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Handle: Wivern
Real Name: Daniel Wedin
Lived in: Sweden
Ex.Handles: Wedin, Mr. Wedin, Mr Wedin
Was a member of: Oops (OPS), Universe (USE)

Modules: 106  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 1  online


          `n.          .rP'
           `qb       ,dP'
            TLb.  ,dMP'          all rite, now you get the chance to read
             TML.dMMP            some facts about some of the major amiga
          ,nmm`XXMPX              musicians. read about their history in 
       ,#MP'~~XNXYNXTb.          the scene and their plans in future.yes, 
     ,d~'     dNNP `YNTb.       that's meant to be read while listening to  
    ,~       ,NN'     `YNb   their modules. read 'em over and over and over..
             dNP        `Yb.  
            ,NN'          `b.      · i  n  t  e  r  v  i  e  w  ·      ___________            
      ______dP                                _____________            \         /              
      \    ,N'\____   _____________.  _____   \            \_____.  ____\       /
       \___P___/  .\--\__    __/__ |--\____)---\        _____/__ |--\_   \    _/
        |     |   | \  |      | \__|   |  _     \      /    | \__|   |   /\   |
        |    _|   |    |     _l_       |  |      \    /    _l_       |     ___|
        l___/=l___|====l____/===\______|==l______|\  /l___/===\______l____/

    Handle: Wivern

    Group: Oops!

    Date of birth: 1978.05.02

  • 1-How did your interest for computers start? Which year was that?

  • It was in 1986, I visited a friend and he showed me his Commodore 64,
    and what it could do.

  • 2-What machines did you previously have? What did you do with them?

  • C64, playing games and listen to SID-tunes. Amiga 500, A500+, A1200
    and now A4000. When I got my first Amiga, I mostly played games on
    it. Later I started to compose music in Sonix and later on SoundTracker.

  • 3-For what specific reason did you end up making music rather than gfx,coding?

  • Never had much talent in drawing. I have always liked music and it's the
    perfect tool when you are learning music to be able to create music
    and directly hear how it sounds.

  • 4-Which composing programs have you been using? Which one in particular?

  • I think the first one I got was Sonix, except from one C64 program, witch I
    at that time didn't understood.. Then I started to use SoundTracker,
    NoiseTracker and ProTracker. Now I'm working a little bit with DigiBooster
    and Bars & Pipes.

    Oops, did for get to mention "Dynamic Drums" :)

  • 5-With which module did you feel you had reached your goal?

  • Havn't reached my goal yet. That module is still waiting to be created
    by me. :)

  • 6-Is there a tune you would like not to remember? For What reason?

  • No-one in particular that I can remember right now. I see my earlier
    modules as a lerning-testing. Sure many of them doesn't sounds very
    good, but I've learned from them.

  • 7-In your opinion, what's the value of a music in a demo, game?

  • It's very important. It creates the atmosphere. Good music can help
    demos that are quite boring. Bad music in a demo makes me turn it off.

  • 8-At present, are you still composing? For professional or leisure purposes?

  • Composing as an hobby.

  • 9-What do you think of today's pieces of music such as mpeg,wave,midi,etc...?

  • Mpeg and wave are nice sampling formats. You can't compare them with modules,
    midi or anything like that.

    Midi gives you nice opportunities. Even with an old Amiga 500, you can still
    make great music that sounds very good, if you just got the right equipment.

  • 10-Could you tell us some of your all times favourite tunes?

  • I really like Benn Daglish, Rob Hubbard and many other SID tunes. We have
    had, and still have many tallented musicians on the Amiga. I like the music
    that Firefox, Mantronix and Tip created. "A final Hyperbase" is a very good
    example of that. I guess my favourite now is Dizzy. Listen to "Banana Split"
    and I'm sure you agree.

  • 11-Are you planning to make an audio cd with some of your music remastered?

  • No, but it would be fun. I have planed to, but only a few copies then, for
    my friends.

  • 12-What bands are you currently listenning to?

  • Beatles, John Fogerty, Dire Straits, Blues Brothers and many other groups.

  • 13-What does/did the amiga/c64 scene give you?

  • Friends.

  • 14-Are you still active in the scene these days?

  • Active, but not extremely active.

  • 15-Anyone to greet? Anything left to say? Feel free...

  • I would just like to greet everyone I've learned to know under the past years.

    please note: this interview is ©opyrighted in 2001 by crown of cryptoburners

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