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Handle: Flinx
Real Name: Ian Jolly
Lived in: United Kingdom
Ex.Handles: Xanadu, Commander Sinclair, Oui-Eye
Was a member of: Balloons, Cyrus Corp. (Cyrus - CYS), Defekt (DFT), Quartz (QTZ), Radical Elite Movement (REM), Scandal (SCL), The Flashing Bytes (Flashing Bytes - TFB)

Modules: 42  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

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Module Composer Format Size Infos
       .  gnaw  . Flinx S3M 100Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)baddie Flinx MOD 53Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)casino2 Flinx MOD 43Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)castle Flinx MOD 59Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)congrats Flinx MOD 29Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)death Flinx MOD 5Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)disco-vb Flinx MOD 101Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)echo-dub2 Flinx MOD 49Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)flux Flinx MOD 50Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)odejmj-vb Flinx MOD 110Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)title Flinx MOD 63Kb
(Minskies - ...the abduction)tribe ursa-7 Flinx MOD 58Kb
Aluminum Diva Flinx S3M 98Kb
bomb it! jacks back Flinx MOD 5Kb
cak cute Flinx MOD 13Kb
castle wander Flinx & Hoffman MOD 83Kb
change of life Flinx MOD 53Kb
chip-on-my-shoulder Flinx MOD 7Kb
cowtree Flinx MOD 72Kb
cracked Flinx MOD 105Kb
delta Flinx MOD 5Kb
desert signs Flinx & Hoffman MOD 140Kb
direct feedback Flinx & Hoffman MOD 45Kb
dumb-vb2 Flinx MOD 86Kb
effects-2 Flinx MOD 24Kb
ending Flinx MOD 117Kb
journey home Flinx & Hoffman MOD 21Kb
joylight x-press Flinx & Hoffman MOD 36Kb
le equinoxile Flinx MOD 7Kb
milton keynes Flinx & Hoffman MOD 6Kb
monty lives Flinx MOD 5Kb
moods of quartz Flinx MOD 7Kb
outlaws Flinx MOD 98Kb
rebellion crush Flinx MOD 22Kb
sanddune Flinx MOD 52Kb
sc miniintro Flinx MOD 13Kb
sharma-inside Flinx MOD 50Kb
sharma-outside Flinx MOD 55Kb
tired eyes Flinx MOD 3Kb
title Flinx MOD 61Kb
two day wait....... Flinx MOD 15Kb
Watered Down Hell Flinx S3M 90Kb

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