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Scoopex (SCX)

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Handle: Size
Real Name: Tor Jørund F. Pedersen
Country: Australia Norway
Groups: Andromeda (AOA - ADR), Deadline Design, Klein Design, Scoopex (SCX), Score

Handle: Smartin
Real Name: Martin
Country: Denmark
Groups: Dexion (DXN), Scoopex (SCX)

Handle: Softmaster
Real Name: n/a
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Scoopex (SCX)

Handle: Some1
Real Name: Mikael Fyrek (ex. Mikko Arifsbahn)
Country: Sweden
Groups: Brainstorm (BRS), C-Lous (CLS - C!S - C!L), Carl und Mikko Design (C.u.M.D), Circle (CiR), Fairlight (FLT), Hardline (HDL), IlluSion (ILS), Insane (INS), Madness, Mangoo, Nation, Phew! Productions, Poise Records (PSR), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Scoopex (SCX)

Handle: Spex
Real Name: Adam Lucas
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Anarchy (A), Creative Thought (Creative), Mayhem (MHM), Megaforce Crackings (MFC - Megaforce), Scoopex (SCX), Share and Enjoy (SAE)

Handle: Stage
Real Name: n/a
Country: Germany
Groups: Apex (APX), Scoopex (SCX), The Future Boys

Handle: Suny
Real Name: Corentin Jaffré
Country: France
Groups: Anarchy (A), Beuhhh, Bomb!, Rebels (RBS - RBL), Scoopex (SCX), Speed, The Movement (MVT - MOT - MNT), US

Handle: TDK
Real Name: Mark Alan Knight
Country: Scotland United Kingdom
Groups: Anthrox (ATX), Crack Uk, Crystal (CSL), Flash Production (FP), Melon Dezign (Melon - MLN), Scoopex (SCX), The Hacking Relation (THR)

Handle: Teis
Real Name: Craig Bynum
Country: Germany
Groups: Advanced Rhythm Technologies (ART), Bypass (BPS), Die Elke, Level-D (LVD), MadWizards (MAWI - MWI), Most Valuable Playaz (Mo'Playaz - MVP), Phase Distortion (PHD - Phase D - Phase'd), Reason (RSN), Scoopex (SCX), Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), Surprise!Productions (S!P), The Ravebusters (RBS - TRBS), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Up Rough (UP - UpRough - Up Rough Soundsystem - Up Rough Allstarz), Up Rough Kidz

Handle: Tex
Real Name: Jérôme Sentex
Country: France
Groups: Mankind (MKD - M4nkind), Ramses Prod (Ramses), Scoopex (SCX)

Handle: The Judge
Real Name: Jolyon Vincent Myers
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Freestyle Uk (FUK), Megaforce Crackings (MFC - Megaforce), Scoopex (SCX), Share and Enjoy (SAE)

Handle: The Maestro
Real Name: n/a
Country: Germany
Groups: Megaforce Crackings (MFC - Megaforce), Scoopex (SCX), The Cyborgs (Cyborgs)

Handle: Titan
Real Name: Laurent Sebire
Country: France
Groups: Anarchy (A), Atlantys (ATS), Bomb!, Complex (CLX), Digital (DTL), Melting Pot (MTP), Scoopex (SCX), The Pornos, The Silents (TSL)

Handle: Uncle Tom
Real Name: Tomas Dahlgren
Country: Sweden
Groups: Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Scoopex (SCX), The Whiz Kids (TWK - Whiz Kids)

Handle: Vega
Real Name: Vesa Latva-Mantila
Country: Finland
Groups: Da Jormas (.jRM - Jormas), Duplo (DPL), Scoopex (SCX), Society, Squadron, Subsonik Foundation

Handle: Vegard!
Real Name: Vegard Wolf Dyvik
Country: Norway
Groups: Amnesia, Amnesia Designs, Awe, Babe, Balance (BLC), Beam, Cadaver (CDR), Crystal (CSL), J'Ecoute, Melon Dezign (Melon - MLN), MU Prod, Nocturnal (NCT), Scoopex (SCX), The Paladins, Wizzcat (WZC)

Handle: Virgill
Real Name: Jochen Feldkötter
Country: Germany
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), Artwork (ATW - ART), Coma (CMA), Complex (CLX), Endzeit (EZT), Essence (ESC), Haujobb (HJB), Maniacs of Noise (MON), Masque (MSQ), Ministry (MNS - MST), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), Panic, Rebels (RBS - RBL), Rosebud, Sanity (SNT - S), Scoopex (SCX), Surprise!Productions (S!P), TBB, The Powers That Be (TPTB), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Handle: Virus
Real Name: Jonas Asp
Country: Sweden
Groups: Alpha Flight (AFL), Classic (CLS - CLC), Hypnosis, Legend ([L] - LGD), Mythos (MTS), Nemesis (NMS), Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star), Palace (PLC), Quartex (QTX), Scoopex (SCX), Skid Row (SR - SKR), Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), Spirit (SPT), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Handle: Walkman
Real Name: Tor Bernhard Gausen
Country: Norway
Groups: Action Force, Byterapers Inc. ((B) - BR), Cryptoburners (CRB), Index, IT, Maniacs of Noise (MON), Phalanx, Scoopex (SCX)

Handle: Warlord
Real Name: n/a
Country: Unknown
Groups: Scoopex (SCX), Traders Dream (TRD)

Handle: Wicked
Real Name: Sami Pöntinen
Country: Finland
Groups: Exotic Men (EXM - (E)), Intuition (ITU), Legend ([L] - LGD), Parallax Designs (Parallax - PRX - PLX), Scoopex (SCX), Talents (TLS)

Handle: Xerrox Team
Real Name: n/a
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Megaforce Crackings (MFC - Megaforce), Scoopex (SCX), Share and Enjoy (SAE)

Handle: Zarch
Real Name: Henrik Matzen
Country: Denmark
Groups: Addonic (ADC), HEAL Production, Hellfire (HF), Passion (PSN), Royal (RYL), Scoopex (SCX), The Action Team fake, Triflex (TFX), Upfront (UPF)

Handle: Zing
Real Name: Steve Hogg
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Creative Thought (Creative), Mayhem (MHM), Megaforce Crackings (MFC - Megaforce), Scoopex (SCX), Share and Enjoy (SAE)

Handle: Zodiac
Real Name: Lars Rueckert
Country: Germany
Groups: Avenger (AVG), Sanity (SNT - S), Scoopex (SCX), Vision Factory (VF)

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