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Handle: Raiden
Real Name: Radoslaw Kochman
Lived in: Poland
Ex.Handles: Epic, Radek Kochman
Was a member of: Aural Planet (AP), Exmortis (XMS), Indication, NIC, Screw!Bolt, Substance (STC), Suspend (SPD), The Edge

Modules: 61  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 3  online

.:: 61 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
 M-e-x-i-c-a-n-a'94 Raiden MOD 64Kb 119
"Abdication" (v1.1) Raiden MOD 185Kb 37
"Absence of mind" Raiden XM 219Kb 131
"Approximately" Raiden MOD 179Kb 128
"Brainstorming" Raiden MOD 202Kb 133
"Brainstorming" v1.1 Raiden S3M 204Kb 65
"Claustrophoby" RDN! Raiden FST 234Kb 110
"Crackbrained" Raiden MOD 273Kb 213
"Feasible"- RDN ! Raiden XM 284Kb 171
"Feedback"   RDN! Raiden FST 148Kb 108
"Gesture" Raiden MOD 323Kb 159
"Hang_out" Raiden XM 231Kb 159
"Hindrance" Raiden MOD 164Kb 112
"Inexpensive" Raiden MOD 164Kb 111
"InTRANSitive" Raiden XM 250Kb 168
"Loop the Loop" Raiden MOD 204Kb 118
"Maltreat" Raiden MOD 138Kb 116
"Nice kiss" Raiden MOD 207Kb 123
"Qba's pack" Raiden MOD 8Kb 123
"Responsibility 4" Raiden MOD 204Kb 118
"Responsibility 5" Raiden MOD 168Kb 113
"Responsibility 6" Raiden MOD 199Kb 111
"Standstill"    RDN! Raiden XM 396Kb 153
"Subsystem"   RDN! Raiden FST 262Kb 109
"Suspender" Raiden MOD 230Kb 159
"Take a fancy" Raiden MOD 181Kb 119
## depresion ## Raiden MOD 74Kb 165
< Intel >(ligence) Raiden FST 232Kb 112
Ascendancy Raiden MOD 107Kb 114
Brutality dance Raiden FST 163Kb 108
Come along now... Raiden MOD 79Kb 155
Cyberprofanation Raiden XM 431Kb 70
day of glory... Raiden MOD 51Kb 175
decimall dreams  II Raiden MOD 42Kb 145
dePartuRing Raiden XM 226Kb 63
Dirty trick Raiden MOD 92Kb 112
DisplAy Raiden XM 259Kb 160
Enter in the space Raiden MOD 101Kb 105
expLaIn Raiden XM 301Kb 48
Fast reanimation Raiden MOD 171Kb 97
Fatherland Raiden MOD 162Kb 97
Fearless Raiden MOD 182Kb 159
FellOwshIp Raiden XM 500Kb 162
Find an angel Raiden XM 398Kb 52
Happy-man Raiden MOD 67Kb 93
Hypnothesis Raiden MOD 113Kb 85
Joke time! Raiden MOD 88Kb 93
Mexicana 2 Raiden MOD 33Kb 93
Part 1 for DEMO Raiden MOD 172Kb 96
propaganda Raiden XM 1253Kb 57
Responsibility Raiden MOD 68Kb 148
Responsibility 2 Raiden MOD 152Kb 96
Responsibility 3 Raiden MOD 184Kb 95
RespoNsibilty 7 Raiden MOD 138Kb 49
Science fiction Raiden FST 133Kb 102
Short story Raiden MOD 4Kb 91
Stonehange Raiden XM 1218Kb 118
Sunny cowboy Raiden MOD 72Kb 91
Turbulent boy Raiden MOD 114Kb 151
WaterPr00f laNd v1.3 Raiden XM 550Kb 25
WaterPr00f laNd v1.3.upd Raiden XM 550Kb 20

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