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Handle: Timelord
Real Name: Rob Gergely
Lived in: USA
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: n/a

Modules: 24  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: n/a

.:: 24 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
- Mystique part three - Timelord S3M 489Kb 187
Affinity Timelord MOD 241Kb 150
affliction Timelord S3M 566Kb 132
Centrifuge Timelord MOD 85Kb 138
Demonic Sensation Timelord MOD 298Kb 125
Disillusion Timelord MOD 121Kb 120
Eclipse Timelord MOD 189Kb 119
Edge of Darkness Timelord MOD 246Kb 84
Hypnosis Timelord MOD 100Kb 119
Impulse Timelord S3M 594Kb 138
Inferno Timelord MOD 274Kb 115
mystique part two Timelord S3M 420Kb 160
Nightvibe Timelord MOD 192Kb 68
Nostalgia II Timelord MOD 170Kb 125
O m n i Timelord MOD 205Kb 118
S u r r e a l Timelord MOD 213Kb 116
Spheroid Timelord IT 7989Kb 59
The Edge.2 Timelord MOD 288Kb 68
The Forthcoming Timelord MOD 279Kb 108
Tranquility Timelord MOD 121Kb 131
transambience Timelord S3M 308Kb 130
ultrasound Timelord IT 681Kb 160
VorteX Timelord MOD 150Kb 127
[ mystique - part one ] Timelord S3M 263Kb 170

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