 1988 Judge MOD 56Kb 59
greetz-28.11.91-jt+ Judge MOD 59Kb 24
i'm byte buster!!!! Judge MOD 12Kb 23
illness-26.11.91-jt Judge MOD 31Kb 24
judge intro Judge OKT 18Kb 48
king komputer  Judge MOD 38Kb 44
massive techno Judge MOD 13Kb 23
mercys remix v1.2 Judge MOD 40Kb 25
militaire! Judge MOD 65Kb 22
moneytech Judge MOD 39Kb 49
moneytech-14-12-91 Judge MOD 40Kb 50
moneytechremix(mtr) Judge MOD 34Kb 53
negergehirn Judge MOD 54Kb 25
nemesis the warlock Judge MOD 54Kb 26
now_it_is_time! Judge MOD 102Kb 51
official mtrversion Judge MOD 84Kb 157
official mtrversion.long Judge MOD 87Kb 50
plastikk.mix Judge MOD 29Kb 143
rebeat Judge & Don Soft MOD 85Kb 25
say it-slime Judge MOD 43Kb 14
settling-theme2  Judge MOD 54Kb 5
startrance  Judge MOD 28Kb 5
sub zero einfall Judge MOD 23Kb 25
succeed! Judge MOD 104Kb 143
techno judgement Judge MOD 42Kb 150
techno judgement ii Judge MOD 48Kb 58
technoid strobomix Judge MOD 45Kb 55
the marplot Bulldog & Judge MOD 42Kb 153
thisisformercy! Judge MOD 55Kb 147
tidy-23.11.91.jt Judge MOD 20Kb 24
wake_up.._don_! Judge MOD 25Kb 23
where is the money Judge MOD 77Kb 51
woods of denmark Judge MOD 75Kb 157
zero einfall Judge MOD 26Kb 50
zero idea Judge MOD 25Kb 153

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