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AMP is brought to you by the magic quartet: Asle, Crown, Curt Cool & .\onty. It's maybe time for you to read more about us and maybe to consider getting in touch. We have very exiting lives and there are many things that tabloids don't know about us yet. So don't you go and sell those informations for loads of cash.... ;) By the way, do you like pictures?

Crown oCryptoburners 

Born in 1974. I was a member of The Dark Demon before I joined the realm of Cryptoburners. I never managed to compose something that one would like to ear and that most certainly is the origin of the respect I have for musicians. They often cheer me up with their tracks. I mainly did swapping and that way I gained a nice collection of demos that way. Making graphics can also be listed among the things I like to do. Nowadays I concentrate on modules and emailing my friends, interviewing musicians and doing some detective job in order to get in touch with as many composers as possible. I am working as camera assistant on tv and short films. Gee.. if you want to know more, ask anything, email me.. I like that! :) You can as well read the interview in Scenet, my scene career is more detailed.

Jean-Baptiste GARNIER
99, boulevard Voltaire
75011 Paris

email: crown[.at.]dascene-dot-net

Curt Cool oDepth 
Curt Cool

Born in 1976. Scene career started in late 1992 at The Party 2. Formed Depth with some friends in 1993. I am an Amiga musician, swapper, organizer and diskmag editor - though I'm pretty lazy regarding some of these activities these days. I have been a module collector since before I joined the scene - I collected my first modules back in 1991-92 - I still remember the first disks, and at the time I am doing a series of module CDs called ULTIMOD* (I'm aware that there is a pc soundplayer of the same name - well, fuck it!) this collection not only contains Amiga modules but also modules in AHX, DIGIBooster, DBPro, ScreamTracker, FastTracker and some other common formats - so it's not Amiga only. I am a student at the university of Odense, Denmark, studying Danish literature and language. I'm also involved in making the students revue as an actor, as well as some other creative things, and sometimes this means that I'm not able to be as active regarding mod collection as I would perhaps like to be. Feel free to email me if you're interested in any kind of Mods CD swapping or for the purposes mentioned below. Oh yes, and thanks to Crown for initiating this, and writing the textfile... :-) *ULTIMOD: we decided to join all our mods to the ultimod serie so that all is into one list. ULTIMOD: the scene mods o'graphy!

Mozartsvej 24, 2 .tv
2450 Copenhagen .sv

email: curtcool[.at.]dascene-dot-net

icq: 38563171

.\\onty oUS! 

Born in 1972. Started my scene career(?) as a composer in 198? when, together with some school mates, we created a small Amiga Group called Swans. Later I joined Equinox, then Analog (the biggest ever DemoGroup 100+ members) as Co-Organizer. I released some musics in a few demos and megademos (like FirstBlood Megademo, Falling-Up...). In the meantime I started working with some cracking groups (Interpol, SkidRow, Scoopex, The FrogBuds) releasing most of my chiptunes in crackintros (thanx to Mr.Yragael/Boing!).
Later I joined Paradox, with my old friends from the FrogBuds, where we did some very cool intros (Cobalt, Calimero...). The fall of Maximilian (Paradox Leader) when he got busted (mid90's) and the fall of Melon (at the same time) was a good reason for Schmoovy-Schmoov, 1742! and I to create a new group, US! (this name means nothing else than "us", we searched for something original!). A very cool group with some great guest stars (Reflex, Suny, ZeBig, Soul, Aix...). We released some legendary(?!?) intros (yUl bryner was a Skinhead, UnSatisfied, Beuhhhhhh (US!+Guests(Ra, Moby...))...)(hard to read?). My scene carreer ended in late 1995-96. When in the beginning of the 2nd millenium an alien coming from Funland forced me to learn PHP and this is it !
Nowadays, I'm working as Network-Engineer in an IT services company.

Benjamin "Monty" PAGES
email: monty[.at.]dascene-dot-net


Born in 1971 near Paris (France). I've been bugging people in the scene for quite some time now.
Started around 1985/86 with TO16, then later with an ATARI STF around 1989/90. blablabla. Mostly as boring as all other AMP staff members :) . The few people in the scene who know me probably recall the numerous public bug reports I released on the "best modplayer of the world" that came by dozens on PC before Winblows'95 era. Well maybe they don't, but I did that anyway.
Beta tested a few PC/DOS trackers and I even composed a couple of musics that made it into a demo somewhere. Then, sometime around 94 (I think ..), I started ripping tune off PC demos/intros, mostly to be able to listen to them without having to watch over and over again the same demo.
I switched rather quickly to the Amiga ripping, at first by using Gryzor's Prowizard. But I quickly became bored of having to need 1Mb mem to load a 1Mb file ... . I started coding my own Prowiz, and still am. But very slowly now ... having a life, after all, which is costly, spare time wise ;) .
Now, I work in a financial institution in Paris doing a job that is not much computer related, aside for a few Sybase SQL triggers and the like. Last word, if you have any information about an Amiga music format, contact me !.

Sylvain "Asle" Chipaux
email: asle[.at.]dascene-dot-net

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