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Exclusive Interviews 

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This section hosts the interviews of the major amiga composers. Get the chance to read the latest about those that set the standards. All interviews are AMP exclusives and cannot be found/read on any other websites. If composed on the Amiga and wish to see your interview on AMP please get in touch with us at once so that we fix that. Same goes if you know some musicians you think we should interview.

Reader's Digest

Composers Requests
Karsten Obarski 34112
4-Mat 23570
Paul van der Valk 16139
Lizardking 15752
Tim Wright 15522
Jester 13082
Maktone 11985
Dr. Awesome 11484
Moby 11372
Estrayk 11041
Heatbeat 10289
Deejay 99 9771
Glenn Rune Gallefoss 9590
Romeo Knight 9440
Radix 9229
Uncle Tom 9071
Virgill 8975
Maf 8581
Andreas Viklund 7907
Rhesus Minus 7602

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