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Handle: Skaven
Real Name: Peter Hajba
Lived in: Finland
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Brainstorm (BRS), Future Crew (FC)

Modules: 98  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 11  online

.:: 98 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
(Bejeweled II DFC)Beyond the Network Skaven IT 3989Kb 291
(Big Money PC)Quality Time - Big Money Mix Skaven IT 271Kb 329
(Bookworm Adventures PC)Bookworm Skaven IT 1978Kb 321
(Boonka)Boonka Skaven IT 4408Kb 241
(Codename Silver PC)Codename Silver Skaven IT 2695Kb 339
(Dynomite DFC)Amazonas - Dynomite Mix Skaven IT 123Kb 163
(Hamster Ball DFC)Hamster Ball Skaven IT 1719Kb 176
(Hamster Ball Gold DFC)Hamster Ball Skaven IT 1726Kb 171
(Hamsterball)Hamster Ball Skaven IT 1730Kb 179
(Hap Hazard)Hap Hazard Skaven IT 3023Kb 215
(Seven Seas PC)Seven Seas Skaven IT 253Kb 258
(Unreal Tournament)Razorback    Unreal mix Skaven IT 943Kb 261
2ND Reality Skaven S3M 280Kb 804
2nd Reality <Skaven> Skaven S3M 281Kb 474
Amazonas Skaven S3M 108Kb 475
Amazonas.long Skaven S3M 109Kb 291
Autonomus Skaven S3M 21Kb 391
Cannon Angel Skaven IT 828Kb 423
Captured Sun Skaven S3M 220Kb 410
Cascade Skaven STM 56Kb 145
Catch that goblin!! Skaven S3M 365Kb 620
Catch that goblin!!.long Skaven S3M 365Kb 310
Chip Instruments Skaven S3M 10Kb 386
Crystal Dragon Skaven S3M 204Kb 489
Data Jack Skaven S3M 116Kb 371
Data Jack.long Skaven S3M 117Kb 268
Deep in her Eyes Skaven S3M 262Kb 412
Deep in her Eyes Skaven IT 2087Kb 470
Deep in her Eyes.short Skaven S3M 145Kb 193
DragonLore Skaven STM 147Kb 147
Fourth Symmetriad Skaven IT 25Kb 355
He Has No Face Skaven S3M 142Kb 354
Headache Skaven STM 59Kb 142
Heart Attack! Skaven STM 118Kb 138
Heavy Gargoyle Theme Skaven S3M 76Kb 341
HeviHamaHamaHakki Skaven STM 102Kb 133
HeviJanis Istu Maas Skaven STM 78Kb 128
HeviPelle Hermanni Skaven STM 164Kb 127
Highways Skaven STM 99Kb 132
Ice Frontier Skaven S3M 179Kb 490
Ice Frontier.long Skaven S3M 178Kb 308
ID Skaven S3M 194Kb 343
ID - Space Deliria Skaven S3M 194Kb 270
IntroMusic II Skaven S3M 65Kb 365
IntroMusic II.long Skaven S3M 65Kb 256
InvTro'94 Music Skaven S3M 31Kb 356
InvTro'94 Music.long Skaven S3M 31Kb 241
Kingdom Of Knowledge Skaven STM 47Kb 133
Lada Skaven STM 74Kb 131
Lavender Hill Skaven S3M 80Kb 391
Lavender Hill.long Skaven S3M 100Kb 271
Life cycle Skaven STM 62Kb 124
Mangrove Skaven S3M 157Kb 334
Mangrove.long Skaven S3M 157Kb 233
maxtestsong Skaven S3M 28Kb 224
Mercury Rain Skaven S3M 132Kb 407
Mercury Rain.long Skaven S3M 132Kb 260
Metamorphosis Skaven STM 88Kb 139
Mosquito Skaven S3M 8Kb 340
Muumilaakson Skaven MOD 143Kb 153
Muumilaakson mala Skaven STM 143Kb 121
Neanderthal fun Skaven STM 99Kb 128
Network Skaven S3M 104Kb 362
Not For Kids Skaven S3M 129Kb 341
Okta-xy-geen Skaven S3M 300Kb 351
Omniphilia  (Rama-II) Skaven S3M 101Kb 340
Omniphilia  (Rama-II).long Skaven S3M 101Kb 243
Party 1992 Intromusic Skaven S3M 70Kb 369
Posse's theme Skaven STM 24Kb 136
Predator Skaven STM 64Kb 144
Rama Gardens v1.1 Skaven S3M 132Kb 346
Rama Gardens v1.1 Skaven IT 3616Kb 437
Rama Gardens v1.1.long Skaven S3M 132Kb 242
Razorback Skaven IT 868Kb 434
Realm of Chaos Skaven S3M 130Kb 435
Revenge of the Cats Skaven IT 474Kb 365
Saint Skaven S3M 74Kb 367
Space Hulk I; Captured Sun Skaven S3M 220Kb 376
Spit! Skaven STM 91Kb 129
SplatFest IntroMusic - 1994 Skaven S3M 107Kb 328
SplatFest IntroMusic.long Skaven S3M 107Kb 224
Starship Troopers Skaven S3M 160Kb 254
Suzy's grease pit Skaven S3M 92Kb 318
Symphony Skaven S3M 122Kb 412
Symphony.short Skaven S3M 97Kb 305
The Alchemist Skaven IT 325Kb 355
The Evolution Skaven STM 63Kb 127
The Goblin Returns Skaven IT 7618Kb 541
The Night of the Cats Skaven S3M 203Kb 358
The Night of the Cats.short Skaven S3M 204Kb 212
The Noble Knight Skaven STM 95Kb 126
The Occasion Skaven IT 1458Kb 372
The Plague Skaven STM 120Kb 126
The White Tiger Skaven S3M 137Kb 401
The White Tiger Skaven STM 160Kb 137
Trauma Skaven STM 123Kb 125
War in the Middle Earth -R Skaven S3M 215Kb 473
Zombie Curse Skaven STM 60Kb 133

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