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Handle: Basehead
Real Name: Daniel Grandpre
Lived in: USA
Ex.Handles: Dan Grandpre, Butterloaf, Personal, Daniel Gardopée
Was a member of: ANSI Creators in Demand (ACiD), BAD, Cute, Five Musicians (FM), Gluecrew, GOTHIC, iCE, Impcda, Imphobia (IMP), Kosmic Free Music Foundation (KFMF), Kosmic Loader Foundation (KLF), Mental Design, Monotonik (MONO - No' Mo' - MT - MTK), Straylight Productions (Straylight), The Dennis Courtney 5 (DC5), Tncs

Modules: 142  online
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Pictures: 3  online

.:: 142 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
"evolution" - bh95 Basehead S3M 198Kb 90
(( bizarre ! )) Basehead S3M 116Kb 100
(( the wunderkind )) Basehead S3M 223Kb 305
((((( shiver ))))) Basehead S3M 157Kb 276
(Crusader - No Regret)crusader-distort Basehead FST 219Kb 245
(Crusader - No Regret)crusader-intent Basehead FST 183Kb 232
(Crusader - No Regret)crusader-misc12 Basehead FST 212Kb 235
(Crusader - No Regret)crusader-misc6 Basehead FST 149Kb 226
(Crusader - No Regret)crusader-space 2 Basehead FST 216Kb 249
(Crusader - No Regret)crusader-straight Basehead FST 206Kb 234
(Crusader - No Regret)crusader-techno Basehead FST 111Kb 249
(Crusader - No Remorse)crusader-credits Basehead FST 32Kb 221
(Crusader - No Remorse)crusader-military Basehead FST 119Kb 222
(Crusader - No Remorse)crusader-misc.1 Basehead FST 131Kb 222
(Crusader - No Remorse)crusader-misc.2 Basehead FST 191Kb 222
(Crusader - No Remorse)crusader-misc.4 Basehead FST 83Kb 221
(Crusader - No Remorse)crusader-misc.5 Basehead FST 219Kb 214
(Crusader - No Remorse)crusader-prison Basehead FST 199Kb 223
(Crusader - No Remorse)crusader-science Basehead FST 175Kb 226
(Crusader - No Remorse)crusader-space Basehead FST 208Kb 289
(Unreal Tournament)unreal add-on (enigma) Basehead IT 1784Kb 246
(Unreal Tournament)unreal add-on (seeker) Basehead IT 1399Kb 209
(Unreal Tournament)unreal add-on (seeker2) Basehead IT 1632Kb 231
(Unreal)Erosion Basehead S3M 560Kb 124
- ^ violent micro ^ - Basehead S3M 557Kb 171
-+( a r c a d i a  i i )+- Basehead S3M 288Kb 75
..............Gotham Night Basehead S3M 313Kb 268
2deep Basehead & Lord Pegasus S3M 173Kb 360
=twitch= Basehead S3M 205Kb 259
???-desert Basehead MOD 63Kb 76
???-gameover Basehead MOD 61Kb 199
antimatter Basehead S3M 225Kb 271
asshole music Basehead IT 80Kb 72
badtracks-beach Basehead MOD 69Kb 217
badtracks-hiscore Basehead MOD 75Kb 198
badtracks-select Basehead MOD 58Kb 202
blast-o-matic Basehead MOD 86Kb 315
blue pearl Basehead IT 460Kb 309
can't fake the funk Basehead S3M 568Kb 283
carpe futurus Basehead S3M 172Kb 237
Cascada game Basehead S3M 205Kb 68
celestial lullabye Basehead S3M 329Kb 281
chiba city lights Basehead S3M 112Kb 291
chiba city lights 96 Basehead & Chuck Biscuits S3M 197Kb 555
cloud nine Basehead FST 222Kb 277
collapsehouse Basehead S3M 118Kb 245
cosmo's groove Basehead S3M 339Kb 266
crusader-spc.station Basehead FST 207Kb 208
dawn Basehead S3M 162Kb 69
deviate Basehead S3M 239Kb 252
diamond in your soul Basehead IT 450Kb 273
digital ritual Basehead & Hunz IT 519Kb 573
dope_for_your_mind,remix # Basehead S3M 46Kb 288
drumfucked Basehead IT 106Kb 70
earthrise Basehead IT 294Kb 275
elegance - final version Basehead S3M 320Kb 245
equinox Basehead MOD 134Kb 74
euthanasia [ravemix] Basehead MOD 86Kb 206
fire&ice Basehead S3M 119Kb 63
flowers in the abyss Basehead & Hunz IT 645Kb 568
forever Basehead S3M 276Kb 277
freedom at midnight Basehead S3M 584Kb 270
freestyle funk Basehead MOD 368Kb 227
glow bug Basehead S3M 278Kb 274
gotham nights '96 Basehead S3M 335Kb 271
Guinness Basehead & Mellow-D S3M 362Kb 448
happy birthday 2 inky! Basehead S3M 57Kb 67
haunting apparition Basehead S3M 331Kb 244
high on hedonism Basehead S3M 319Kb 238
high velocity Basehead S3M 125Kb 285
icarus rising Basehead S3M 295Kb 241
iCE-Experience-V1 Basehead FST 186Kb 240
imajica Basehead S3M 172Kb 251
in my mind, clouds break Basehead IT 421Kb 261
Indigo Basehead IT 351Kb 273
last dance Basehead S3M 139Kb 232
last request Basehead & Neoj1n S3M 320Kb 500
lonely planet Basehead IT 251Kb 255
Loss Basehead S3M 80Kb 64
lost satellite Basehead IT 498Kb 257
lucid Basehead S3M 95Kb 64
Lucid Dreaming Basehead MOD 82Kb 71
luminous  uvula groove Basehead IT 568Kb 267
mad hatter Basehead S3M 146Kb 59
missing time Basehead S3M 356Kb 248
neon jungle Basehead S3M 256Kb 252
ninja philosophy Basehead IT 354Kb 320
no more secrets Basehead S3M 67Kb 62
nocturnal intruder Basehead IT 406Kb 297
Northstar Basehead MOD 27Kb 104
nostalgic Basehead S3M 56Kb 67
open your mind Basehead S3M 330Kb 248
paradise lost Basehead S3M 161Kb 249
passion play Basehead S3M 293Kb 258
Poetry in Motion II Basehead S3M 240Kb 254
psionic Basehead S3M 104Kb 60
quickchip-2-bh94! Basehead S3M 11Kb 67
quickchip-3(fantasia) Basehead S3M 16Kb 67
quickchip1-bh94 Basehead S3M 13Kb 248
quickchip1-bh94.bbstro Basehead S3M 13Kb 90
quickintro-2-bh94 Basehead S3M 53Kb 61
quickintro-3-bh94 Basehead S3M 41Kb 59
quickintro-4-bh95 Basehead S3M 71Kb 59
quickintro6-droidspeak ! Basehead S3M 94Kb 64
quicktek-intro v1-bh94 Basehead S3M 108Kb 59
ravaged nightmare Basehead S3M 59Kb 60
revelation Basehead S3M 109Kb 67
riviera-clubmix Basehead S3M 186Kb 66
s.o.n.4 - sea at dawn Basehead S3M 371Kb 246
s.o.n.iii - star gazing Basehead S3M 650Kb 261
scenes from the third eye Basehead IT 474Kb 288
search for the lost riff Basehead & Necros S3M 357Kb 488
sensual Basehead S3M 127Kb 237
shades of night ii Basehead S3M 530Kb 275
ShadesOfNight Basehead MOD 279Kb 221
short term effect Basehead & Epeius S3M 241Kb 303
smooth operator Basehead S3M 323Kb 252
snow dancing Basehead S3M 167Kb 232
sokoban-main Basehead S3M 205Kb 239
spartacus Basehead S3M 339Kb 295
spitting images Basehead IT 547Kb 284
starlight-viewertuneinfo- Basehead MOD 37Kb 66
steppin'out... Basehead S3M 398Kb 251
suburbia&high hopes Basehead S3M 505Kb 240
summer daydream Basehead S3M 234Kb 245
synapse Basehead S3M 263Kb 60
take me higher (click2) Basehead S3M 290Kb 244
the cosmic courier Basehead MOD 143Kb 203
the glass facade Basehead IT 607Kb 270
the harlequin Basehead S3M 270Kb 260
the killer clown Basehead S3M 124Kb 62
the last laugh Basehead IT 463Kb 238
the promise Basehead IT 442Kb 249
the zen garden Basehead S3M 374Kb 270
transflux Basehead MOD 53Kb 202
tripping to neptune Basehead S3M 237Kb 249
urban culture bomb Basehead S3M 378Kb 251
walking blindfold Basehead IT 318Kb 260
weeping willow rag Basehead S3M 80Kb 68
wide awake Basehead S3M 180Kb 258
wisdom pearl Basehead IT 1028Kb 297
zodiac-demotune Basehead S3M 67Kb 76

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