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Handle: Vogue
Real Name: Magnus Högdahl
Lived in: Sweden
Ex.Handles: Vacuum, Magnus Hogdahl
Was a member of: Instinct (ITC - INT), Orb, Phenomena (PHA), The Physical Crew (TPC), Triton (TRN)

Modules: 23  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 23 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
Ambient ENERGY Vogue XM 166Kb 479
Ambient Light Vogue XM 148Kb 595
ambient-power Vogue FST 191Kb 495
axel.f-theme Vogue MOD 155Kb 542
Beyond reality Vogue XM 94Kb 443
crystal orbit Vogue MOD 175Kb 504
crystal starlight Vogue MOD 145Kb 486
Developer-94 Vogue XM 188Kb 417
dont you... voguemix Vogue FST 95Kb 405
Dreams of Deez Vogue XM 576Kb 394
Enhanced Intuition Vogue XM 100Kb 398
Exploration Vogue XM 35Kb 389
idea- NOT finished Vogue XM 380Kb 398
Incinerated Vogue XM 149Kb 377
Liquidation-By Vogue Vogue XM 115Kb 383
Mental Distorsion Vogue FST 125Kb 398
Metamorph part II Vogue XM 138Kb 379
Oblitirator Vogue XM 421Kb 414
possessed by the evil Vogue MOD 12Kb 374
Reality Vogue FST 197Kb 394
soft brilliance Vogue MOD 131Kb 266
the-decalogue Vogue FST 145Kb 401
Zone Disrupter Vogue XM 310Kb 398

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