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Handle: Wally
Real Name: Francisco Gonz├ílez Pascual
Lived in: Spain
Ex.Handles: Francisco González, Francisco Gonzalez, Francisco Gonzalez Pascual
Was a member of: Inside (INSD), The Lords of The Bits (TLOTB)

Modules: 74  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 2  online

.:: 74 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
303 HI-FI Power BassDrum Wally & Wonder & Naif IT 530Kb 108
40k2 Wally MOD 14Kb 145
A Handful of Stars Wally MOD 110Kb 46
a minute of night Wally MOD 74Kb 45
A Trip 2 Heaven... Evelred & Wally & DEM XM 401Kb 75
A World without C64 Wally MOD 5Kb 80
APOCALYP Wally FST 263Kb 44
Approach Wally MOD 281Kb 160
Bamos ha la kaka Wally MOD 191Kb 41
Beata inconexa Wally XM 465Kb 41
BlasterSound Groove Wally S3M 7Kb 47
block rockin' beats Wally MOD 538Kb 50
Boredome Wally XM 274Kb 41
Caution! Wally FST 606Kb 43
Center Me Wally MOD 203Kb 142
Center Me.not finished Wally MOD 194Kb 40
chip-lando Wally MOD 15Kb 42
Clouds over Wasmes Wally XM 241Kb 141
Destination Wally MOD 44Kb 36
dust factory Wally MOD 595Kb 40
elifexir vientrepla Wally XM 559Kb 37
Everything was mine Wally MOD 56Kb 141
Floating on Relax Wally S3M 97Kb 43
Forgotten Feelings Wally MOD 224Kb 40
Forgotten Feelings.compo Wally MOD 224Kb 32
fuckup eleven Wally XM 20Kb 39
guaka Wally XM 114Kb 39
Humming Sunrise Wally XM 432Kb 41
I better quit Wally XM 487Kb 40
illescas Wally XM 339Kb 41
in ten to Wally XM 480Kb 41
Isn't worth hearing Wally MOD 24Kb 41
jarl in love Wally XM 315Kb 40
Just Dos Manzanas Wally MOD 276Kb 39
Klopr va a la mi-li Wally & Naif MOD 2Kb 19
Klopr va de ajo  - EP5 - Wally & Naif S3M 139Kb 44
Lady Tatharim Wally MOD 77Kb 121
Laments from a Swan Wally MOD 36Kb 35
let me closer Wally XM 406Kb 40
ListenHowItGoes... Wally MOD 233Kb 41
lo mas chipdream Wally MOD 8Kb 40
Magic Island Wally MOD 335Kb 41
Middle Earth Beat Wally MOD 51Kb 39
Nasty Pebreras Wally XM 444Kb 41
Nasty Pebreras.8bit Wally XM 213Kb 37
Network (Dance Mix) Wally MOD 42Kb 44
Nghtf. in Dol-Amroth Wally MOD 64Kb 38
nofrost Wally MOD 10Kb 39
our return Wally FST 429Kb 40
p1x_base2 Wally IT 442Kb 40
Pedrote =8-) Wally MOD 189Kb 41
Poem without Words Wally MOD 57Kb 127
posadas-fastcompo Wally MOD 1Kb 40
Princesa Sinforosa Mix Wally S3M 263Kb 42
PsicoJungleTechnoRap Wally S3M 141Kb 46
Psychotherapy v1.13 Wally MOD 5Kb 42
Quest for the Ring Wally MOD 105Kb 36
Remains of the 90s Wally XM 16Kb 44
Remains of the 90s Magic Fred & Wally XM 26Kb 27
Sad and Unavoidable Wally S3M 139Kb 41
Saddance 2 Wally S3M 91Kb 51
space game Wally FST 186Kb 45
Techno - Fool Wally MOD 42Kb 39
Technotry Wally S3M 95Kb 132
The Dream is Over Wally S3M 114Kb 137
TLOTB-If Party 2004 inv Wally XM 463Kb 39
Trikanoid Wally MOD 7Kb 40
Tropical Ska. Wally MOD 35Kb 44
Ungrateful Work Wally MOD 237Kb 43
Unstable 1.55 Wally FST 310Kb 41
Vola panotxo, vola Wally XM 345Kb 38
We are the chips Wally MOD 3Kb 43
Zampabollos girl Wally & Naif XM 356Kb 61

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