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Handle: Otis
Real Name: Frans Bouma
Lived in: The Netherlands
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Dream4 Music, InfoCorner (IC), Infuse Project, Megawatts, Perseus, Zite Productions (ZITE)

Modules: 72  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 2  online

.:: 72 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
5th dimension Otis MOD 132Kb 169
ambient twist Otis XM 468Kb 165
b-o-matic 93 remix Otis MOD 51Kb 162
blowfly is fame Otis MOD 49Kb 155
Brainlink to You! Otis XM 343Kb 155
collection Otis MOD 48Kb 138
dancefever Otis MOD 80Kb 159
distance Otis MOD 58Kb 145
doom? Otis MOD 98Kb 169
dope for your mind Otis MOD 80Kb 200
dope_remix Otis MOD 156Kb 148
dragon2 Otis MOD 34Kb 197
Dreams of love Otis XM 191Kb 148
elightment Otis MOD 62Kb 153
endless happyness Otis MOD 42Kb 157
enter our world Otis MOD 160Kb 148
Equalize  -= Otis =- Otis XM 529Kb 64
eternity Otis MOD 80Kb 142
fantasies i Otis MOD 34Kb 145
fantasies ii Otis MOD 69Kb 146
fantasies iii Otis MOD 51Kb 147
fotonia Otis MOD 18Kb 175
franeker ech wel Otis MOD 176Kb 142
freedom Otis MOD 105Kb 150
hard tegen hard Otis MOD 176Kb 138
hometown Otis MOD 75Kb 132
intro Otis MOD 48Kb 148
iT's not that nice Otis XM 409Kb 141
J'ami esta   -Otis- Otis XM 505Kb 56
Just 1 more! -Otis- Otis XM 521Kb 149
Kyra's dream Otis XM 472Kb 153
laserbeam Otis MOD 84Kb 151
laserbeat Otis MOD 47Kb 141
live in amsterdam Otis MOD 247Kb 156
lovebeats Otis MOD 68Kb 149
loveletter Otis MOD 32Kb 132
massive Otis MOD 30Kb 131
mellowmania Otis & Sylph MOD 76Kb 164
melodrama Otis MOD 17Kb 138
mindstate Otis MOD 124Kb 141
More db's than brain Otis XM 368Kb 140
my way to the top Otis MOD 75Kb 141
Non Grata Otis XM 380Kb 55
nothing for love Otis & Sylph & Vulture MOD 155Kb 158
ode to alaska Otis MOD 46Kb 145
ode to joreon&jazzy Otis MOD 16Kb 136
party is over Otis MOD 35Kb 137
racism stop! Otis & Sylph MOD 146Kb 140
Rebirth to reality Otis XM 227Kb 144
reincarnation Otis MOD 55Kb 149
revolution Otis MOD 171Kb 146
speecy Otis MOD 84Kb 134
stop racism Otis & Sylph MOD 81Kb 156
stop racism remix Otis & Sylph MOD 106Kb 155
sunnory Otis MOD 46Kb 137
sunrise surprise Otis MOD 30Kb 139
synapsII    -=Otis=- Otis XM 770Kb 56
tears Otis MOD 31Kb 139
technodrome Otis MOD 79Kb 142
technotrance Otis MOD 101Kb 151
the end Otis MOD 143Kb 136
The Trip Part II Otis XM 377Kb 137
thunderdon Otis MOD 340Kb 156
thunderdon 95 Otis MOD 281Kb 146
too big for europe Otis MOD 21Kb 140
Trancehaded trip Otis XM 452Kb 54
trancelation Otis MOD 63Kb 146
trancelation_2 Otis MOD 64Kb 133
undriven logic Otis MOD 39Kb 141
vidars choice Otis MOD 127Kb 156
we rule Otis MOD 69Kb 159
xtc Otis MOD 81Kb 151

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