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Handle: Raina
Real Name: Lasse Mattila
Lived in: Finland
Ex.Handles: Rain
Was a member of: CoolPHat (CPH), Pragma, Titan (TTN)

Modules: 40  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 1  online

.:: 40 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
attract0 Raina XM 258Kb 18
beat bog Raina XM 5Kb 64
ben behaving madly Raina XM 15Kb 49
bleep of faith Raina XM 13Kb 55
chip club Raina MOD 46Kb 11
chips don't lie Raina MOD 16Kb 12
Di Peddla Mon Raina XM 2Kb 51
dirty dreams Raina MOD 40Kb 11
dodging bullets Raina & Ogge XM 7Kb 126
eltainen korssi Raina XM 8Kb 65
endwhile Raina XM 40Kb 54
Finlandia hymni Raina MOD 200Kb 13
g. Raina XM 11Kb 18
hectorine Raina XM 12Kb 154
infected loader Raina XM 12Kb 53
kikale.final Raina XM 10Kb 56
lassebiisi Raina XM 12Kb 51
losing balance Raina XM 7Kb 58
madness.final CoaxCable & Raina XM 17Kb 120
manumanu Raina & Kmuland XM 528Kb 55
mo yama Raina XM 9Kb 49
mpafpmatmp Raina XM 115Kb 144
mystery level Raina XM 9Kb 60
neito peppis Raina XM 82Kb 19
no (astro)limit Raina XM 9Kb 57
onebee Raina & Skeema XM 9Kb 69
pacboost => extended Raina XM 5Kb 54
peppisjumppa Raina & MC Mocco XM 9Kb 18
Riparimuistot Raina MOD 7Kb 53
skeneisa Raina XM 7Kb 58
smile Raina XM 25Kb 52
snortloop Raina XM 7Kb 51
spaceranger 50k Raina XM 17Kb 64
sumsong Raina XM 35Kb 60
surf's up, san Raina XM 5Kb 64
the day they landed Raina & Ampli & Kmuland XM 24Kb 74
the x & y it fails Raina MOD 8Kb 11
Viivotin mainos Raina MOD 262Kb 12
x.15periments Raina XM 500Kb 147
yellowhale Raina XM 17Kb 157

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