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Handle: Rage
Real Name: Harri Blom
Lived in: Finland
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Defcon 5, Disorder, Fobia Design (FDS - FD), Jade, Night 55 (Night55 - N55)

Modules: 74  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 1  online

.:: 74 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
20mc compo Rage XM 6Kb 158
4th Dimension Rage XM 236Kb 175
Abandoned Rage XM 263Kb 178
Again and Again Rage XM 8Kb 9
Airwolf anti-theme Rage XM 71Kb 49
Amiga Rage FST 192Kb 14
Aslak Rage XM 196Kb 61
Blinded Rage XM 194Kb 155
BrainWave Rage MOD 69Kb 9
Break the Bits Rage MOD 188Kb 8
Changing Times Rage XM 378Kb 39
Chemical Warfare Rage XM 282Kb 7
crackers Rage FST 12Kb 168
Death Part 1 Rage S3M 127Kb 9
Deliverance Rage XM 203Kb 157
Dice... Rage XM 146Kb 158
distracted Rage IT 44Kb 37
Don't Give Up Rage XM 206Kb 173
Elements Opus I Rage S3M 50Kb 8
Enigmatic Hatred Rage XM 224Kb 176
errorzone zero Rage XM 9Kb 145
Far Away Rage XM 431Kb 42
Flesh Rage XM 401Kb 169
Global Infection Rage MOD 57Kb 150
Green Rage XM 206Kb 159
Green.16ch Rage XM 206Kb 48
Guild of Sounds Rage XM 399Kb 183
hernerokka Rage MOD 15Kb 155
hexadecimal Rage MOD 1Kb 7
Hollow beats Rage XM 200Kb 8
Hostile Hornet Rage XM 303Kb 7
Jingle Hells Rage MOD 59Kb 10
Julli Rage XM 269Kb 151
KusiMusa Rage S3M 56Kb 10
Light-years Rage XM 197Kb 61
Little Melody Rage XM 24Kb 11
Logic Rage XM 204Kb 156
mahtava tsippi Rage MOD 5Kb 11
Megajysays--- Rage MOD 11Kb 9
Mindless jumping Rage XM 11Kb 9
Mozartkugeln Rage XM 11Kb 8
Mystique Rage XM 9Kb 145
NeurosiS Rage XM 186Kb 146
No truth Rage XM 337Kb 156
Nuclear Rage MOD 12Kb 150
Numb Rage MOD 127Kb 10
Orbiting Rage XM 355Kb 163
Out of Darkness Rage S3M 104Kb 8
Over the Deserts Rage XM 317Kb 8
Over the Mountains Rage XM 347Kb 150
Over the Seas Rage XM 260Kb 153
paska chippi Rage MOD 5Kb 11
Peace of mind Rage S3M 75Kb 10
Planets of Euphoria Rage XM 177Kb 162
Q.. I was free once Rage XM 67Kb 8
Rudolf Redhead Rage MOD 115Kb 12
Shred with me Rage MOD 338Kb 154
Signal Rage XM 119Kb 158
Some piece of jazz Rage MOD 226Kb 9
Space & Time Rage XM 357Kb 161
spur of the moment Rage XM 153Kb 156
SuperPop Rage XM 288Kb 8
Synthesized Rage S3M 105Kb 151
this sucks Rage MOD 128Kb 9
tilttitsippi Rage XM 11Kb 8
toast Rage FST 21Kb 141
TT17 Rage XM 82Kb 10
Under Pressure Rage XM 271Kb 148
Visionary Lies Rage XM 162Kb 9
What the F is this Rage FST 33Kb 8
World of Plastic Rage XM 176Kb 133
X-ray vision Rage XM 130Kb 8
Yellow Movement Rage XM 384Kb 158
Zulu's Revenge Rage XM 13Kb 17

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