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Fairlight (FLT)

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Handle: Abaddon
Real Name: Timo Taipalus
Country: Finland
Groups: Abomination, Amaze (AMZ), Chippendales, Damage (DMG), Fairlight (FLT), Nature (NAT), Pu-239, Rage (RGE - R!), Ram Jam (RJ - RJM), Triad (3AD)

Handle: Alien
Real Name: Sami Arola
Country: Finland
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Sentinel Prods, The Black Robes (BRB), Virtual Dreams (VD)

Handle: Andromeda
Real Name: Morgan Norrestam
Country: Sweden
Groups: Addict (ADD), Cryonics pc, Fairlight (FLT), Kosmic Free Music Foundation (KFMF), Noice (NOC), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR)

Handle: Biotek
Real Name: Janne Heikkarinen
Country: Finland
Groups: Damage (DMG), Damones (DMS), Fairlight (FLT), Zymosis (ZMO - ZMS)

Handle: Blaizer
Real Name: Olof Gustafsson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Digital Illusions, Fairlight (FLT), Merregnon Studios, Mythos (MTS), Ninja Cracking Crew, NinjaForce (NFC), Rebels (RBS - RBL), The Black Lotus (TBL), The Silents (TSL), Top Swap (TS)

Handle: Bliss
Real Name: Henrik Jose
Country: Sweden
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Outbreak pc (OTB)

Handle: Chromag
Real Name: Timm Albers
Country: Germany
Groups: AcmE pc, Addonic (ADC), Artwork (ATW - ART), Complex (CLX), Crux (CRX), Desire (DSR), Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Dual Crew (DC), Ecstasy (XTC), End of Century 1999 (EOC 1999 - EOC), Essence (ESC), Exult, Fairlight (FLT), Flying Cows Inc. (FCI - F.C.I.), Haujobb (HJB), Lego (LGO), MadWizards (MAWI - MWI), Megaforce Crackings (MFC - Megaforce), Neural pc, OCS-Farts, Platin (PLT), Polka Brothers (PB), Proton Limited (Proton Ltd. - PTN - Proton), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Rebels pc (RBS - RBL), Royal Amiga Force (RAF), Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), Talent (TLN - TLT - TAL), Talent pc (TLN - TLT - TAL), TDC, The Black Lotus (TBL), The Cult (CLT - Cult - Cultural Productions), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Tristar (TRS), Vision Factory (VF)

Handle: Crystron
Real Name: Rene
Country: Germany
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Hardline (HDL), The Flashing Bytes (TFB), The Risk Inc. (The Risk - RISK), UCC

Handle: Dan
Real Name: Daniel Scott
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Anarchy (A), Fairlight (FLT), Lemon., Prophecy (PCY), Reaktor, Slipstream (SLP), Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), Virtual Dreams (VD)

Handle: Dane
Real Name: Stellan Andersson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Abyss (AYS), Booze Design, Crest c64 (C), Fairlight (FLT), Oxyron (OXY), People of Liberty (PoL), Triad (3AD), Twilight (TWL), Unity

Handle: Diabolus
Real Name: n/a
Country: Sweden
Groups: Deadline Design, Fairlight (FLT)

Handle: Doppelganger
Real Name: n/a
Country: Sweden
Groups: Fairlight (FLT)

Handle: Drake
Real Name: Carsten Ohlsen
Country: Sweden
Groups: Endless Piracy (EP), Fairlight (FLT), Fresh (FSH), Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star), Science 451 (S451 - 451), Vortex 42 (V42)

Handle: Exolon
Real Name: Björn Wesen
Country: Sweden
Groups: AmigaMania, Fairlight (FLT)

Handle: Facet
Real Name: Martijn van Meel
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Absence (ASE), Analogue (ANA), Anarchy (A), Brainstorm (BRS), Desire (DSR), Facet's Pussy (FP), Fairlight (FLT), Lemon., Qobe, Quartex (QTX), Scoop Design, Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), The Black Lotus (TBL), Vicious (VCS), Virtual Dreams (VD), Vision (VSN)

Handle: Fajser
Real Name: Henrik Sundberg
Country: Sweden
Groups: Amaze (AMZ), Fairlight (FLT), MDN, Rage (RGE - R!), Reflectors (RFL)

Handle: Galahad
Real Name: Phill Boag-Butcher
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Balloons, Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Dual Crew (DC), Fairlight (FLT), Klaxon, Leeds Spreading Division - Light Speed Distribution (LSD), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Rednex (RNX - RDX), Scoopex (SCX)

Handle: Genius
Real Name: Anders Wergeni
Country: Sweden
Groups: Amnesia Composing, D-Mob, Fairlight (FLT), Hypnosis, Mute 101, Newline (NL), Pain (P!), Shame Designs, Vogue Designs, Vortex 42 (V42)

Handle: Glue Master
Real Name: Lars Malmborg
Country: Australia Sweden
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Megaklopparna, Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star), Yakuza (YZA)

Handle: Godbrain
Real Name: n/a
Country: Sweden
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star)

Handle: Groo
Real Name: Sami 0. Järvinen
Country: Finland
Groups: Carillon & Cyberiad (CNCD - CC), Community of Moral Advancement (C.O.M.A. - COMA), Fairlight (FLT), Fobia Design (FDS - FD), Sacred, The Black Robes (BRB), Virtual Dreams (VD)

Handle: Highlander
Real Name: n/a
Country: Italy
Groups: Anthrox (ATX), Fairlight (FLT), The Nightfall (TNF)

Handle: Icepic!
Real Name: currently not public
Country: Australia
Groups: Decay, Fairlight (FLT), Faith (FTH), Scum (SCM), The Destroyer Team (TDT), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), UCF

Handle: Jeff
Real Name: Søren Raadved Lund
Country: Denmark
Groups: Acrise (ACR), Bonzai c64 (BZ), Camelot c64 (CML), Cosine c64 (COS), Crest c64 (C), Cyberzound Productions (CZP), Daniax (DNX), Deadbeat, Digital Excess (DXS), Distortion (DIS), Drawback Engineering, Fairlight (FLT), Recollection, Reflex (RFX), The Sharks c64 (TSS), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), ViruZ (VRZ), X-Factor (XF)

Handle: Jogeir Liljedahl
Real Name: Jogeir Liljedahl
Country: Norway
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), Brainwave, Fairlight (FLT), Gate, Maniacs of Noise (MON), Merregnon Studios, Noiseless, Pulse (PLS), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), SCOOP, Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), The Silents (TSL), Virtual Dreams (VD)

Handle: Julius
Real Name: Martin Schjøler
Country: Denmark Ireland
Groups: Anarchy (A), Brainstorm (BRS), Deadlock (DLK), Excellence (XLNS), Fairlight (FLT), Impurity, Lemon., Polka Brothers (PB), Prologic Software Systems (Prologic - PSS), Sound Vision, Virtual Dreams (VD)

Handle: Kaktus
Real Name: Anders Berkeman
Country: Sweden
Groups: Defiers c64, Fairlight (FLT), Mahoney and Kaktus, Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star), Triad (3AD)

Handle: Kitaro
Real Name: n/a
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: 2000AD (2K AD - 2KAD - 2K - 2000 AD), Alpha Flight (AFL), Fairlight (FLT), International Cracking Service (ICS), Italian Cracking Service (ICS), Leeds Spreading Division - Light Speed Distribution (LSD), Skid Row (SR - SKR), United Forces (UFO)

Handle: Laxical
Real Name: Hans-Joachim Sobczak
Country: Germany
Groups: 100% Prophet, AcmE pc, Analog (ALG - A), Cream Design, Damones (DMS), Danish Gold (DG), Delight (DLT), Desire (DSR), Devils (DVS - DEV), Drgons (Dragons), Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Dual Crew (DC), Enchant, Fairlight (FLT), Fusion (FSN), Hardline (HDL), Hellfire (HF), Hoodlum (HDL - HLM), INXS, Proton Limited (Proton Ltd. - PTN - Proton), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Resistance (RSE - RSZ), Scoopex (SCX), Secretly (SCL), Skid Row (SR - SKR), Surprise!Productions (S!P), SynRJ, The Dark Demon (TDD), The Electronic Knights (TEK), The Silents (TSL), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Vision (VSN), Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Loonie
Real Name: Ulf Liedberg
Country: Sweden
Groups: Analogue Music (Analogue), Caps Lock, Deluxe pc, Digisonix, Fairlight (FLT), Groove (GRV), Loop, Mimik, Night 55 (Night55 - N55), OZ, Ram Jam (RJ - RJM), Replay, Star Technologies, Tea, The Planet of Leather Moomins (TPOLM), Trance (TCE), XIT

Handle: Mahoney
Real Name: Pex Tufvesson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Commodore Cracking Crew (CCC), Defiers c64, Fairlight (FLT), Mahoney and Kaktus, Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star), Triad (3AD), Triumph (TRI), Visa Röster (VR)

Handle: Maktone
Real Name: Martin Nordell
Country: Sweden
Groups: Class (CLS), Defacto2 (DF2), Fairlight (FLT), Share and Enjoy pc (SAE), Superior Art Creations (SAC), Superstars, X-Pression (XPS)

Handle: Mantronix
Real Name: Martin Wall
Country: Sweden
Groups: Empire, Fairlight (FLT), Maniacs of Noise (MON), Nah-Kolor (NAH), Omikron, Panorama, Phenomena (PHA), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Software of Sweden (SOS), Sonic Projects, Supreme, The Warfalcons (TWF - The War Falcons)

Handle: Mascot
Real Name: Ted Skogmann
Country: Norway
Groups: Amaze (AMZ), Cavemen, Deflect, Fairlight (FLT), Ku Klux

Handle: Mick Rippon
Real Name: Michael Andrew Rippon
Country: Australia
Groups: Analogue Music (Analogue), Fairlight (FLT), Kosmic Free Music Foundation (KFMF), Maniacs of Noise (MON)

Handle: Mitch
Real Name: Michael Nilsson-Vonderburgh
Country: Sweden
Groups: Abyss (AYS), Asia, Crest c64 (C), Dynamix (DNX), Fairlight (FLT), Life/Riffs, Software of Sweden (SOS), Triad (3AD), Triumph (TRI)

Handle: Organic
Real Name: Roger Tomasson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Shining

Handle: Pantaloon
Real Name: Magnus Sjöberg
Country: Sweden
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Noice (NOC), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Triad (3AD)

Handle: Papa Smurf
Real Name: Kari Kuusela
Country: Finland
Groups: Complex (CLX), Destiny (DTY), Fairlight (FLT), Offworld, Team-X, Virtual Dreams (VD), Zigag

Handle: Plauze
Real Name: Falk Schwiening
Country: Germany
Groups: Alpha Flight (AFL), Fairlight (FLT), Shrimps Design (SHD), Submission (SBS - -S-), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), UCC, Vanish (VSH)

Handle: Probe
Real Name: Linus Elman
Country: Sweden
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), The Black Lotus (TBL), Virtual Dreams (VD)

Handle: Raven
Real Name: Vemund T. Ally
Country: Norway
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), TRSi and FairLight Recordz

Handle: Reed
Real Name: Reed Richards (ex. Jaakko Kaitaniemi)
Country: Finland
Groups: Damage (DMG), Diffusion (DFN), Fairlight (FLT), Software of Sweden (SOS), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Handle: Siriax
Real Name: Dennis Lewerenz
Country: Germany
Groups: Acrid, Backlash (BLH), Cocoon Dezign, Crest, Damage Inc. (DMG Inc. - DI), Deathlord, Delight (DLT), Delirium (DLM), Fairlight (FLT), Faith (FTH), Hellfire (HF), Hoodlum (HDL - HLM), Interpol (IPL), Millenium and Delight (MLD), Motion (MTN), Prodigy (PDY - PDG), Quartex (QTX), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Smurf, The Electronic Knights (TEK), The Lightforce (TLF - LFC)

Handle: Skull
Real Name: Juha Lainemo
Country: Finland
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Sinking Energy System, The Black Robes (BRB), Virtual Dreams (VD)

Handle: Smash
Real Name: Matt James Swoboda
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Beam, Fairlight (FLT), Insanity, Introspective, J'Ecoute, New Objectives In Sound Exploration (NOISE), Nothing, Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Shadow pc, Tesko (TSK), Theralite

Handle: Some1
Real Name: Mikael Fyrek (ex. Mikko Arifsbahn)
Country: Sweden
Groups: Brainstorm (BRS), C-Lous (CLS - C!S - C!L), Carl und Mikko Design (C.u.M.D), Circle (CiR), Fairlight (FLT), Hardline (HDL), IlluSion (ILS), Insane (INS), Madness, Mangoo, Nation, Phew! Productions, Poise Records (PSR), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Scoopex (SCX)

Handle: Spaceman
Real Name: Martin Iveson
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Anarchy (A), Fairlight (FLT), Lemon., Sonic Projects, Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), The Pornos, Virtual Dreams (VD)

Handle: Spexhane
Real Name: Jesper Johansson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Fairlight (FLT), Mortal Memories, Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star)

Handle: Subzero
Real Name: Axel Degwitz
Country: Germany
Groups: Coma (CMA), Crack Inc. (CRC), Damage Inc. (DMG Inc. - DI), Dynamix (DNX), Eaglesoft, Fairlight (FLT), Kaos Design, Magic Drummer Design (MDD), Ministry (MNS - MST), OKS Import Division (OKS I. D.), Paranoimia, Pirates (PTS - PRT), Selim Subzero Rudi (SSR), Skid Row (SR - SKR), The Company (CPY), The Sunriders, Vision Factory (VF), World of Wonders (WOW)

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