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Handle: AceMan
Real Name: Jakub Szelag
Lived in: Poland
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Agenda pc (AGD), Allien Senses, Appendix (APX - APD), Binary Bros pc (BB), DreamWeb (DW), Huge Load (HL), Resistance (RSE - RSZ)

Modules: 89  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 1  online

.:: 89 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
54 Reasons AceMan MOD 320Kb 67
A Dream of Fish AceMan PRT 4Kb 37
aceman_alien AceMan MED 101Kb 85
All Those Moments AceMan XM 1250Kb 32
Arrrr!ghwblwubwubwub AceMan AHX 3Kb 224
Aryx_remix! AceMan MOD 309Kb 417
Bernard the Whale AceMan MOD 260Kb 116
Better Days AceMan MOD 477Kb 53
Binary Dream AceMan XM 617Kb 240
Black As M. (Dentro) AceMan MOD 141Kb 23
Black As Midnight AceMan MOD 179Kb 27
Boomshot! AceMan MOD 258Kb 186
Bright side... AceMan MOD 247Kb 335
Bubble gum AceMan MOD 310Kb 325
Calcium Carbonate AceMan MOD 85Kb 40
Cattle Banger AceMan FST 238Kb 100
Chorea AceMan MOD 282Kb 41
Cipek AceMan & Jakim XM 53Kb 313
Cold Smoke AceMan MOD 241Kb 102
Cut It Out AceMan MOD 35Kb 28
Dirty Tricks AceMan MOD 174Kb 87
Don_t stop musics ! AceMan MOD 129Kb 304
DROP THE HAKE AceMan XM 1404Kb 157
DROP THE HAKE (LoFi) AceMan FST 0Kb 123
El Plato De Pato AceMan XM 2648Kb 48
Electrobusted AceMan MOD 441Kb 108
Go Back To The River! AceMan AHX 3Kb 151
Hawkeye AceMan XM 265Kb 140
Homunculi AceMan MOD 466Kb 50
I Want You AceMan MOD 375Kb 26
In My Pond AceMan AHX 2Kb 111
Invisibility AceMan DBM 259Kb 155
Jesus Stole My Jelly Beans AceMan AHX 3Kb 158
Jumping on the river AceMan XM 711Kb 180
Kiss Her Beard AceMan AHX 3Kb 79
Krono Spiegel AceMan IT 94Kb 82
l4 cd1-brakebeat AceMan MOD 279Kb 135
Land of Flying Cubes AceMan XM 28Kb 194
Lanterns AceMan HVL 3Kb 151
Life's a Glitch AceMan PRT 3Kb 108
Lords of the life AceMan MOD 244Kb 288
Lost Signal AceMan AHX 3Kb 177
Miracle AceMan MOD 122Kb 287
Mjenso AceMan FST 591Kb 40
MonstarzInPocketland AceMan XM 31Kb 156
Moonflower AceMan MOD 400Kb 86
Mortal Combat AceMan XM 1574Kb 168
Munch Your Lunch AceMan AHX 2Kb 134
Mushroom Cheese AceMan IT 94Kb 21
My First Console AceMan XM 28Kb 27
Nasty Habits AceMan IT 139Kb 39
Nice ppl AceMan FST 769Kb 43
Nuclear Sunshine AceMan XM 1373Kb 128
Over Control AceMan AHX 3Kb 103
Over Control.BP09 AceMan AHX 4Kb 83
Piranha's den AceMan MOD 59Kb 166
Polar gleams AceMan MOD 634Kb 130
Realize the truth AceMan XM 463Kb 147
Recall of the past.. AceMan XM 57Kb 125
S.I.D. AceMan XM 14Kb 283
Shattered Crystal Drops AceMan AHX 3Kb 122
Sneak'n'Peek AceMan XM 1285Kb 112
Square Funk AceMan MOD 550Kb 37
Starslug AceMan AHX 3Kb 134
Stellar bay AceMan XM 28Kb 27
Stepp'd on my Chips AceMan AHX 5Kb 177
Sugar Rush AceMan MOD 590Kb 37
Sunburnt AceMan MOD 388Kb 116
Swimwalkin' AceMan XM 1284Kb 146
teapot genie AceMan MOD 86Kb 105
The Black Sheep AceMan MOD 258Kb 129
The Demotune AceMan XM 1078Kb 163
The Scrollermaker AceMan AHX 3Kb 101
Tough Nut AceMan MOD 299Kb 29
Toy God AceMan MOD 349Kb 52
Tricky reality AceMan XM 245Kb 276
Tricky reality... AceMan DBM 257Kb 125
Turn the current back! AceMan AHX 3Kb 146
Turtle Queen AceMan MOD 148Kb 33
Unstable Traktor AceMan AHX 4Kb 85
Vision of future... AceMan MOD 246Kb 265
Wind Me Up AceMan XM 29Kb 157
Wonders from a Hat AceMan XM 29Kb 27
Wonka Honk AceMan MOD 390Kb 150
X-mas 01 AceMan XM 36Kb 128
X-mas 02 AceMan XM 591Kb 127
X-mas 03 AceMan XM 1048Kb 47
YCrew-BolkerWay AceMan MOD 247Kb 42

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