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The (very) Frequently Asked Questions othe Amiga Music Preservation website. 
Here are answers to some of the questions you keep on asking us!
We chose to sort them in 11 different categories:

[01] What, Who and Where 

What does AMP stand for?

Those three initials stand for Amiga Music Preservation. When launched on the 14th of December 2000, AMP used to have an html interface and consisted only of a composer database and few interviews. At that time the site was a subsidiary of www.scenet.de.

What is AMP exactly about?

Amiga Music Preservation has created the biggest and most accurate resource on Amiga Music and Amiga Musicians. AMP is meant to bring together the Amiga enthusiasts with the creators of music's we all love. It's the chance for anyone to discover the amazing contribution of Amiga artists to the world of music creation.

Why isn't AMP in French?

There would be no sense in making a site dedicated to a global movement, as it would have for consequences to limit the access to French speaking visitors. As you might know, most Amiga composers and the fans aren't coming from France/Belgium and Switzerland, check the stats if you don't believe.

What makes AMP different from other Amiga scene websites?

AMP is meant to gather, sort and preserve the audio culture of the Amiga. Not only does it provide audio data to the masses but is concerned about preserving ALL this material. Added to that we work on increasing the public knowledge on computer-generated music. We have as goal to get the Amiga demoscene creations to modern art museums across the world.

Who does what in AMP?

We have divided the work in two main streams, which are: Data Processing (under the supervision of Crown, Curt Cool and Asle) and Website Architecture (taken care by Monty and Asle). Some other people are also assisting us, their names can be found in the credits page.

Do you make money with AMP?

No we don't, you could call it our tribute to the nice moments the scene gives us. There's commercial banner that _very_ barely helps paying for the hosting which is about €200 a year.

Where are the files hosted?

The databases and all the other files are hosted on a rented server. It's not too convenient that way but there wasn't many alternative open.

What does AMP staff have to do with the Amiga Scene?

We have all been active in the Amiga scene for quite a while now, some of us as early as 1988. So we won't take as an offence to be called "oldschoolers". If you are interested we can reveal that we have been members of such groups as Cryptoburners, Paradox, Analog, Depth...

How much do you really know about Amiga music?

Monty and Curt Cool are real Amiga composers. whereas Crown and Asle did it for fun only. Still, gathering and collecting is something that can be done without specific knowledge. It helps however :).

What hardware is being used to create and maintain AMP?

At the moment we have pretty many different configurations: Pegasos 1 (Morphos 1.5), Amiga 4000 (Workbench 3.5), Amiga 1200 (Workbench 3.1), Amiga 500 (Workbench 1.3), Pentium II, III and IV (BeOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows 2000 and XP). Yes, we do like computers.

What software does AMP staff use?

Mostly OpenSource Software, freeware and shareware. You can imagine that we are very fond of open source, as it represents a great alternative to crappy operating systems and software. [Asle edit : PHP sources and MySQL query are all written under Emacs - FreeBSD, in case somebody wondered ;)] [Monty edit: vi under Linux, EditPlus under MS Windows :) ]

[02] The Technical Aspects 

What exactly is an Amiga?

The Amiga was a revolutionary 16 bit computer created by an American electronic firm called Commodore inc as it could record and play back any real audio. When it first came out in 1986, the Amiga 1000 had outstanding audio and video capacities. Several million machines were sold throughout the years until the last Amiga came out in the late 90's (the A4000 Tower). Nowadays some manufacturers have developed new generation Amiga computers going by the name of Pegasos and Amiga One. If you want to know more about the Amiga and its history you should visit http://www.amiga.com. The Amiga was also very famous for its international demo scene.

What is the Amiga scene?

The Amiga scene is a European computer art movement that saw the light in the mid 80's (1986 to be more exact). It consists in thousands of young people that share a common interest in programming, creating graphics, doing music and swapping. All those persons use pseudonyms and gather in groups (from 5 to 50 persons) in order to release demonstrations (programs) that are often presented at computer parties across Europe. If you want to know more on the demoscene and demonstrations, we invite you to purchase the book called "Demoscene: the art of real time" by Lassi Tasajarvi.

What are Sound/Noise/Protracker?

A tracker is a music editing software specifically designed for computers. It enables anyone to compose quality music using his own samples. These are the three leading trackers available on Amiga. Approximately 80-90% of all music created on this machine was done using Soundtracker, Noisetracker or Protracker.

What is a module?

A module is a piece of music that was created using one of the previously mentioned Amiga trackers. On Amiga, a module has a limited amount of samples, patterns and channels. A module file can vary from few Kilobytes to few Megs and the variety of score is similar to what you can ear in your local radio station: jazz, pop, funk, rock, classical, heavy metal, etc.

What is a chiptune then?

A chiptune is a module that has a maximum size of approximately 50 Kilobytes. Most of the samples are usually synthetics so they don't sound like any other music. Some people claim that real great composers are the ones who do chiptunes, as they would be more difficult to compose. Chiptunes on Amiga were very appreciated by cracker for their crack intros, as they require a very limited amount of disk space. Recently a tv documentary on Arte TV said that chiptune represents the future of music in the 21st century.

What were mods created for?

Mostly for fun. Apart for the music used in video games and utilities, the Amiga scene composers have made them not only to become famous but also for the joy of creating. Creating music on the Amiga has made it possible for many talented artists to make a living out of their passion (ex. Romeo Knight, Spaceman). The scene had a true competition spirit that resulted in an incredibly wide spectrum of styles.

Is all the music copyrighted?

Yes they are, the copyrights belong to the composers. As for law, it's muddy water for old game music or registered musics. If anyone feels a given music violates any kind of rule, please, advise any AMP people for a quick withdrawal of said music.

Can I legally copy all the files to my computer, to my friends?

Yes. Download and distribute/promote as you feel, as long as it's non-commercial use.

Can I use a module from AMP in the free/shareware program I have just coded?

You cannot use any of the mod files from AMP on your newly coded program without the prior consent of the composer. Contacting the author could be tricky, but we could help locating quite a few. So, ask around here if you're not able to to so on your own.

Can I play some of the mods in a Radio/TV show or (short) movie/documentary/commercial film?

Unless it is about a non-profit Internet Radio/TV (e.g. Nectarine or Demoscene TV) it is a no. As long as there's profit involved, get in touch with the musician(s) first.

Can I create and sell a module set on CD/DVD rom?

Same as above. Get in touch with the musician(s) if there's profit involved.

Why cannot I download all the mods at once?

As a concrete answer to this relatively common question we decided to quote Monty: "It would take years to listen to all the modules we store. What would be the point in downloading them all at once?". Still, on any specific request, a dedicated archive can be provided for short range data (all musics from a given author, etc.). It can be arranged. Just ask us (forum, mail).

Why don't I manage to download anything?

We are using a simple procedure to check whether users asking to download a file are really connected in amp and not in another website that has linked AMP's modules list (which is actually forbidden!). So if you receive a 403 forbidden message, that's because your browser does not show where you're coming from. It's an HTTP header that could be deleted by some misconfigured Proxy server, Download accelerator programs, and so on... It's also important to make sure your firewall does not strip the referrer information!

Can you give me the e-mail address of Karsten Obarski?

Not that we wouldn't like but he -like most other musicians- doesn't wish we did that. Did you seriously think that anyone gets in touch with GOD himself? ;)

How can I contact one of the Amiga composers?

For the musicians we know, we can provide them with your credentials. They could contact you afterwards.

Why does AMP look better when browsing with Firefox rather than with Internet Explorer?

Could it be that Microsoft doesn't respect W3C regulations? Monty designed AMP so that it works best with Firefox and that explains why it doesn't look as nice when using other browsers. We want to remind you that Firefox is absolutely free of charge so download it and have a try. For your convenience we have tested AMP with a wide range of browsers: Firefox, AWeb, Ibrowse, Voyager, Opera, Lynx and Internet Explorer.

How can I ripp the music from an old Amiga demo/pack/...?

Check for the latest version of Prowizard which is available for most platforms on AMP's download page. Aminet hosts quite a great numbers of sound rippers (Exotic Ripper, Serial Ripper, etc.) that you can use with a real/emulated Amiga. If that doesn't work your last hope it to submit your files to Asle, as he is a master in ripping. [Asle edit : you could also use WinUAE which contains the latest PW4PC version ...]

How can I join AMP's staff?

We are not seeking fulltime collaborators so it's unlikely someone joins in the near future. Nevertheless, we always need offline assistant that can support reliable information, new modules and corrections (the same way as XLat, Ijon Tichy (and so many others) already kindly do it). Just send your application to Crown.

How can I register to the AMP's mailing list?

The mailing list was an idea that never took off. The forum is way better for the few messages we wish to send.

How do I send an e-mail to the mailing list?

Not applicable anymore.

What should I use the mailing list for?

Not applicable anymore.

[03] The Sound Formats Encyclopaedia 

669 (Composer 669)

8 channels PC tracker created by Tran of Renaissance. One of the first to have that many channels on PC. didn't meet much succes but was used by some well known composers like C.C.Catch.

ABK (Amos Music Bank)

Amiga GMC - Sonix - Soundtracker converter created by François Lionet for use with his programming language AMOS.

AHX - THX (AHX - THX Tracker)

Amiga tracker created by Pink and Dexter of Abyss in 1996. AHX is the later version of THX Tracker which had to be renamed after George Lucas company threatened to sue. AHX offers the possibility to create chiptunes that sound like C64 (Commodore 64) music.

DBM (Digibooster)

Amiga tracker created by Tomasz and Waldemar in 1997. New versions are still under development. Digibooster delivers 8 channels and a midi interface.

DIGI (Digibooster Pro)

Amiga tracker created by Tomasz and Waldemar. This is the enhanced version of Digibooster.

DMF (X-Tracker)

Shareware PC DOS tracker created by D-Lusion. It supports up to 32 channels.

EMOD (Quadra Composer)

Amiga tracker created by Bosse Lincoln in 1993. Quadra Composer is a fairly new music program that delivers 4 channels and 256 patterns.

FST (Fasttracker 1)

8 channels PC Tracker created by Vogue and Mr. H of Triton.

FTM (Face The Music)

Amiga tracker created by Jörg W. Schmidt in 1990 for Maxon Computer GmbH. Face the Music delivers: 8 channels, line-based editor with S.E.L. (Sound Effect Language).

IT (Impulse Tracker)

PC tracker created by Jeffrey Lim.

MED (MED / Octamed)

Amiga tracker created by Teijo Kinnunen and Ray Burt-Frost in 1990. Octamed is one of the most famous 8 channels music editor on Amiga.

ML (MusicLine Editor)

Amiga tracker created by Christian Cyréus, Conny Cyréus, Jimmy Fredriksson and John Carehag in 1995. MusicLine makes it possible to pull out some never-heard-on-an-amiga sounds by using realtime calculated waveform processing. It offers up to 8 channels, 5 octaves, 1024 parts, 128 steps, 256 sequencer steps, 255 instruments and 255 wavesamples.

MOD (Protracker - Noisetracker - Startrekker - Soundtracker)

MOD. is the most widely used sound format on Amiga. Mod tunes are created with one of the following programs: Soundtracker, Noisetracker, Startrekker or Protracker. Those trackers have a 4 channel limit with max 31 samples and 128 patterns. Quite many clone of Soundtracker have seen the light throughout the years. Protracker (created by Lars Hamre in 1990) was certainly the most popular.

STK - MOD15 (Ultimate Soundtracker)

Amiga tracker created by Karsten Obarski in 1987. Ultimate Soundtracker was a revolutionary Amiga music editor with high usability & efficiency. Many talented demoscene composers used soundtracker to create their masterpieces making it world famous. Many talented demoscene composers used soundtracker to create their masterpieces making Sountracker world famous. A bunch of coders like Tip and Unknown have created clones.

MTM (Multitracker Editor)

32 channels PC tracker created by Starscream / Renaissance.

OCT (Octalizer)

Infos to be added.

OKT (Oktalyzer)

Amiga tracker created by Armin Sander in 1989 for Verlag Mayer. Oktalyzer was one of the most popular 8 channels music editors within the Amiga Demoscene.

OSS (Octamed Sound Studio - MMD3)

Amiga tracker created by Teijo Kinnunen and Ray Burt-Frost in 1996. This is the commercial version of Octamed with new features such as: 64 channels sequencer with real-time effects and sampled editing facilities.

PTM (Polytracker)

PC Tracker created by Lone Ranger of Acme. Not much more info as this wasn't spread farther than to a couple of musicians like Vic.

S3M (Screamtracker 3)

16 channels PC tracker created by Psy / Future Crew.

SFX - SFX2 (SoundFX)

Soundtracker clone created by Christian Haller and Christian A. Weber.

XM (Fasttracker 2)

32 channels PC tracker created by Vogue and MR. H of Triton. Successor of Fastracker 1, it's still being used nowadays in various tracked compos.

[04] The Composer Database 

How can I get myself into AMP's Composer Database?

Considering this applies to musicians, just send an e-mail to AMP staff with details on your career (Handle, Real Names, Country of origin + Country where you live, your ex. Handles and the list of all your Groups).

Should I inform you about wrong and incomplete information?

It's very important you do that! If you find out that the information available online isn't correct please drop an e-mail to AMP staff. We would very much appreciate you to contact AMP if you can correct/add info on any other musicians listed in the database. We have for a goal to collect 100% certified and complete data on ALL Amiga musicians.

Can you remove my entry in AMP's Composer Database?

Unless you actually never composed any music on Amiga we don't usually remove entries from the database. We are building a precise list of ALL musicians that used the Amiga as a music creation tool and to reach that goal we chose to keep all entries. No matter how few or how many music you have composed!

Why does the database host some PC composers?

There can be two reasons. In the first place it can be that the composer, who is most known for his PC compositions has done several Amiga modules. Over time, we are also trying to maintain a good 100% PC authors as well. Since its debut, AMP really tries to gather all "tracked" musics.

Can I export part or all of AMP's composer database and use it in my website?

Please don't.

How come the famous Amiga composer called "Mr. Xxxx" isn't in your database?

He is either missing -in which case we encourage you to contact us- or included under another handle. If you want to make sure that the composer is missing from our database we recommend you do a combined Handle+ex.Handles search.

[05] The Music Database 

Why are the files available as "MOD." and not ".MOD"?

Simply because the original file name for modules is "MOD." on Amiga.

What exactly are the "MED." files?

AMP host some exotic formats exclusively created on the Amiga (you can also find formats like "DBM.", "AHX.", "AON.", "OKT.",...). The "MED." suffix means that the file has been composed with Octamed, which is a very popular 8 channels tracker.

Is all the music available in AMP originally coming from Amiga demonstrations?

Some of them are. Sources are wide, like games, utilities, party entries, etc. But mainly, a big part of the mods you can download were sent to us by the composers and never got released in any Amiga productions.

Why doesn't AMP host all the Amiga exotic music files?

Some other sites are already doing a good job in collecting exotic tunes so we don't feel like using part of their work. To name a few, Exotic and modland. We still might get there in time.

Why do some of the mods have weird characters as their name?

Simply because the authors of the modules chose to name them that way. The Amiga file system handles most of the ASCII characters so we do not feel like changing the mod names for the unlucky few that use Windows operating system. We suggest you switch to another O.S. (Linux, BSD, Morphos,etc.), as they handle much better those filenames.

Why are all the mod files crunched?

This was justified at AMP's beginning, but not really anymore. HD space is now there are we could probably get rid of this gzip stuff. We'll see about that later.

What does the suffix ".gz" mean?

This is the default extension for files that are crunched with GNU zip (gzip). UnGzip is supported any unarchiver.

How come I don't manage to play the "MOD." files with my audio player?

Either your player doesn't support mod files or it requires you to rename them to "music.MOD" instead of "MOD.music". We recommend all Amiga and PC users to install Delitracker/Deliplayer as it's one of the best module player on PC/Amiga (site address is to be found in AMP's links page). If that still doesn't work then it could be that you haven't unpacked the tune. You can write us if you need some help on how to play the modules on other platforms. As a last ressort, the file might be defective, in which case, please contact us with the reference of the file.

How come you don't have the mod called "MOD.xxxx"?

There can be several reasons for that situation. The first reason could be that we don't have that specific mod in our possession (we strongly encourage you to upload it to our FTP if you have it). It could also be that the module is already in the database under another name (like its original name instead of a ripped demo name). Last reason would be that we haven't yet sorted it so it will take some weeks before it is available for download.

Can I export part or all of AMP's music database and use it in my website?

Please don't.

Can I link some of your mods so that people can download them straight from my website?

Yes, you can. However, please, put a note somewhere next to the link that it comes from AMP. The goal, here, is to have a chance to complete the collection, and that can't happen if people don't know about the rest of said collection. Notifying us about this link is also welcome ;)

Were AMPS's "FST.", "XM.", "S3M.", "IT.", "669." music composed on Amiga?

None of them were, those sound formats were all created on PC. The prefixes you mention are referring to FastTracker 1 & 2, Screamtracker, ImpulseTracker and Composer 669. These trackers are handling 16 to 32 channels and not 04 to 08 like on the Amiga.

Why does AMP host PC originated music?

AMP's primary work is of course to collect all the Amiga music. However we took the decision to include PC originated tunes that are composed by musicians who used the Amiga to create music. We find it important to give visitors the chance to listen to the later works of their favourite artists. It's a nice way to witness their evolution with composing techniques and music styles. Also, AMP extended its range a bit by collecting "tracked" music in a general sense.

Why doesn't AMP contain any Midi, MP3 or OGG scores?

AMP's goal is to preserve tracked modules and not any streamed music. Some sites already take care of those formats and they do it very well. There is no connection between those formats and tracked music so having them for download wouldn't bring anything important to the tracked music history of a certain composer.

Should I let you know if I don't manage to download a module from AMP?

We hate broken link(s) at least as much as you do, so please inform us when you encounter such a situation. We will of course do our best to repair broken links as fast as we can so that you can download the file(s).

Why don't all composers have music for download?

First, the musics are on an ongoing batch of upload. Second, the individual was identified as musician in a mag article or a memberlist of a group, but no music from him/her was found yet. Last, no music was composed in the range of format AMP handles at the moment. That might change though!

How does AMP get all its modules from?

We have a pretty large variety of sources. Let's say that 40 to 50 per cent are either ripped by AMP's staff or digged up from parties dumps. The rest is either sent by the composers themselves or sent by AMP enthusiasts (Thank You!).

What should I do if I find out that one module file available for download is truncated?

That's a very good reason for e-mailing AMP staff so that it is tagged for fixing. Try to provide us with as many details as possible such as author and mod name. That way we avoid receiving e-mails containing the following text: "I think a module from XTD is truncated". It would be very kind of you to send us a 100% working version of that very same module if you have managed to find one.

Why are some Soundtracker/Noisetracker modules available as Protracker?

Well, it's something that we have been fixing since day one. The replays are so different that we feel it's a destructive conversion when a STK is converted to PTK. If you spot such a file, please, report to AMP staff !

How can I still compose Amiga music now that I have a PC?

WinUAE is your friend, here. Various Amiga authors have been practicing this, really :).

[06] The Interview Database 

What haven't you yet interviewed "Mr. Xxxx"?

Because he has never contacted us or we didn't find his credential. If you have a contact address then please share and we'll do the rest. Our aim is to gather interviews from all referenced musicians so we appreciate any help on that matter.

Why haven't I been interviewed?

Most probably because you kindly visited AMP but never wrote to any of us (e.g. Fab of Paradox!). Please take few minutes of your time and drop us an e-mail so that we can supply you an interview form. We would like to hear from you!. [Asle edit : or simply fetch the interview form here and send it back to us filled up]. We'd prefer an contact however to be able to draw up a dedicated interview.

Why isn't my interview online yet?

We certainly hope there's no such case pending anymore. Once a interview is done, it's put on-line.

Can I export part or all of AMP's interview database and use it in my website?

If you wish, however, note soemwhere that it comes from AMP, please.

Why are all the questions identical in each interview?

That was the launching days of AMP. No time for dedicated questions, etc. Today's different in that we raise personalized questions related to the authors' work. As such, if you, an already interviewed author, wish so, we can go back there and do this dedicated question/answer process :).

How come you don't give out the address, phone and e-mail of interviewed musicians although you ask for them in the interview?

We share the interview and that's it. Credentials could be shared by the authors themselves if they wants. It's however no our place to do that.

[07] The Scanned Pictures Database 

Why does AMP collect scanned pictures of composers?

We consider it's a nice thing to be able to put a face on the musicians whose work we all remember. The picture database goes hand in hand with the composer database so that's a good enough reason for having them in AMP.

Is it possible to get my picture changed in AMP?

Of course, just drop us an e-mail with your scanned picture(s) as attachment.

What is the format of the scanned pictures?

We accept several standards such as PNG, JPG, GIF and IFF. Needless to say that PNG is most preferred.

Can I export part or all of AMP's scanned pictures and use them in my website?

Sure. Many if not all was sent to us and we don't have any kind of right to them. Just, again, please state where it comes from.

How many scanned pictures can I send you?

As many as you wish as long as they are not identical. We would like to have several scans for each musician so don't be shy and send us plenty! Musicians who supply more than one picture will get a photo album in the author directory.

I don't have a scanner, could I provide some of my photos by snail mail?

Sure, we will gladly scan them and return you the originals. We prefer to proceed that way rather than never to have any picture from you or a known author.

[08] The Download Page 

Can I freely use AMP's ASCII mod list?

Sure thing as its main purpose is to help you sort mods and be aware of what we already have in our possession. That way you end up uploading file we don't already have in the music database.

Can I host AMP's ASCII mod list in my website?

Please don't. Add a link to AMP so that people can check the site and download the Modlist all by themselves.

How can I submit my utilities to AMP's download area?

If the archive isn't bigger than 2 Megs then simply send it by e-mail to Crown with a short text description. If it's too large to be sent by e-mail then why not upload it to our FTP or send a CD/DVD rom with all files to our snail mail address. We will then check them and decide if they match with AMP's utilities requirements.

Have you tested all the software available for download?

Yes and it's virus free. No spyware either. So you can download and use them all with no fear.

What is AMP exactly seeking for?

Amiga trackers, music rippers or any old and new utilities for all computer platforms that make our life easier.

How can I open the LHA/ZIP crunched files?

Use LHA and Unzip on Amiga. 7Zip does the job nicely on Windows. For other platforms you can check on the Internet, there should be plenty of them available.

How come some of the software you provide doesn't actually work with my machine?

In the first place you should make sure that the utility is designed for the machine you use (PC or Amiga) and please read the documentation. If that doesn't help, it could be that the program won't run on high-end or low-end computers. It's maybe time to buy an Amiga 500 or an Amiga One?

[09] The Cloud 

Where's the FTP ?

Following the server change that happened for technical reasons in March 2019, we couldn't maintain an FTP server with the new setup.

What's this Cloud then ?

We set our heart on Nextcloud for now.

How can I be sure not to upload mods that AMP already hosts?

Best is to check with the text Modlist available in the download area. If you are not uploading your OWN mods then please do NOT send mods we already have unless the module is different in size. In practice, when in doubt, send over. We'll sort it out ourselves.

Should I compress the data before uploading it to AMP's Cloud?

No it is not. We'll handle it all. However, an archive (even a tar) makes more sense as it "gathers" the data. Also, please store somewhere who yuo are, as uploader (a nick is OK). Communication is easier that way ;)

How can I make it easier for AMP staff to sort the mods?

It really eases the work if you don't send mods that we already have and if you create separate author directories. That way we do the sorting in half the normal time and we can update the site on a more regular basis. It's also very important to avoid uploading files without any author information. We receive hundred of mods we can't include as we simply don't know who composed them.

Should I only upload the mods I have composed?

Not really, anything goes, here.

Can I upload any non-released and/or non-finished modules?

That's precisely what we are searching for. So yes, please! AMP seeks for ALL the composed Amiga music ever: previews, short and long versions, very (very) old modules, cooperation tunes, released and unreleased scores! However, note that it will be made available to public (unless otherwise specified). As such, be careful as to what is sent.

Can I upload the mods I have ripped myself?

Yes, of course. However, please, make a nice clean rip (i.e. no memory rip please).

Can I upload modules whose authors are unknown?

Well, yes you can but in that case, please provide us with as much information as possible regarding the source of the rip (demo/game/etc.).

Can I upload my filled interview form to the Cloud?

Of course you can. Send via Cloud/mail/whatever. However, in this case (cloud), please leave as well some way to contact the author as we will likely have questions related to the musics we have.

Can I upload scanned pictures and/or new info on composers to the Cloud?

Same as above. The point is to communicate with the author and the individuals with knowledge.

[10] Contribute and Submit Files 

Why should I contact AMP staff?

The first reason is of course that we at AMP enjoy a lot to get in touch with composers and sceners. We also have plenty of questions we would like to ask you. Past and new sceners are an incredible source of information. You can also let us know how much you like AMP and what we should change/add. AMP is made for all of you so give us some feedback dudes!

What kind of composer information is AMP looking for?

As you can see there are plenty of things we are still missing. Of course the basic Handle, Real Names, Country, ex. Handles and Groups characteristics. It's important you mention ALL the information (even very old handles, groups, etc.). We also need composers e-mail/snail mail addresses, telephone numbers and anything else that could make it easier for us to get in touch with them.

Why should I send mods to AMP?

Let's say it straight: modules are the key element in AMP. Your support is most important for further updates of AMP. Your contributions help us preserve scene music material.

How can I provide you with mods?

Preferably on a CD/DVD rom sent by snail mail to Crown, as it's more convenient to him. You can otherwise upload the tunes to our 24/7 Cloud (whose address is available on the FTP/Cloud area of the AMP website) or contact Crown for a private e-mail/FTP post. If it really bothers you a lot to upload all your mods to our Cloud we can as well leech them all from your HTTP/FTP address.

Why should I send you my own mod collection on CD/DVD rom?

We know that many module fans have burned their own modules collection on CD/DVD rom. Most of those collections contain rare and unreleased tunes that AMP would be delighted to include online. We will check and sort all the CD/DVD collection and get them available for download. Your mod collection helps us set a lifetime preservation process for ALL the Amiga music.

I am an Amiga composer, could I track a music exclusively for AMP?

Two of our good friends have already composed modules exclusively for AMP (4-Mat and Jellybean) and we enjoyed it a lot. So we really encourage you to load your Protracker and create quality tracks so that you too can enter the exclusive circle of AMP's music contributors! :)

Can I upload any music?

Yes, please do so but stick to tracked material.

Can I upload music composed on other machines than the Amiga?

Of course you can. Our only rule is: the music has to be composed by an (ex) Amiga composer and not by anyone else! We receive a lot of tunes on our Cloud that will never be included for the simple reason that they don't match AMP requirements, so please check the files you submit.

Can I upload my own newly released MIDI, MP3 or OGG scores to AMP?

Not that we wouldn't like to listen to your latest tracks but there is no chance they would ever appear on AMP. If you really want us to listen to them, all you have to do is burn a CD/DVD rom and post it to Crown.

How can I transfer all the mods I have on my old Amiga's hard drive?

Use a null modem cable, a RJ45 cable or the software from Cloanto (Amiga Forever). That should do it. If you can afford to buy an Amiga One or Pegasos then all you'll have to do is connect your IDE/SCSI HD to the computer.

How should I do if my Amiga is broken and all my mods are on its hard drive?

We are able to access Amiga hard drives from our machines so it's best if you can send it by post. We will copy all files to a CD/DVD rom and send it along with the HD. None of the files that it contains will be made available online without your prior consent!

How can I transfer all my Amiga floppies to my PC?

A good friend of us has made an incredible utility, which enables you to read Amiga disk directly on your PC. You can get it straight from AMP's download page. All you need is to install the software and 2 disk drives. That software also works with C64, Atari ST floppies. Make sure to send the author an email and donation for his excellent work.

Can I send you my Amiga formatted floppies/hard drives that contain modules?

We will gladly do the transfer for you. Please send them to Crown's postal address and remember to mention your information so that he can send the disk back to you with a nice CD/DVD rom.

Can I send you some Amiga demos so that you ripp the music?

Of course you can. Please send the original Amiga disks by snail mail or a disk image (DMS or ADF) by e-mail to AMP staff. All submitted material will be returned to you!

Is AMP interested in all my old Amiga floppy disks with demos and packs?

AMP, with the help of some friends, is gathering all demoscene material so that it doesn't with the floppies. As you might have experienced, most floppies start having read/write errors after something like 10 to 15 years. We are now in a critical period as many badly spread scene releases vanish with the floppies on which they were copied. Without your help many demos will be lost forever and never find their way to preservation. So visit your parent's home, check your basement and dig your old disk boxes, we count on you!

Can I submit anything else than audio files to AMP?

Yes, because we are seeking for a large bunch of files: internal member lists (with names and addresses) from any Amiga Groups, scanned pictures of any Amiga musicians, Amiga scene releases (demos, packs, diskmags, etc.), computer related paper magazines and anything else you can think of.

I am an Amiga composer, how can I submit my scanned picture(s)?

You are usually asked to send them when you receive AMP's interview form. If you only have one picture to send then we suggest you email it to crown. If by chance you can provide us with several scans then you should upload them as a big zip file to our FTP. Do not forget to name your zip file with your handle (ex. Mantronix_pics.zip).

Is AMP interested in the several scanned photos I have of some Amiga composers?

You bet we are! If you have taken or collected photos of Amiga musicians (maybe coming from some glorious demo parties) please send them to us at once. It eases our work if you rename them with the handle of each musician: "Chromag.JPG", "Virgill.GIF", etc. If some of your pictures contain several persons please try as much as possible to cut them so that you get one musician per picture.

Why are my modules, interview and photo(s) not online yet?

It takes time before we can check, sort and upload all the newly received data. It always finds its place though so don't panic and check AMP on a regular basis. AMP is a hobby you know.

I am a graphic artist, do you think I could paint some logos for AMP?

Yes, it would be very nice of you. Try as much as possible to create a logo that fits AMP's global design (same palette colors) so that we can integrate it smoothly. There is a predetermined size of 400x99 pixels for the main logo. Feel free to paint anything like small and big banners, fonts and templates.

Can I freely link AMP to my website?

Yes, we actually do appreciate that. With your help more people will get to know about our work and that will also increase our chance to reach Amiga composers that browse the web. Your links to AMP participate to its evolution and development so we say Thank You!

Where can I find the AMP banner?

Go to the links page, click on the small banner with your right mouse button and save it in your computer. You can now freely use it as an AMP banner. You can also use any of the big logos if that suits you better.

How can I get my website into AMP's links page?

Drop us an e-mail containing the URL and a small PNG/JPG/GIF banner size 88x31 pixels. If your site matches AMP's links criteria you will get an e-mail from AMP's staff informing you that your website will be linked very soon. We are fond of quality Amiga links so we will gladly add it to AMP's links page.

To whom should I report broken links and any other errors I find?

You can contact anyone at AMP staff. If you don't get an answer to your mail within a week then we suggest you to get in touch with one of us again. We really do our best to remove all broken links and correct errors but we appreciate your help on that matter.

Is AMP searching for old Commodore machines?

Yes, Crown seeks for all Amiga/C64&128 machines from low-end to high-end series. It's very important that we own those as they help us run antic demos and ripp music out of them. Plus they are nice artifacts for our homes. We can of course pay for all posting costs.

Can I contribute to AMP with money or hardware donations?

We might include a donation system someday so that you can support AMP with the amount you wish. Hardware gifts are also very welcome as we are paying for all the equipment, which is being used for maintaining and developing AMP. Ask Monty what he needs and you will surely find a way to make his day!

Could I actually make AMP staff the beneficiary of my testament?

We would be pleased you to do so. It would be nice not to work only for AMP on our free time! If you are into arts sponsorship (hello Mr. Ted Turner!) and wish to support computer art creations you are strongly encouraged you to contact Crown.

[11] The Future 

What is coming next?

More mods, interviews and scanned pictures will be regularly added. We are also working on an registered user interface in order to make it possible for visitors to get more active and provide information for each module (date of release, demo or party competition of origin, etc.). We wish the audience to participate in strengthening AMP, as they already do with the FTP.

When will AMP preserve all the PC/MAC/C64/ZX/ATARI/etc. music?

We more than started with PC stuff. The rest might follow someday, but Amiga music remains the main goal.

When will there be an unknown authors directory?

There is, although quite a bit empty. The name is "Unknown Composers". Still, when a music is fully identified (source) it ends up here.

How about an AMP party?

Not much chance for that.

When will there be an AMP forum?

There is now : http://amp.dascene.net/forum/

Will I ever see AMP v4.0?

*geee*, unknown. Today's somewhat cheap interface assures us the widest audience. Still, archaic browsers are less and less by the day, so ...

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