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Handle: Vic
Real Name: Victor Mels Jan Van Vlaardingen
Lived in: The Netherlands
Ex.Handles: The Coolyfier, Victor van Vlaardingen
Was a member of: AcmE pc, Farbrausch (FR), Five Musicians (FM), Level-D (LVD), Live For Speed, Planet Chunk

Modules: 64  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 11  online

.:: 64 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
303 Vic PTM 440Kb 346
a second Vic XM 697Kb 287
Abnormality Vic PTM 171Kb 89
Algory Vic PTM 476Kb 367
Ambient Power Vic FST 265Kb 317
aresi Vic PTM 17Kb 191
AWESOME Vic PTM 818Kb 332
Barely... Vic PTM 4Kb 194
barock Vic XM 23Kb 302
BLAHBLAH Vic PTM 747Kb 293
BugFixed (The Song) Vic PTM 277Kb 303
Cereal cortex Vic PTM 162Kb 179
Chip improvement Vic PTM 1Kb 180
Chunk Vic PTM 401Kb 296
Clairvoyence Vic PTM 153Kb 84
Clairvoyence.short Vic PTM 153Kb 177
Crazy Vic PTM 5Kb 182
Doing the penguin Vic PTM 90Kb 181
ECHWEL Vic PTM 829Kb 300
Eternal rush Vic PTM 196Kb 301
Fatuous Vic PTM 10Kb 182
Fuckup Vic PTM 184Kb 185
Gherkin Vic PTM 662Kb 276
Gherkin demo versie Vic PTM 356Kb 81
Happy reefer Vic PTM 47Kb 181
Hawaiiii Vic PTM 234Kb 182
HOOP Vic PTM 837Kb 288
HORNY Vic PTM 863Kb 323
Inspectorrrrrr Vic PTM 24Kb 181
Interesting stuff Vic PTM 246Kb 185
Internecine Vic PTM 151Kb 177
Jitterbug Vic PTM 275Kb 176
Keck Vic PTM 212Kb 181
La plage de Saint Tropez Vic PTM 658Kb 176
LEVELED Vic PTM 642Kb 287
licht absorptie Vic PTM 24Kb 284
Logical war Vic PTM 308Kb 213
mad apologies Vic PTM 333Kb 180
Mimezine Vic PTM 261Kb 180
Motionless Vic PTM 243Kb 186
MTV supports _m too Vic PTM 326Kb 179
Obscure Vic PTM 22Kb 175
ostrotique Vic PTM 275Kb 171
Paper Vic S3M 29Kb 289
Perfect Reason Vic PTM 322Kb 178
queer Vic PTM 171Kb 181
Rauzuuuu!!!! Vic PTM 14Kb 187
really Vic PTM 306Kb 309
Right... Vic PTM 280Kb 283
Right....8bit Vic PTM 123Kb 60
Serenity Vic FST 153Kb 294
Sounded like God's arrival Vic PTM 240Kb 185
Spaceman Vic XM 471Kb 327
the difference Vic PTM 436Kb 279
The pharm Vic PTM 514Kb 288
Three items Vic PTM 62Kb 289
trans-lecthum Vic PTM 422Kb 267
WHOA! Vic PTM 324Kb 181
WHOA!.peek-a-boo Vic PTM 356Kb 58
why red? Vic XM 638Kb 306
x-ray-eyes Vic PTM 111Kb 184
xdemo Vic PTM 392Kb 184
Yours Vic PTM 384Kb 184

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