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Handle: Nightbeat
Real Name: Carl Larsson
Lived in: Sweden
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Digital Disaster, Doob, Ethereal, NEBULA, Prometheus

Modules: 56  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 2  online

.:: 56 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
-= C H I L D R E N Nightbeat XM 2764Kb 21
-= FABLE =-    (Nightbeat) Nightbeat S3M 375Kb 152
-= Starlight =- (Nightbeat) Nightbeat S3M 374Kb 155
-=ANTHEM=-  (c)Nightbeat'96 Nightbeat S3M 451Kb 272
Abracadabra (NB) Nightbeat MOD 5Kb 220
And then came darkness-NB Nightbeat IT 765Kb 17
Approach (Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 764Kb 233
Astral dreams (NB) Nightbeat IT 528Kb 135
Boredom (Nightbeat) Nightbeat XM 1Kb 193
Bubbles (NB) Nightbeat S3M 6Kb 54
Bye For Now   (Nightbeat) Nightbeat S3M 453Kb 133
Children Chip Version  (NB) Nightbeat S3M 8Kb 275
Children RMX   (Nightbeat) Nightbeat S3M 354Kb 219
cs 2014 fast nb Nightbeat XM 120Kb 57
Dawn of Pendragon-Nightbeat Nightbeat S3M 179Kb 132
doobtro Nightbeat XM 17Kb 80
Essentials Intact (N Nightbeat MOD 55Kb 50
Evocation (NB) Nightbeat MOD 90Kb 53
FABLE Trancemix (Nightbeat) Nightbeat S3M 390Kb 137
Flight of the Kingfisher Nightbeat IT 2786Kb 151
Following the stream (NB) Nightbeat IT 962Kb 45
Fragments (NB) Nightbeat IT 483Kb 58
Guinevere's Theme    (NB) Nightbeat S3M 214Kb 122
IdeasAreOutOfStock Nightbeat MOD 299Kb 30
Kaos och dekadens Nightbeat MOD 49Kb 250
Keep that Music (Nightbeat) Nightbeat S3M 5Kb 120
Kweed (Nightbeat) Nightbeat MOD 7Kb 58
Last Ninja II Theme Nightbeat MOD 36Kb 313
Magician's Awakening Nightbeat IT 417Kb 120
Mindwave   (Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 1359Kb 125
Mordred and the rain  (NB) Nightbeat S3M 273Kb 120
Motion (Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 4076Kb 75
Na Maidne (Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 72Kb 118
No More Noise (NB) Nightbeat MOD 103Kb 115
painting air sculptures Nightbeat IT 40Kb 46
Past & Future (Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 859Kb 115
Poke (Nightbeat) Nightbeat OCT 13Kb 73
Pooh Remixed (Nightbeat) Nightbeat S3M 122Kb 111
Possessed (NB) Nightbeat MOD 97Kb 184
Powerup (Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 38Kb 49
Ranger Song  - by Nightbeat Nightbeat S3M 241Kb 193
Retard rmx by Nightbeat Nightbeat IT 904Kb 198
Retrospective (NB) Nightbeat S3M 457Kb 48
Return 2the dream Nightbeat Nightbeat S3M 457Kb 121
Roots (Nightbeat) Nightbeat MOD 6Kb 50
Seasons' Passing (NB) Nightbeat IT 3719Kb 132
Sinescape(NB) Nightbeat MOD 171Kb 245
Subsequential  (NB) Nightbeat MOD 326Kb 118
T-pod (Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 653Kb 48
Tales of Magic(Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 546Kb 115
The Steadfast (Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 661Kb 47
The Wicked Day  Nightbeat Nightbeat S3M 172Kb 158
Today all gods die (NB) Nightbeat IT 691Kb 49
Turrican II theme      (NB) Nightbeat S3M 151Kb 389
Waylands (Nightbeat) Nightbeat IT 3313Kb 70
Waylands (Nightbeat) 8bit Nightbeat IT 2218Kb 218

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