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Handle: Shorty
Real Name: Olav Rasmus Vorren
Lived in: Norway
Ex.Handles: Olav Vorren
Was a member of: Accession (ACC - ACS), Balance (BLC), Network (NET - NWK), Noiseless, SCOOP, Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), The Giants (TGS)

Modules: 26  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 1  online

.:: 26 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
1 Shorty MOD 45Kb 197
2 Shorty MOD 49Kb 190
3 Shorty MOD 37Kb 193
3.alt Shorty MOD 48Kb 55
attributed horror Jogeir Liljedahl & Shorty MOD 304Kb 688
beginning Shorty MOD 236Kb 194
cosmic-snow Shorty MOD 133Kb 197
digital expression Shorty MOD 118Kb 529
easy steps Shorty MOD 54Kb 76
electro-dreams Shorty MOD 85Kb 195
electro-dreams.short Shorty MOD 63Kb 72
essential classics Jogeir Liljedahl & Shorty MOD 146Kb 586
flying Shorty MOD 34Kb 181
game-tunes-advent Shorty MOD 156Kb 197
gitar Shorty MOD 37Kb 79
golden notes ii Shorty MOD 73Kb 184
golden-notes Shorty MOD 117Kb 178
high generated Shorty MOD 4Kb 180
high level Shorty MOD 55Kb 178
overture Jogeir Liljedahl & Shorty MOD 107Kb 784
sunset Shorty MOD 67Kb 186
takk Shorty MOD 38Kb 186
the castle Jogeir Liljedahl & Shorty MOD 134Kb 496
war zone Shorty MOD 23Kb 179
will of the wind.sh Shorty MOD 416Kb 6
will_of_the_wind.b Shorty & Timmy MOD 756Kb 258

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