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Handle: JPN
Real Name: Kris Schulte
Lived in: Germany
Ex.Handles: Kris, DizzyKrissi
Was a member of: Alpha Flight (AFL), Level Four (Level 4 - L4 - L'4), Level Four Advanced Software Design (L4-ASD), Vertical

Modules: 33  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: n/a

.:: 33 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
'freaked out' JPN MOD 67Kb 270
(Sliding Skill)sliding-skill-game JPN MOD 44Kb 68
(Sliding Skill)sliding-skill-score JPN MOD 19Kb 71
(Sliding Skill)sliding-skill-title JPN MOD 55Kb 188
air JPN MOD 39Kb 57
china JPN MOD 56Kb 247
china-dudeludium JPN MOD 48Kb 224
comic bakery JPN MOD 42Kb 323
cybernoid JPN MOD 86Kb 464
dudeludium JPN MOD 56Kb 65
flashbier-jpn JPN MOD 37Kb 242
flashbier-jpn2 JPN MOD 28Kb 235
frog by jpn JPN MOD 37Kb 213
jpn2 JPN STK 60Kb 178
jpn2.other JPN STK 35Kb 176
jpn3 JPN STK 34Kb 245
jpn4 JPN STK 49Kb 193
jpn5 JPN STK 49Kb 168
jpn6 JPN STK 56Kb 263
judenlied JPN STK 19Kb 30
let's sofa ATL & JPN MOD 18Kb 262
love is blue JPN MOD 46Kb 181
monty ii JPN STK 66Kb 266
monty on the run JPN MOD 101Kb 300
not this one JPN MOD 34Kb 170
packsound3 JPN MOD 8Kb 58
power JPN STK 44Kb 29
rob ATL & JPN MOD 45Kb 278
rob.short ATL & JPN MOD 45Kb 211
rock1 JPN MOD 29Kb 166
romance JPN MOD 44Kb 216
skill-title JPN MOD 55Kb 214
sound of the future JPN MOD 71Kb 189

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