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Handle: Teo
Real Name: Matteo Zatti
Lived in: Italy
Ex.Handles: Crazy Teo
Was a member of: Absurd (ABS), Fatal Rage, Rising Sun Team, USE, Vega (VGA)

Modules: 24  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 24 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
  _ | _ Lethal World _ | _  Teo S3M 368Kb n/a
"Happy-pop theme" Teo XM 290Kb 176
"Looking at the...." Teo XM 321Kb 58
"True friend" Teo XM 283Kb 144
"Under A Grey Sky" Teo XM 220Kb 150
"Unjustice" Froyd the Dreud & Teo XM 289Kb 153
Acqua e fuoco Teo S3M 208Kb 47
blue spirit Teo MOD 249Kb 121
Dance by Crazy Teo-RST Teo S3M 137Kb 48
Desolation by Crazy Teo Teo S3M 86Kb 124
Fuga - Crazy Teo Teo S3M 95Kb 45
In The Time Of Angel Teo XM 221Kb 38
Insieme Teo S3M 50Kb 42
Love opens your eyes Nabo & Teo XM 253Kb 174
Never alone Teo S3M 68Kb 45
Running around the moon Teo S3M 107Kb 44
Something In The Air Teo XM 201Kb 36
Synthetic Teo XM 282Kb 128
The Black Kiss Teo MOD 16Kb 134
The Fatal Song Teo S3M 92Kb 41
The Lost City Teo XM 123Kb 129
This Wonderful Life Teo MOD 8Kb 127
Tribal cerimony Teo S3M 72Kb 45
yuk yuk yuk! Teo S3M 9Kb 125

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