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Handle: Caramel
Real Name: Jørgen Hegstad
Lived in: Norway
Ex.Handles: Sasquatch, Jorgen Hegstad, CRM
Was a member of: Dolphin, Exile, Fascination (FSN), Fluff (FLF), Gods (GDS), Inferiors (INF), Proxima (PRX), Shadows Of The Underground (SOTU - ST), Spin

Modules: 66  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 2  online

.:: 66 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
about trees and stuff Caramel S3M 59Kb 47
ampoule Caramel XM 63Kb 151
balcony_pop Caramel MOD 111Kb 145
banging in the barn Caramel MOD 173Kb 146
bazooka hangover Caramel & Jisemdu MOD 341Kb 203
blitter! Caramel MOD 10Kb 142
Blittersweet Caramel MOD 146Kb 19
bloomingdale's Caramel MOD 149Kb 140
Carameldioxide Caramel MOD 68Kb 125
caramentos fresh Caramel S3M 58Kb 42
cheese fondue Caramel MOD 177Kb 154
Chip to be Square Caramel XM 13Kb 19
Chiseltip Caramel MOD 94Kb 140
Commies Caramel MOD 10Kb 135
Concuss Caramel MED 72Kb 143
Dark Crystals -TG94 Caramel MOD 34Kb 148
demon macaroni Caramel & Jisemdu MOD 228Kb 182
den.sloye Caramel MOD 106Kb 137
effigy Caramel S3M 62Kb 44
exit hotdog seven Caramel MOD 296Kb 140
fetish all over Caramel MOD 84Kb 141
flange city Caramel MOD 222Kb 138
fulle gaardsdyr Caramel MOD 85Kb 25
gartnerfolk Caramel MOD 118Kb 146
happylove Caramel MOD 13Kb 140
haraball paa torsdag Caramel S3M 156Kb 135
intro63 Caramel MOD 7Kb 134
It's a chipoff! Caramel MOD 8Kb 52
karamel special k. Caramel S3M 52Kb 44
kump Caramel MOD 23Kb 139
l'excrement Caramel MOD 127Kb 57
leghairtrimmer Caramel XM 134Kb 145
liquorice lobotomy Caramel & Jisemdu XM 611Kb 189
Liver Caramel MED 57Kb 138
love-is-cola Caramel XM 104Kb 128
makeout party Caramel & Sticky XM 61Kb 52
Mental Insomnia Caramel MOD 64Kb 139
mmh..she tastes nice Caramel MOD 290Kb 133
move that pelvis! Caramel XM 133Kb 187
my evil genitals Caramel MOD 6Kb 132
No Harmonizing!! Caramel MOD 41Kb 137
Oktomoronic Caramel S3M 28Kb 136
osso beaucoup Caramel MOD 59Kb 39
Paella Caramel S3M 349Kb 138
Pesh Dimensions Caramel XM 415Kb 141
plastic nudity Caramel & Jisemdu XM 434Kb 212
porno paa tv Caramel MOD 17Kb 47
rabbi wilkman Caramel MOD 62Kb 45
rootsoup on lsd Caramel XM 81Kb 44
rubber bracelet Caramel & Smash XM 193Kb 205
sea-sique Caramel MOD 106Kb 136
Semi-Evolved Caramel MOD 153Kb 143
she tastes nice! Caramel MOD 290Kb 58
shih tzu Caramel S3M 58Kb 137
showtime 10 Caramel MOD 149Kb 147
spindrift Caramel S3M 133Kb 56
State of the Fart Caramel MOD 62Kb 149
Stop that Elephant! Caramel MOD 7Kb 138
the girl fromage Caramel MOD 446Kb 137
the mermaid calendar Caramel XM 88Kb 136
the Nerve Shampoo Caramel & Zack XM 261Kb 191
trim me Caramel XM 350Kb 147
turpentine kisses Caramel MOD 209Kb 140
urdu-pop Caramel MOD 13Kb 137
Vertical 2 Up & Down Caramel MED 81Kb 188
Vertical Guidance Caramel MOD 81Kb 133

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