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Handle: Cad
Real Name: Björn Alexandersson (or Björn Lagercrantz)
Country: Sweden
Groups: D-Mob, The Sunriders

Handle: DJ Turbobrain
Real Name: Stefan Bernbo
Country: Sweden
Groups: D-Mob, Delight (DLT), The Sunriders

Handle: Magic Drummer
Real Name: currently not public
Country: Germany
Groups: Bismarck, Endless Piracy (EP), Huang Ho, Magic Drummer Design (MDD), Sinners, Skid Row (SR - SKR), Softwar, Software Technics, Tarkus Team (TT), The Sunriders, X-FACTOR

Handle: MG
Real Name: Martin G.
Country: Germany
Groups: Avantgarde (AVT), Neo (N!), Pulse, Savage (SVG), The Sunriders

Handle: Subzero
Real Name: Axel Degwitz
Country: Germany
Groups: Coma (CMA), Crack Inc. (CRC), Damage Inc. (DMG Inc. - DI), Dynamix (DNX), Eaglesoft, Fairlight (FLT), Kaos Design, Magic Drummer Design (MDD), Ministry (MNS - MST), OKS Import Division (OKS I. D.), Paranoimia, Pirates (PTS - PRT), Selim Subzero Rudi (SSR), Skid Row (SR - SKR), The Company (CPY), The Sunriders, Vision Factory (VF), World of Wonders (WOW)

Handle: TSM
Real Name: Felix Vincent Enzio Schmidt
Country: Germany
Groups: OKS Import Division (OKS I. D.), The Sunriders

Handle: Zak
Real Name: Karl Andersson
Country: Sweden
Groups: D-Mob, The Sunriders

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