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Handle: Wave
Real Name: Jeroen Godfried Tel
Lived in: The Netherlands
Ex.Handles: JT, JT_MoN, Jeroen Tel
Was a member of: Analogue (ANA), Canadian Pirates Inc. (CPI), Five Musicians (FM), Maniacs of Noise (MON)

Modules: 98  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 18  online

.:: 98 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
tmntlevel1 Wave MOD 61Kb 86
tselect(tmnt) Wave MOD 24Kb 86
xmessdance100992 Wave MOD 340Kb 89
voodoo's_voice.132 Wave MOD 230Kb 90
xmastime130 Wave MOD 455Kb 90
timedistortion Wave MOD 135Kb 91
hitme96k080594 Wave MOD 64Kb 91
trinklehouse220992 Wave MOD 17Kb 91
megahouser.135 Wave MOD 131Kb 92
wild_on_time121091 Wave MOD 152Kb 92
houseinabox011092 Wave MOD 159Kb 93
ravetrance.140 Wave MOD 268Kb 93
unwantednoise1 Wave MOD 360Kb 93
powerplay100193 Wave MOD 379Kb 94
p_force_fraction2 Wave MOD 226Kb 94
pullthestrings Wave MOD 333Kb 94
sweetagression1 Wave MOD 50Kb 94
timesout040792 Wave MOD 34Kb 94
this290193 Wave MOD 340Kb 94
the_test310193 Wave MOD 181Kb 94
telhouse1 Wave MOD 61Kb 94
strateg110293 Wave MOD 119Kb 94
stack160992 Wave MOD 255Kb 94
speedcontrol Wave MOD 62Kb 94
spaneinsane1.139 Wave MOD 105Kb 94
getontoyou Wave MOD 120Kb 94
filmtype121091 Wave MOD 179Kb 94
youaremyfriend1 Wave MOD 554Kb 95
maniacs_demo_93 Wave MOD 62Kb 95
hiep_hoi311292 Wave MOD 45Kb 95
rightstuff250293 Wave MOD 65Kb 95
songforig120.030493 Wave MOD 244Kb 95
harmonichardihood Wave MOD 131Kb 95
freakfunk091193.lng Wave MOD 65Kb 95
reactionary2 Wave MOD 199Kb 96
hitme Wave MOD 170Kb 96
stayontheline1 Wave MOD 182Kb 96
funkybassyslappy1 Wave MOD 97Kb 96
helga's theme050892 Wave MOD 86Kb 96
slightsight030193 Wave MOD 68Kb 96
theflood220992 Wave MOD 121Kb 97
yesvsno250892 Wave MOD 66Kb 97
getdownmegaright Wave MOD 145Kb 99
jolly jammer131091 Wave MOD 52Kb 100
fatalhouse281092 Wave MOD 68Kb 101
frozenfunk080992 Wave MOD 79Kb 101
technomusic2 Wave MOD 257Kb 102
lostmenow150193 Wave MOD 407Kb 103
freakfunk091193 Wave MOD 45Kb 107
cryforhelp280892 Wave MOD 174Kb 107
classichouse1.96 Wave MOD 46Kb 111
EAR DRUMMER Wave XM 30Kb 120
RISE AND SINE Wave XM 17Kb 125
bravebutbeasty Wave MOD 268Kb 126
TRAIN OF TRUTH Drax & Laxity & Wave XM 708Kb 178
Desert Wave XM 215Kb 181
(Bard's Tale Construction Set)btcs_level6 Wave MOD 41Kb 202
housenww030594 Wave MOD 47Kb 205
(Bard's Tale Construction Set)btcs_level7 Wave MOD 46Kb 207
(Bard's Tale Construction Set)btcs_level4 Wave MOD 55Kb 212
(Bard's Tale Construction Set)btcs_level5 Wave MOD 25Kb 214
(Bard's Tale Construction Set)btcs_level3 Wave MOD 46Kb 217
(Bard's Tale Construction Set)btcs_level2 Wave MOD 36Kb 230
Modular Mood by WAVE Wave XM 52Kb 233
(Bard's Tale Construction Set)btcs_level1 Wave MOD 51Kb 259
Agree with Me Wave XM 653Kb 294
PLAY IT LOUD! Wave XM 30Kb 319
Regressive by WAVE and DRAX Drax & Wave XM 6Kb 328
Smiley ;) Wave XM 59Kb 345
The Home Visit Wave XM 157Kb 350
Track Tracer Wave XM 180Kb 353
Urgent BUT Unwanted Wave XM 144Kb 356
strategy Wave MOD 119Kb 366
The Traveller Wave XM 192Kb 371
NO RESPECT Wave XM 702Kb 378
War Stars Wave XM 91Kb 378
maximum drill Wave MOD 77Kb 381
Hello 1997 Wave XM 237Kb 382
tmnt music lvl1 Wave MOD 24Kb 385
Access For All Wave XM 9Kb 387
BOOM Wave XM 9Kb 391
wild on time Wave MOD 153Kb 392
Merry Xmas & Funky99 Wave XM 31Kb 392
Deadline Wave XM 154Kb 397
Mountain Breeze Wave XM 270Kb 398
Hypnosis 3D Demo Wave XM 227Kb 404
Bridges of Hope Wave XM 510Kb 410
1999 by WAVE Wave XM 1Kb 420
Pools of Poison Wave XM 334Kb 426
Nine One One Wave XM 589Kb 430
Chaos Control Wave XM 531Kb 475
Letting Go Wave XM 11Kb 487
In my Life, my Mind. Wave XM 593Kb 512
"Versions" by WAVE Wave XM 432Kb 525

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