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Handle: ADT
Real Name: Tamas Lenhardt (aka Thomas Lenhardt)
Lived in: Hungary
Ex.Handles: Interface, Axon Digital Technics, Cuds, Nitee19, pARtyZaNe, Pioneer, Partyzan42, Tomi, Tomi of ADT
Was a member of: Absolute! (ABS - ABS!), FBI-Crew c64 (FBI Crew - FBI), Lamer Crew, N19, Royal (RYL), Snap Off Commies Brigade (SOC. Brigade - SB - SBG), Vanguard, Zanza Club

Modules: 49  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 2  online

.:: 49 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
22st ct pioneer ADT MOD 5Kb 342
airwolf ADT & Ern0 MOD 110Kb 401
airwolf 241 ADT & Ern0 MOD 46Kb 122
aminox ADT & The Conqueror MOD 23Kb 120
as para goos (plus) ADT MOD 3Kb 319
b.u.m.... ah! zmix t ADT & Noice MOD 42Kb 366
bart of noisimpson ADT MOD 42Kb 348
brutal deluxe ADT MOD 27Kb 353
budoske parodia ADT MOD 183Kb 259
christine ADT MOD 86Kb 301
compulove ADT MOD 2Kb 303
creppo ADT MOD 33Kb 89
creppo (chipcutmix) ADT MOD 18Kb 307
dbeat ADT MOD 123Kb 312
diana sosborsex ADT MOD 12Kb 318
dust in my eyes .ln. ADT MOD 2Kb 331
gelico semi ADT MOD 1Kb 278
greenroller ADT MOD 18Kb 83
ha tez ne maz alo ADT MOD 141Kb 117
here we are ADT MOD 56Kb 295
husi ADT MOD 5Kb 289
husi v2.0 ADT MOD 4Kb 289
hyc-o-matic ADT MOD 46Kb 293
hyc-o-matic.short ADT MOD 31Kb 237
intro ADT MOD 39Kb 299
itsfunk ADT MOD 15Kb 320
kexpress draft ADT MOD 7Kb 297
koo ADT MOD 41Kb 308
l0k0tt loko-motiv b ADT MOD 4Kb 304
loadermuzak ADT MOD 23Kb 315
puhanyok nyavalyasok ADT MOD 50Kb 312
rave'sz2.int ADT MOD 24Kb 94
red fred dred ADT MOD 30Kb 23
rewind the mind ADT & Ern0 MOD 8Kb 377
scotty ADT MOD 13Kb 317
shloadertune ADT MOD 4Kb 1630
shloadertune2 ADT MOD 4Kb 301
simogass barom ADT MOD 53Kb 311
simple grut (sh) ADT MOD 4Kb 291
splash the mass v3 ADT MOD 5Kb 292
swing ADT MOD 103Kb 310
technovari alajos ADT MOD 88Kb 302
teknosbika cc100 ADT MOD 104Kb 308
telep hon e ADT MOD 57Kb 296
the muzak2.2 ADT & Petroff & T-Bozz & CRM MOD 5Kb 415
the muzak2.4 ADT & Petroff & T-Bozz & CRM MOD 5Kb 448
trible peaks ADT MOD 2Kb 299
urgemasik ADT MOD 14Kb 292
vitamin ADT MOD 73Kb 286

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