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Handle: Qen
Real Name: Ken Mikael Berglund
Lived in: Sweden
Ex.Handles: Gen, Ken Berglund, Ken M. Berglund
Was a member of: C-Lous (CLS - C!S - C!L), Honey (HNY), Solitude (SDE), Squash, Sunshine Productions (SSP - SSH - SS)

Modules: 45  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 45 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
harzack Qen MOD 154Kb 19
6th.earthbck3 Qen MOD 59Kb 135
slim.kim Qen MOD 173Kb 138
6th.robobck2 Qen MOD 57Kb 140
6th.strange Qen MOD 104Kb 140
umzimalo Qen MOD 234Kb 140
spagetti Qen MOD 77Kb 140
normal.existence Qen MOD 94Kb 141
6th.robobck4 Qen MOD 108Kb 141
6th.funny Qen MOD 83Kb 141
6th.? Qen MOD 41Kb 141
6th.toonbck2 Qen MOD 66Kb 141
6th.leader2 Qen MOD 103Kb 141
6th.earthbck4 Qen MOD 115Kb 142
nouvalie Qen MOD 7Kb 142
6th.dolphin Qen MOD 156Kb 142
6th.slowone Qen MOD 94Kb 142
artless Qen MOD 58Kb 143
hearts.fool Qen MOD 94Kb 143
6th.toonbck1 Qen MOD 140Kb 143
6th.earthbck1 Qen MOD 40Kb 143
6th.robobck1 Qen MOD 61Kb 143
cinderella Qen MOD 11Kb 143
6th.robobck3.2 Qen MOD 155Kb 143
clown Qen MOD 54Kb 144
uppercase(cia) Qen MOD 242Kb 144
6th.endtune Qen MOD 213Kb 144
moveable Qen MOD 155Kb 144
6th.earthbck2 Qen MOD 111Kb 144
bubble.mood Qen MOD 166Kb 146
6th.arthur! Qen MOD 39Kb 146
space in interlace Qen MOD 72Kb 146
dolphin-sea Qen MOD 156Kb 147
multimagic Qen MOD 187Kb 147
6th.robospec Qen MOD 60Kb 147
boundless Qen MOD 2Kb 148
cindy.going.strong. Qen MOD 18Kb 148
6th.toonbck3 Qen MOD 119Kb 149
capricorn 1 main Qen MOD 90Kb 151
6th.funky Qen MOD 112Kb 151
6th.toondemo Qen MOD 54Kb 151
maaiz! Qen MOD 142Kb 152
three.fingers Qen MOD 7Kb 152
white.xmas Qen MOD 20Kb 171
system opera Qen & Radix MOD 13Kb 528

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