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Handle: Pink
Real Name: Manfred Linzner
Lived in: Germany
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Abyss (AYS), Arise (ARS), Pyrodex (PDX - PRX), Sceptic ($ceptic - SCP - $CP - STC - $TC)

Modules: 291  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 1  online

.:: 291 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
     cyberdreams Pink MOD 8Kb 474
    d-generation Pink MOD 2Kb 377
    second third !2 Pink MOD 17Kb 356
 Thanatos Pink AHX 1Kb 461
---synth effects--- Pink MOD 1Kb 399
1nderfull Pink MOD 1Kb 380
2_years_crest Pink MOD 11Kb 410
a.w.o.l. - bbs tune Pink MOD 36Kb 430
acid pop Pink MOD 109Kb 432
Afternoon Voyage III Pink AHX 1Kb 471
afternoon_voyage Pink MOD 6Kb 446
afternoon_voyage_ii Pink MOD 7Kb 462
Agony End Pink AHX 2Kb 422
alf theme.big Pink MOD 5Kb 160
alf-theme Pink MOD 4Kb 197
alleyway_chat Pink MOD 4Kb 390
alloy_run Pink MOD 11Kb 404
ansi xstasy Pink MOD 1Kb 380
ansi_musix,part_iv Pink MOD 2Kb 385
artcore-theme Pink MOD 22Kb 409
Back In 1986 Pink AHX 1Kb 429
back in 1986 Pink MOD 4Kb 388
beats Pink MOD 19Kb 366
being_sceptic Pink MOD 102Kb 363
beyond_voyage Pink MOD 6Kb 440
bionic_impressions Pink MOD 6Kb 365
bionic_impressions.long Pink MOD 6Kb 376
blah blah gal Pink AHX 1Kb 169
bodyslam Pink MOD 3Kb 384
Captain Future Pink XM 118Kb 410
celephais Pink MOD 5Kb 366
chaotic vibes Pink MOD 3Kb 406
chink a chip Pink MOD 4Kb 395
chip-technics Pink MOD 2Kb 415
chip-technics-2 Pink MOD 1Kb 373
chipiegroove Pink MOD 6Kb 343
chipomatik Pink MOD 9Kb 354
chiptown Pink MOD 3Kb 369
chrom_is_burning Pink MOD 6Kb 361
classic_tunes Pink MOD 5Kb 546
combat_game Pink MOD 6Kb 143
comic bakery 1993 Pink MOD 1Kb 455
Commando-Highscore Pink AHX 0Kb 407
commando-highscore Pink MOD 3Kb 188
compact chaos Pink MOD 54Kb 375
compact variations Pink MOD 110Kb 361
compact_chaos Pink MOD 31Kb 301
compact_resolution Pink MOD 99Kb 337
Compare Pink AHX 0Kb 404
CONSUME Pink AHX 1Kb 394
cradle_of_the_future Pink AON 10Kb 146
Cruisin Pink AHX 1Kb 687
damn' Pink MOD 17Kb 371
daybreak Pink MOD 8Kb 367
deeper_gates_of_doh Pink MOD 6Kb 383
delta-highscore Pink MOD 3Kb 160
dextermania Pink MOD 28Kb 345
dextermania.short Pink MOD 19Kb 351
digital_sync Pink MOD 6Kb 349
disco_zak-(pink) Pink MOD 6Kb 155
disissid Pink MOD 6Kb 393
disissid 3 -INTRO- Pink AHX 0Kb 359
disissid ii theme Pink MOD 9Kb 442
Disissid4 Intro Pink AHX 0Kb 362
Divided Pink AHX 1Kb 394
diznee_moods Pink MOD 14Kb 393
dna_warrior Pink MOD 6Kb 352
dove_part_i Pink MOD 163Kb 400
dove_part_ii Pink MOD 37Kb 382
dove_part_iii Pink MOD 58Kb 306
Downtown Pink XM 93Kb 373
draw_a_wilson Pink MOD 6Kb 353
Drums Pink AHX 0Kb 363
eclipse Pink MOD 5Kb 357
ego-tendencies_no.1 Pink MOD 44Kb 356
ego-tendencies_no.2 Pink MOD 44Kb 352
ego_tendencies_no.3 Pink MOD 35Kb 363
Einlauf Pink AHX 1Kb 355
ekun_to_ns'ti Pink MOD 63Kb 332
emancipation Pink MOD 90Kb 375
encapsulated Pink MOD 82Kb 345
Exoneration Pink AON 5Kb 139
extra Pink AHX 1Kb 366
extra Pink MOD 253Kb 117
Fame Pink AHX 1Kb 399
family business Pink MOD 57Kb 352
fast-one Pink MOD 10Kb 323
fastintro Pink MOD 66Kb 350
feels Pink MOD 5Kb 311
Feinde greifen an! Pink XM 115Kb 354
first_prologue Pink MOD 5Kb 366
Flow my tears Pink AHX 1Kb 337
Fo(o)llin_around Pink AON 2Kb 129
Forced Pink XM 40Kb 353
Frame Pink AHX 0Kb 384
fROGGA! Pink AHX 0Kb 349
funk it! Pink MOD 12Kb 362
funkomania-pink_prx Pink MOD 42Kb 343
funky_element Pink MOD 6Kb 354
funny side of life Pink MOD 3Kb 337
Ganymed Takeover Pink AHX 1Kb 388
Gatesbusters Pink AHX 1Kb 326
Gefahr Pink XM 113Kb 355
global confusion Pink MOD 65Kb 334
global_confusion_ii Pink MOD 132Kb 724
global_confusion_ii.dd94 Pink MOD 132Kb 63
Gone Pink AHX 1Kb 404
Gone (filtered) Pink AHX 1Kb 339
Got it! Pink AHX 1Kb 374
Harmony Pink AHX 0Kb 394
hawkeye-1992 remix Pink MOD 2Kb 351
hawkeye-highscore Pink MOD 2Kb 375
Hawkeye-Loader Pink AHX 0Kb 366
high anxiety intro Pink MOD 86Kb 651
high_anxiety Pink MOD 132Kb 573
hOLLA Pink AHX 0Kb 337
hOLLA 2 Pink AHX 0Kb 348
hooked_up_pink Pink MOD 13Kb 357
hopefull_toons Pink MOD 4Kb 371
hopefull_toons? Pink MOD 3Kb 319
Hurra wir fliegen Pink XM 91Kb 324
hysteria 92 Pink MOD 3Kb 326
hysteria_94-remix Pink MOD 4Kb 350
hysterical Pink MOD 4Kb 135
Inner_voyage Pink AON 2Kb 132
Inside Pink AHX 1Kb 405
inside moves Pink MOD 5Kb 336
into the deep Pink MOD 76Kb 114
intro tune 2 Pink MOD 9Kb 320
introduction Pink MOD 44Kb 354
in_a_blue_funk_of.. Pink MOD 20Kb 326
Iridion Pink AHX 1Kb 419
isolated Pink AHX 1Kb 383
It's the end my friend Pink AHX 1Kb 398
it's_only_musax Pink MOD 4Kb 362
it's_only_musax2 Pink MOD 3Kb 332
i_love_techno? Pink MOD 5Kb 332
jammin Pink MOD 65Kb 335
jelly_slide Pink MOD 2Kb 321
journey Pink MOD 6Kb 347
journey_part-2 Pink MOD 7Kb 370
junk freaks Moby & Pink MOD 117Kb 844
just_to_funk Pink MOD 8Kb 989
kd-INTRO Pink AHX 0Kb 340
KD4-Inside_Reprise Pink AHX 1Kb 358
KEN Pink XM 138Kb 352
Kids Pink AHX 1Kb 379
Kids! Pink XM 786Kb 360
Klisje paa Klisje Pink AHX 6Kb 447
krusty hills Pink MOD 82Kb 301
kunitoky's theme Pink MOD 5Kb 363
kunitokys_theme Pink MOD 5Kb 331
kustomNIZED Pink AHX 2Kb 378
last ninja iii Pink MOD 3Kb 422
last present Pink MOD 143Kb 399
last_ninja8 Pink MOD 3Kb 360
last_ninja_1 Pink MOD 2Kb 375
last_ninja_2 Pink MOD 1Kb 384
last_ninja_3 Pink MOD 3Kb 370
last_ninja_moods Pink MOD 3Kb 345
led_storm Pink MOD 6Kb 360
lightforce iii Pink MOD 2Kb 383
Loony_Island Pink AHX 1Kb 380
lsd_ninja Pink MOD 5Kb 395
Magical Shower Pink AHX 1Kb 414
mario? Pink MOD 5Kb 351
matt-pink-gray Pink MOD 2Kb 344
mazemania(pink) Pink MOD 10Kb 360
Mislead Pink AHX 1Kb 411
mostly_harmless Pink MOD 5Kb 366
my little hero Pink MOD 1Kb 339
n.o.m_ton_s'it Pink MOD 8Kb 329
Nakodub Pink AHX 1Kb 375
neurotic_ambitions Pink MOD 18Kb 343
no_compo Pink MOD 3Kb 316
oksyd Pink & Xta-C MOD 8Kb 347
one step inside Pink MOD 137Kb 362
oneday Pink MOD 49Kb 107
onepatpink2 Pink MOD 1Kb 347
one_step_inside Pink MOD 124Kb 334
one_step_inside.ThinkPink Pink MOD 124Kb 81
Orchestral intro Pink XM 75Kb 342
panami_mikamies Pink MOD 11Kb 377
percu_song Pink MOD 3Kb 334
personal_fairlights Pink MOD 7Kb 362
pianomadness Pink MOD 38Kb 114
pixel_storm_(pink) Pink MOD 162Kb 618
Plastic Fools Pink AHX 1Kb 402
pomo_projects Pink MOD 20Kb 361
prodigy2 Pink MOD 6Kb 326
prx Pink MOD 107Kb 116
put_on_the_anchors Pink MOD 20Kb 321
pYRODEX rESURRECTION - 3 Voices Pink AHX 1Kb 352
R.O.T.R Pink AHX 1Kb 367
R.O.T.R-game Pink AHX 1Kb 80
R.O.T.R.2 Pink AHX 1Kb 320
Raider of the Daim Pink AHX 1Kb 358
recruit_the_sonics! Pink MOD 3Kb 341
rekal_inc. Pink MOD 4Kb 326
return of...1 Pink MOD 5Kb 329
return of...2 Pink MOD 5Kb 333
returnofthespaceegg Pink MOD 128Kb 310
rob-it! Pink MOD 0Kb 323
rob_mat_reyn_pink Pink MOD 4Kb 333
rotr33 Pink AHX 1Kb 359
Rough Boy Pink AHX 1Kb 365
sassy notion Pink MOD 136Kb 378
savage_(pink) Pink MOD 14Kb 338
schluck du luder Pink MOD 65Kb 335
scpetic_is_dead? Pink MOD 93Kb 323
secret_songs Pink MOD 1Kb 323
shadow-world_bbs Pink MOD 37Kb 329
sick Pink MOD 1Kb 331
sigma 7 Pink MOD 3Kb 334
simgma_seven(pink) Pink MOD 5Kb 328
slidestartup2 Pink MOD 61Kb 314
something's moving Pink MOD 57Kb 321
Sometimes Pink AHX 1Kb 358
Sometimes (Drax insp) Pink AHX 1Kb 137
Sometimes.new Pink AHX 1Kb 135
sonic sucks! Pink MOD 13Kb 383
space cowboys Pink MOD 5Kb 145
SPAM Pink AHX 1Kb 349
spring at lookithat Pink MOD 21Kb 605
springtime Pink MOD 6Kb 329
sruot_raw Pink MOD 3Kb 300
Steel_Breeze Pink AON 5Kb 116
still on the run Pink MOD 68Kb 329
stoop-it Pink MOD 99Kb 361
Stormlord Pink AHX 2Kb 431
STORMLORD (hardcut) Pink AHX 3Kb 371
STORMLORD II (filtered) Pink AHX 1Kb 351
Strange Pink AHX 1Kb 334
summertime Pink MOD 4Kb 484
summertime-part_2 Pink MOD 6Kb 503
sweet_seduction Pink MOD 7Kb 350
symbol Pink MOD 17Kb 343
synthetic fields Pink MOD 4Kb 319
synthetic xtac Pink MOD 4Kb 357
synthetic_challenge Pink MOD 3Kb 316
T.he B.ig L.oonies Pink AHX 1Kb 352
Take the cue Pink XM 57Kb 325
tales from heaven - darkag Pink MOD 216Kb 112
tales from heaven - epic i Pink MOD 190Kb 111
tales from heaven - game e Pink MOD 136Kb 109
tales from heaven - level Pink MOD 20Kb 114
tales from heaven - title Pink MOD 196Kb 112
tales from heaven -ingame1 Pink MOD 82Kb 116
tales from heaven -ingame2 Pink MOD 17Kb 112
tales from heaven -ingame3 Pink MOD 62Kb 108
tales from heaven -ingame4 Pink MOD 80Kb 108
Tales_preview Pink MOD 82Kb 106
terraforming Pink MOD 7Kb 379
the bright side Pink MOD 8Kb 324
the intro Pink MOD 40Kb 104
thesinethesquare&me Pink MOD 3Kb 353
the_last_remix Pink MOD 6Kb 306
the_light_fantastic Pink MOD 4Kb 347
the_real_world Pink MOD 4Kb 134
the_statement Pink MOD 4Kb 322
time for apydia_prx Pink MOD 17Kb 343
time for t.d.o.p. Pink MOD 23Kb 318
timewarp Pink MOD 1Kb 346
Tomorrow Pink AHX 0Kb 340
Too Creamy Mitch & Pink XM 120Kb 425
trough_the_riots Pink AON 2Kb 120
Tualkeg Run Sella Pink AHX 0Kb 347
tunnel fever Pink MOD 64Kb 330
turrican-1_endtune Pink MOD 5Kb 258
Unteleported Pink AHX 2Kb 404
Unteleported (Klub Diznee 2) Pink AHX 2Kb 167
Unteleported (updated) Pink AHX 2Kb 334
Urban Shuffle Pink AHX 1Kb 368
vertigo Pink MOD 130Kb 377
Void Pink AHX 0Kb 333
w.o.d - pink Pink MOD 5Kb 352
walk_a_bout Pink MOD 4Kb 356
walk_a_bout-remix Pink MOD 7Kb 390
wario_is_missing Pink MOD 5Kb 142
warming up Pink MOD 5Kb 382
Wearing the inside out Pink AHX 1Kb 381
wildlife_end Pink MOD 60Kb 110
wildlife_intro Pink MOD 95Kb 115
xality Pink MOD 6Kb 361
zamzara Pink MOD 4Kb 153
zyriax Pink MOD 1Kb 377

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