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Handle: SLL
Real Name: Sten Lysholm Larsen
Lived in: Denmark
Ex.Handles: The Who, S.L.L, Sten Larsen, Soren Lysholm Larsen, Soren Larsen
Was a member of: 7 Up Crew (Seven Up - 7UP), Bamiga Sector One (BS1), Crionics (CRI - CRC), Hydronic, Jewels (JWS), Kefrens (KFS - K - KEF), Promax, Red Sector Inc. (RSI), Trilogy (TGY - T)

Modules: 96  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: n/a

.:: 96 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
2-3song10 SLL MOD 34Kb 258
204.underground1 SLL MOD 43Kb 544
african farm-1.11song2 SLL MOD 35Kb 522
axel.f.mix SLL STK 39Kb 45
blue.monday SLL STK 34Kb 651
bs1-song23 remix SLL & The Hooligan MOD 106Kb 51
bs1-song23-m SLL STK 58Kb 687
cool-swing SLL STK 29Kb 519
def' jammin'-2-3song16 SLL MOD 73Kb 521
digital touch SLL STK 47Kb 24
dragon jive SLL MOD 133Kb 596
dragon jive.short SLL MOD 129Kb 256
egypt-loader SLL MOD 28Kb 504
free ride-1.11loadersong SLL MOD 45Kb 478
fun tune SLL STK 34Kb 501
hero SLL MOD 45Kb 466
high byte SLL STK 31Kb 68
highbyte2 SLL MOD 31Kb 62
housemix-1 SLL MOD 121Kb 491
housemix-2 SLL MOD 112Kb 427
housemix-3 SLL MOD 104Kb 440
housemix-4 SLL MOD 119Kb 429
housemix-5 SLL MOD 80Kb 409
ht SLL STK 60Kb 36
james-bond.mix SLL STK 57Kb 430
lars SLL STK 72Kb 678
madonna ey SLL MOD 36Kb 520
magic flute-2-3song17 SLL MOD 89Kb 551
megamix1 SLL MOD 108Kb 569
megamix2 SLL MOD 121Kb 507
megamix3 SLL MOD 124Kb 479
megamix4 SLL MOD 125Kb 469
megamix5 SLL MOD 130Kb 464
mod.guardian dragon SLL MOD 103Kb 676
newstyle1 SLL MOD 103Kb 430
on the road-2-3song6 SLL MOD 28Kb 505
pigs-in-space SLL MOD 41Kb 601
power guardian.demo SLL MOD 122Kb 463
power guardian.orig SLL MOD 123Kb 529
powergame SLL MOD 48Kb 430
review-2-3song21 SLL MOD 55Kb 438
rocking SLL MOD 34Kb 443
rsi - sll heros1 SLL STK 43Kb 199
sad-song SLL MOD 94Kb 469
sll1 SLL STK 42Kb 1040
sll10 SLL STK 23Kb 430
sll11.1 SLL STK 39Kb 586
sll12.1 SLL STK 42Kb 639
sll13.3 SLL STK 23Kb 570
sll16.3 SLL STK 41Kb 164
sll17.3 SLL STK 43Kb 305
sll18.3 SLL STK 43Kb 306
sll19.3 SLL STK 47Kb 310
sll1remix SLL STK 55Kb 36
sll2 SLL STK 51Kb 907
sll21.4 SLL STK 55Kb 388
sll3 SLL STK 54Kb 956
sll30.4 SLL STK 53Kb 341
sll4 SLL STK 30Kb 621
sll5 SLL STK 40Kb 629
sll6 SLL STK 44Kb 627
sll7 SLL STK 63Kb 645
sll7_csc SLL MOD 56Kb 483
sll8 SLL STK 27Kb 268
sll8 (MFC Sinrot) SLL STK 25Kb 668
sll8remix SLL STK 45Kb 36
sll9 SLL MOD 23Kb 635
sll9.1 SLL STK 32Kb 494
sllmix SLL STK 44Kb 52
song SLL STK 19Kb 279
starwars.remix SLL STK 47Kb 482
super.aktion1 SLL MOD 37Kb 445
super.aktion2 SLL MOD 25Kb 387
super.aktion3 SLL MOD 24Kb 384
super.aktion4 SLL STK 49Kb 420
super.aktion5 SLL STK 33Kb 428
super.aktion6 SLL MOD 61Kb 404
super.aktion7 SLL MOD 38Kb 385
super.aktion8 SLL STK 25Kb 443
take-no-fab SLL MOD 101Kb 454
tech3.1 SLL STK 42Kb 291
techno1 SLL MOD 124Kb 464
techno1(TechnoFlight MD) SLL MOD 57Kb 292
techno2 SLL MOD 115Kb 428
techno3 SLL MOD 129Kb 429
techno4 SLL MOD 116Kb 553
techno5 SLL MOD 124Kb 422
technotronic insp SLL MOD 45Kb 432
the last destiny SLL MOD 122Kb 543
the last ranger-2-3song23 SLL MOD 39Kb 436
underground-1.11song6 SLL MOD 72Kb 447
vblank-funky1 SLL MOD 57Kb 427
vblank-horror1 SLL MOD 46Kb 397
vblank-lazerwarp SLL MOD 60Kb 412
vblank-mission SLL MOD 84Kb 407
X-MEN SLL & The Hooligan MOD 56Kb 50

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