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Handle: Bug
Real Name: Stein Erik Giske
Lived in: Norway R.I.P.
Ex.Handles: Stein Giske, Stein E. Giske
Was a member of: Bust, Network (NET - NWK), Quest, Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Subway, Subway and The Dream Team (STDT), The Amiga Force (TAF), The Dream Team (TDT), The Silents (TSL)

Modules: 57  online
Interview: none available
Pictures: n/a

.:: 57 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
(Aladdin's Magic Lamp)level1 Bug MOD 44Kb 127
(Aladdin's Magic Lamp)level2 Bug MOD 43Kb 108
(Aladdin's Magic Lamp)level3 Bug MOD 44Kb 106
(Aladdin's Magic Lamp)title Bug MOD 44Kb 226
(Charly)Interactive Design Bug MOD 47Kb 204
(funky) Bug STK 35Kb 196
(funky).lng Bug STK 35Kb 172
(the cure) Bug STK 37Kb 283
Addiction Bug & Jogeir Liljedahl MOD 55Kb 804
addiction.version1 Bug & Jogeir Liljedahl MOD 56Kb 627
alf-bug Bug STK 60Kb 192
autumntune-bug Bug STK 54Kb 258
beginning Bug STK 73Kb 244
bombjack Bug STK 31Kb 188
bug (toalettpapir) Bug STK 41Kb 246
bug (watchout) Bug STK 50Kb 226
bug (watchout).long Bug STK 50Kb 98
bug1 Bug MOD 23Kb 215
chickensong-bug Bug STK 44Kb 178
drums Bug STK 20Kb 83
flassjazz Bug & Jogeir Liljedahl MOD 51Kb 573
football Bug MOD 45Kb 206
gameover-bug Bug STK 40Kb 246
gangsters Bug STK 19Kb 234
holiday morning Bug STK 50Kb 241
i.r.2-bug Bug STK 48Kb 164
i.r.3-bug Bug STK 54Kb 164
i.revolution-bug Bug STK 50Kb 167
infinate dreams Bug STK 44Kb 241
ir-part1 Bug STK 50Kb 238
ir-part2 Bug STK 53Kb 233
ir-part3 Bug STK 53Kb 159
junglecrack Bug STK 24Kb 247
king of rr Bug STK 32Kb 158
laxity again Bug MOD 29Kb 228
metallica Bug STK 79Kb 269
moonbuggy Bug STK 56Kb 242
nightshift-bug Bug STK 42Kb 168
no future-bug Bug STK 35Kb 230
norway Bug STK 19Kb 333
onelogy-bug Bug STK 33Kb 228
outrun-bug Bug STK 47Kb 276
rasputin Bug STK 16Kb 168
slider-bug Bug STK 35Kb 231
slider-bug.lng Bug STK 35Kb 224
sonic-spring yard Bug MOD 41Kb 240
spaceparty-bug Bug STK 36Kb 160
spaceparty-bug.short Bug STK 36Kb 155
Stein Erik Giske Bug STK 42Kb 87
surprise-bug Bug STK 39Kb 162
testdrive Bug MOD 30Kb 218
toalettpapir-bug Bug STK 40Kb 225
vypeout Bug STK 50Kb 249
walkoflife-bug Bug STK 60Kb 218
warcestra Bug STK 51Kb 160
windrider Bug STK 73Kb 247
zoologie Bug STK 55Kb 178

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