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Handle: Necros
Real Name: Andrew Gregory Sega
Lived in: USA
Ex.Handles: Andrew Sega, NEC, Sorcen, Moo-Kow, The Alpha Conspiracy
Was a member of: Channel 7, Digital Anvil, Dissonance Music, Five Musicians (FM), iCE, Kosmic Free Music Foundation (KFMF), Kosmic Loader Foundation (KLF), Legend Design (LD), Psychic Monks (PM), Straylight Productions (Straylight), The Dennis Courtney 5 (DC5)

Modules: 141  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 17  online

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Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
       - revelation - Necros S3M 521Kb 477
 isotoxin Necros S3M 307Kb 592
"Ascent of the Cloud Eagle Necros S3M 557Kb 719
"Atomic Power" + Necros FST 229Kb 488
"Click" Necros S3M 206Kb 443
"Collage" Necros S3M 355Kb 442
"December" Necros S3M 298Kb 463
"energia" Necros S3M 271Kb 423
"Escape" Necros S3M 286Kb 429
"Escape" - Necros   FM Necros S3M 286Kb 369
"Eternity" Necros FST 261Kb 435
"exuding titleness" Necros S3M 98Kb 495
"Feedback" Necros S3M 97Kb 396
"gateway" Necros S3M 411Kb 469
"Helixation".lng Necros MOD 179Kb 355
"Ice River" V4.0 Necros FST 245Kb 408
"iNtErFeReNce" Necros MOD 158Kb 387
"Introspection" Necros S3M 211Kb 431
"Metroplex" Necros S3M 281Kb 430
"Mysticism" Necros S3M 238Kb 414
"NoiseTrance" Necros MOD 64Kb 383
"Passages" Necros FST 177Kb 355
"Penetrating Light" Necros S3M 205Kb 422
"Point of Departure" Necros S3M 257Kb 697
"Possession" - Necros rem Necros S3M 789Kb 426
"Realization II" Necros S3M 290Kb 423
"Realization" Necros S3M 209Kb 429
"Spatial Distortion" Necros XM 147Kb 182
"The Crossing" Necros S3M 354Kb 397
"The Grey Note" Necros S3M 315Kb 413
"utter crap" Necros S3M 9Kb 334
"Vision" - Necros LD Necros FST 241Kb 366
"Winter's Dream" Necros IT 82Kb 470
'ice frontier' (remix) Necros S3M 375Kb 1583
'infinity' Khyron & Necros S3M 335Kb 434
'on the rocks' Necros MOD 219Kb 339
'santurian dreaming' Necros FST 195Kb 331
(Crusader - No Regret)bleep2 Necros FST 239Kb 342
(Crusader - No Regret)carnage and mayhem Necros FST 187Kb 316
(Crusader - No Regret)d3 Necros FST 273Kb 310
(Crusader - No Regret)darkened fantasies Necros FST 125Kb 128
(Crusader - No Regret)end4 (extended mutation) Necros FST 215Kb 306
(Crusader - No Regret)main.menu.remix Necros FST 308Kb 360
(Crusader - No Regret)mk Necros FST 165Kb 123
(Crusader - No Regret)ninth crusade Necros FST 261Kb 325
(Crusader - No Regret)phil Necros FST 204Kb 123
(Crusader - No Regret)regret3 Necros FST 279Kb 317
(Crusader - No Regret)stint Necros FST 210Kb 123
(Crusader - No Regret)xmas Necros FST 210Kb 132
(Crusader - No Remorse)credits.music Necros FST 226Kb 126
(Crusader - No Remorse)dimension 2012 Necros FST 159Kb 429
(Crusader - No Remorse)end.game Necros FST 171Kb 312
(Crusader - No Remorse)hypnotic Necros FST 167Kb 315
(Crusader - No Remorse)rebel.base Necros FST 131Kb 316
(Crusader - No Remorse)rebel.base.2 Necros FST 152Kb 328
(Crusader - No Remorse)science station Necros FST 107Kb 342
(Crusader - No Remorse)the traveler Necros FST 190Kb 412
(Dark Vengeance)mechanism eight - necros fm (MECH8) Necros S3M 470Kb 449
(Iron Seed) modus x Necros FST 171Kb 114
(Iron Seed)"Crew Generation" Necros FST 94Kb 124
(Iron Seed)Aard Necros FST 130Kb 110
(Iron Seed)cargo Necros MOD 33Kb 116
(Iron Seed)combat Necros FST 91Kb 108
(Iron Seed)compont Necros MOD 40Kb 108
(Iron Seed)crew communications Necros FST 58Kb 303
(Iron Seed)crew evaluation Necros FST 69Kb 292
(Iron Seed)D'Pahk Necros FST 138Kb 106
(Iron Seed)Dimension 2012 Necros FST 133Kb 350
(Iron Seed)Ermigen Necros FST 147Kb 115
(Iron Seed)gener1 Necros FST 137Kb 107
(Iron Seed)icon Necros FST 151Kb 105
(Iron Seed)intro1 Necros FST 110Kb 113
(Iron Seed)intro2 Necros FST 115Kb 111
(Iron Seed)love Necros FST 104Kb 108
(Iron Seed)Phaedor Moch Necros FST 145Kb 108
(Iron Seed)probe Necros FST 72Kb 108
(Iron Seed)psyeval Necros FST 100Kb 109
(Iron Seed)Quai Pa'Loi Necros FST 65Kb 110
(Iron Seed)scanner Necros FST 47Kb 108
(Iron Seed)sector Necros FST 81Kb 110
(Iron Seed)Sengzhac Necros FST 60Kb 105
(Iron Seed)The Guild Necros FST 118Kb 105
(Iron Seed)Titarian Necros FST 138Kb 107
(Iron Seed)victory Necros FST 71Kb 104
(Iron Seed)Void Dwellers Necros FST 221Kb 113
(Unreal Tournament)mechanism eight - necros Necros S3M 409Kb 172
(Unreal) isotoxin - necros   fm Necros & Siren S3M 307Kb 256
+- Shadow of the Mind -+ Necros S3M 224Kb 371
- m i d n i g h t - Necros S3M 293Kb 412
-+( a r c a d i a )+- Necros S3M 216Kb 361
15 Minute Shit Necros S3M 171Kb 365
amber poison Necros IT 495Kb 352
blah blah blah! Necros S3M 4Kb 302
blah blah blah! Necros XM 3Kb 318
Castle Of The Mists Necros FST 233Kb 353
cloud city Necros S3M 88Kb 325
Dance of the Dead Necros & Siren S3M 338Kb 476
Danse Trak 666 Necros MOD 149Kb 327
defecation madness Necros S3M 7Kb 313
dirty walk Necros IT 418Kb 340
Disco Feva Baby! Necros S3M 138Kb 337
distant lullaby Necros XM 318Kb 331
distant lullaby Necros S3M 21Kb 292
dreaming in green Necros IT 696Kb 341
e-29812 Necros S3M 354Kb 327
Eden Necros S3M 292Kb 316
Follow You, Follow Me... Necros & The Duellist & The Zapper S3M 173Kb 412
Helixation Necros MOD 178Kb 299
Helpless AuToMaTOn Necros S3M 254Kb 324
Helpless AuToMaTOn.defective  Necros FST 231Kb 140
HyperControl v3.0 Necros S3M 321Kb 400
Improvisations Necros MOD 100Kb 295
intro to PsyChiCity Necros MOD 127Kb 305
Jazz 12 Necros MOD 100Kb 335
martian lovesong Necros IT 693Kb 371
mechanism eight Necros S3M 470Kb 502
mindspring Necros IT 560Kb 344
mnmn bugs in my head  nnnn Necros S3M 399Kb 309
motion blur Necros S3M 360Kb 343
Nebular Necros S3M 370Kb 344
No Memory II Necros MOD 170Kb 327
Orbital delusions Necros MOD 167Kb 326
OrBiTaL DeLuSiOnS II Necros FST 232Kb 319
orchard street Necros IT 468Kb 377
paranoid android (b2 mix) Necros IT 596Kb 364
particle control Necros S3M 270Kb 313
pawn Necros & Zodiak XM 21Kb 269
Pentagonal Dreams Necros S3M 78Kb 417
Phase Techno Necros MOD 100Kb 337
PissTro Tune - Necros Necros S3M 23Kb 135
Processor Rock Necros MOD 78Kb 314
psychic Necros MOD 93Kb 304
river boat Necros IT 466Kb 333
search for the lost riff Basehead & Necros S3M 357Kb 451
shadow caster Necros IT 495Kb 362
silent night Necros IT 410Kb 321
skyscraper (remix) Necros S3M 431Kb 368
Starlit deception Necros FST 130Kb 309
tangerine fascination Necros IT 450Kb 636
Temple of the Ethereal Necros S3M 259Kb 390
wired96 report Necros S3M 345Kb 378

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