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Handle: Tangerine
Real Name: Philip Barsky
Lived in: Russia
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Looker House (LKR), Overlook (OVR), SandS, T-Rex (TRX)

Modules: 90  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 2  online

.:: 90 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
       Noisy whisper Tangerine S3M 154Kb 113
   Astral  Transgression Tangerine S3M 270Kb 119
   Astral  Transgression.musicdisk Tangerine S3M 263Kb 129
"Saga" Tangerine XM 689Kb 114
(((((((CRAMPS))))))) Tangerine MOD 166Kb 110
(Astro Fury PC)Soul Surfer soundtrack Tangerine S3M 436Kb 130
(Astro Fury PC)Space tRipper Tangerine IT 303Kb 130
(Astro Fury PC)Synthetic Jumbo ;-P Tangerine IT 793Kb 122
(Brixout XP)Synthesed Land Nostalgy Manwe & Tangerine IT 1042Kb 227
---------{SADIZM}---------- Tangerine S3M 233Kb 105
--------Lazer  Wind------- Tangerine S3M 203Kb 188
-------GravisBubbles------- Tangerine S3M 12Kb 112
-----Wings of the wind----- Tangerine S3M 196Kb 114
----Vomit-Jungle---- Tangerine MOD 19Kb 211
---==##Torture Music##==-- Tangerine S3M 97Kb 178
-Sounds of falling stones- Tangerine S3M 190Kb 110
Acid Chicken InSpace Manwe & Tangerine MOD 25Kb 339
Acid Waltz? Tangerine MOD 399Kb 214
All systems ready! Tangerine IT 1126Kb 105
Artificial Sndtrack Tangerine XM 17Kb 92
Artificial Sndtrk 16 Tangerine XM 99Kb 69
Autumn walk...v1.01 Tangerine MOD 344Kb 93
Be ready for kommunizm!!! Tangerine S3M 146Kb 97
Before the battle Tangerine S3M 8Kb 72
Birthday Jazz for XPEh Manwe & Tangerine IT 696Kb 136
Boiling..... Tangerine S3M 232Kb 90
But the Game is NOT Over! Manwe & Tangerine IT 615Kb 120
Clot's Fun Manwe & Tangerine S3M 12Kb 283
Cyber-Shaman Tangerine XM 798Kb 95
Dance of the crane Tangerine XM 541Kb 94
Deep, Dark and Heavy... Tangerine S3M 150Kb 90
Depression Tangerine S3M 169Kb 89
Der hauze Tangerine MOD 184Kb 167
Distorted Feelings Tangerine MOD 26Kb 205
Early Fall Tangerine S3M 315Kb 144
Electric Mantra Tangerine XM 372Kb 108
Eternal fishing Tangerine S3M 145Kb 74
First Night By The Sea Manwe & Tangerine IT 846Kb 153
Fly Over Misty Mountains Manwe & Tangerine S3M 25Kb 317
Forefathers' Spirit Tangerine XM 827Kb 94
Froggy theme Tangerine S3M 11Kb 75
From The Soul Depth Tangerine MOD 603Kb 172
GateToTheDreamSpace Tangerine XM 330Kb 95
Glass of aquarium Tangerine MOD 60Kb 88
Glassy song Tangerine S3M 138Kb 87
Herr_Schwantz. Tangerine MOD 13Kb 202
Highland Traveller Tangerine MOD 593Kb 167
Hip-Hop Lullaby Tangerine XM 707Kb 90
Hot SandS parts 1 & 2 Tangerine IT 1087Kb 73
Insomnia - part 1 Tangerine MOD 232Kb 213
Insomnia - part 2 Tangerine MOD 174Kb 210
Jazzoid ;) Manwe & Tangerine IT 798Kb 140
jungly tune #1 Tangerine MOD 30Kb 95
Kraaskaaa Tangerine MOD 302Kb 168
Lethargic Dream Tangerine MOD 65Kb 190
Little excess... Tangerine MOD 25Kb 162
lonely room Tangerine S3M 10Kb 72
Low hanging sky -16bit Tangerine IT 702Kb 89
Mavlino-obraznost' Tangerine S3M 262Kb 96
mouldy clouds Tangerine MOD 139Kb 172
NO CARRIER Tangerine S3M 217Kb 86
Numizmaty! Tangerine S3M 581Kb 171
NUMIZMATY! - Dooraki Remix! Tangerine S3M 709Kb 101
Overmind soundtrack Tangerine S3M 536Kb 74
Ozone Tangerine XM 489Kb 82
Ozone (remix...) Tangerine XM 564Kb 100
Pulled From Air Tangerine XM 160Kb 93
Ravnovesie? Tangerine IT 19Kb 70
Sad Child Song Manwe & Tangerine MOD 380Kb 521
Second Ring Of Power Tangerine XM 718Kb 84
Sentimental Wildness Tangerine MOD 277Kb 167
Shank-Prokshalana Tangerine MOD 14Kb 86
Shop Ty Zdohh! Tangerine MOD 180Kb 209
Sleeping City Tangerine XM 571Kb 102
Sleeping Love Tangerine XM 575Kb 85
Smiackk! Tangerine S3M 7Kb 69
Soul Surfer soundtrack Tangerine S3M 436Kb 74
Sun Trace Tangerine S3M 316Kb 88
that's sad life Tangerine MOD 104Kb 85
The flying fishies Tangerine MOD 128Kb 86
The Moscow Fog Tangerine XM 464Kb 184
The peach branch Tangerine MOD 10Kb 89
Thinking dots Tangerine IT 208Kb 97
Three little bells Tangerine S3M 19Kb 68
Toy Summer Tangerine XM 783Kb 92
Trombonskij bazetizm Tangerine S3M 134Kb 74
Trouble's Nightmare. Tangerine S3M 4Kb 80
two notes! Tangerine S3M 10Kb 79
What's happened? (rerere) Tangerine IT 2488Kb 112
Yellow Leaves Tangerine XM 333Kb 97

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