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AMP is the result of many hours of work from some real amiga (music) enthusiasts. It's time for you to concretely get to know who did what. Many people did/do help us and they are by far too many to be listed here. As Cc says: "you know who you are!". AMP certainly is the result of all your support over the years.

Most of the updates that took place in the Composers and Modules Databases were made possible by the people visiting our site, thanx to them all!

© AMP (collection and all texts):
     Crown & Curt Cool & Asle.

(PHP & MySQL):
     Monty & Asle.

Original Html code and Support:

Offline Assistants:
     Anarkhya, Axxy, Deus-Ex, Django, Doh, Helioth, Ijon Tichy, Mark, Swirlythingy & Xlat.

All Ascii's:
     Allanon, Boheme, Budgie, Draw & Zito.

Software Support:
     Dr. Ice, Mahoney, Silva & Vincent Joguin

     Anarkhya, ArcaDe, Bushwacker, Can, DemonHellraiser, Gwen, Jozi, Kefrens AI, Line, Lunix, Mordred, Mysery, Nutcase, Raven, Stargazer, Stip, X-Ray, XtC & Yop.

Scanned Pictures:
     Various photos were provided to AMP by the musicians themselves and Crown. Quite a few others were provided by Deus-Ex. Some are courtesy of the following websites: Unexotica, Slengpung, MobyGames and ComposersC64.

Computer icons (courtesy of Pouet):

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