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Handle: TUSC
Real Name: Jesper K. Jakobsen
Lived in: Denmark
Ex.Handles: UFO, DJ Tusc, Musiker, Fusk, Jesper Jakobsen, T.U.S.C.
Was a member of: Crionics (CRI - CRC), Dual Disaster, Equinox (EQX), Flash Production (FP), Raiders Dk, Rave4ce, Raveforce, Vixen (VXN)

Modules: 56  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 1  online

.:: 56 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
6.5k duh song TUSC MOD 4Kb 190
a man and his piano TUSC MOD 55Kb 199
ambient guitar TUSC MOD 126Kb 218
animal-lover(not!) Sonet & TUSC MOD 186Kb 232
aob trash remix TUSC MOD 367Kb 198
basic jam-rythm TUSC MOD 17Kb 177
bierstubentanz TUSC MOD 139Kb 197
blok fast speed mix TUSC MOD 142Kb 182
bruger briller TUSC MOD 18Kb 174
call 911 TUSC MOD 138Kb 181
citizens of earth TUSC MOD 39Kb 176
crying spy TUSC MOD 32Kb 625
da doo run TUSC MOD 125Kb 78
dance little bird TUSC MOD 55Kb 178
dooo it TUSC MOD 7Kb 75
flying xargon TUSC MOD 75Kb 167
forest rain TUSC MOD 31Kb 180
fur elise heavy TUSC MOD 88Kb 9
guru tusc TUSC MOD 71Kb 176
heavy solo TUSC MOD 36Kb 166
hotel room jam TUSC MOD 104Kb 10
i know the blues TUSC MOD 3Kb 169
i want you TUSC MOD 217Kb 183
immortal death TUSC MOD 81Kb 88
infinity (pianomix) TUSC MOD 82Kb 60
intro-melody TUSC MOD 58Kb 171
j-funk(preview) TUSC MOD 16Kb 161
j-funk2 TUSC MOD 29Kb 186
jazz maaann TUSC MOD 37Kb 10
juvel of abdallah TUSC MOD 69Kb 76
k0ller lever TUSC MOD 457Kb 170
kimmix TUSC MOD 151Kb 176
kodertro TUSC MOD 55Kb 57
life on lost planet TUSC MOD 85Kb 187
life on lost planet.long TUSC MOD 104Kb 73
loader(lanternen) TUSC MOD 4Kb 175
love birds TUSC & Per N. MOD 47Kb 174
martins popcornflip TUSC MOD 66Kb 220
noget guitar TUSC MOD 69Kb 170
pack-piece TUSC MOD 9Kb 172
palles life TUSC MOD 113Kb 54
party tro paa Cytron & TUSC MOD 58Kb 221
phantasia TUSC MOD 111Kb 168
re-activate Sonet & TUSC MOD 134Kb 160
something evil TUSC MOD 75Kb 172
standby TUSC MOD 33Kb 180
stratosphere TUSC MOD 109Kb 169
teknosjock TUSC MOD 121Kb 172
the end TUSC MOD 70Kb 174
trasm TUSC MOD 156Kb 178
trip1 Sonet & TUSC MOD 131Kb 228
try TUSC MOD 41Kb 47
Tyranno TUSC MED 77Kb 50
we wish you x-mas TUSC MOD 19Kb 163
without-words TUSC MOD 178Kb 173
x-mas time TUSC MOD 72Kb 166

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