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Handle: Reg
Real Name: Régis Parret
Lived in: France
Ex.Handles: Regis Parret
Was a member of: The Lady Killers (TLK), TLK Games (TLK)

Modules: 33  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 33 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
23h45 Reg MOD 49Kb 94
a dm taste Reg MOD 46Kb 91
arbrosius Reg MOD 51Kb 89
area1-game Reg XM 29Kb 28
area1-game Reg MOD 29Kb 32
area2-game Reg MOD 27Kb 30
area3-game Reg MOD 14Kb 31
area4-game Reg MOD 26Kb 29
area5-game Reg MOD 25Kb 27
fridge in space Reg MOD 113Kb 29
game music 1 Reg MOD 13Kb 87
game music2 Reg MOD 12Kb 90
gameover theme Reg MOD 22Kb 90
gardien-go Reg MOD 33Kb 26
hiscore theme opt v Reg MOD 21Kb 84
ingamemusic1 Reg MOD 51Kb 27
jjjj Reg MOD 100Kb 81
maux croise theme Reg MOD 48Kb 84
mayb Reg MOD 27Kb 89
mon lapin Reg MOD 98Kb 24
mons Reg MOD 47Kb 80
music Reg MOD 61Kb 88
suicide Reg MOD 52Kb 73
tecno-winn Reg MOD 29Kb 28
tecnoballz Reg MOD 56Kb 28
tend Reg MOD 37Kb 81
termigator Reg MOD 30Kb 27
the first since... Reg MOD 34Kb 84
the-meeting Reg MOD 40Kb 80
title1 Reg MOD 32Kb 74
tsk-zik1 Reg MOD 19Kb 73
tsk-zik2 Reg MOD 16Kb 82
_s Reg MOD 100Kb 91

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