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Handle: NZO
Real Name: Ray Norrish
Lived in: United Kingdom
Ex.Handles: Full FX
Was a member of: Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Equinox (EQX), The Powerlords (TPL - The Powerlords Corporation)

Modules: 78  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: n/a

.:: 78 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
(Alcatraz ST)alcatraz2 NZO MOD 62Kb 84
(Alcatraz)alcatraz-loop NZO MOD 49Kb 193
(Anarchy)anarchy2 NZO MOD 74Kb 217
(Baal)frank suck on this NZO STK 59Kb 256
(Ballistix)contact NZO STK 45Kb 223
(Blood_Money)bloood NZO STK 119Kb 342
(Blood_Money)ingame NZO STK 14Kb 235
(Captain_Fizz_Meets_the_Blaster-Trons)psyg-3 NZO STK 90Kb 202
(Math Patrol)base NZO XM 29Kb 84
(Math Patrol)game1 NZO XM 14Kb 78
(Math Patrol)game2 NZO XM 11Kb 79
(Math Patrol)game3 NZO XM 18Kb 78
(Math Patrol)game4 NZO XM 23Kb 77
(Math Patrol)game4a NZO XM 21Kb 79
(Sooty_&_Sweep)sooty3 NZO MOD 3Kb 179
(Spellbound)spellbound NZO MOD 90Kb 204
(The Jetsons)jet(amiga)-tune1 NZO MOD 9Kb 130
(The Jetsons)jet(amiga)-tune2 NZO MOD 10Kb 124
(The Jetsons)jet(amiga)-tune3 NZO MOD 10Kb 118
(The Killing Game Show demo)t.k.g credits NZO MOD 12Kb 41
(The Killing Game Show demo)t.k.g ingame3 NZO MOD 51Kb 221
(The Killing Game Show demo)t.k.g loader NZO MOD 158Kb 115
(The_Killing_Game_Show)t.k.g credits NZO MOD 11Kb 249
(The_Killing_Game_Show)t.k.g ingame4 NZO MOD 49Kb 276
(The_Killing_Game_Show)t.k.g loader final NZO MOD 169Kb 319
4ever2nite-minimix NZO MOD 27Kb 199
anarchy NZO MOD 62Kb 91
blood money ingame NZO MOD 9Kb 203
bollex2 NZO MOD 39Kb 183
cathedral2 NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 31Kb 40
cathedral3 NZO MOD 30Kb 79
cavern4 NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 30Kb 42
cavern4+ NZO MOD 29Kb 81
classic NZO MOD 139Kb 198
classic.other NZO MOD 116Kb 191
delta NZO MOD 2Kb 96
driving NZO MOD 58Kb 81
electro-party NZO MOD 85Kb 193
endtheme NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 26Kb 42
endtheme+ NZO MOD 26Kb 85
euro1 NZO MOD 68Kb 182
heroplus NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 49Kb 39
heroplus+ NZO MOD 49Kb 81
industrial2 NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 28Kb 40
industrial2+ NZO MOD 28Kb 79
ingame.lng NZO STK 27Kb 70
jc NZO MOD 28Kb 81
killer NZO MOD 37Kb 185
killer2 NZO MOD 33Kb 79
killplay NZO MOD 48Kb 79
lastlevel NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 31Kb 39
lev1.3 NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 25Kb 39
lev1.3+ NZO MOD 25Kb 82
lev2.3 NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 21Kb 39
lev2.3+ NZO MOD 22Kb 76
level5+ NZO MOD 31Kb 79
loader NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 27Kb 40
megablast NZO MOD 66Kb 107
mellow NZO MOD 52Kb 80
model NZO MOD 30Kb 83
montage2 NZO MOD 111Kb 188
music6.air-0 NZO MOD 89Kb 80
new one NZO MOD 86Kb 187
nouveau NZO MOD 71Kb 82
orbit NZO MOD 77Kb 84
rabbit NZO MOD 132Kb 183
segamix NZO MOD 18Kb 105
sewers3 NZO & Douglas Boari MOD 25Kb 40
sewers4+ NZO MOD 25Kb 80
slam NZO MOD 100Kb 187
song NZO MOD 81Kb 184
space harrier NZO MOD 12Kb 221
space harrier.orig NZO MOD 21Kb 225
spellbound NZO MOD 68Kb 93
suprise NZO MOD 80Kb 185
t.k.t.rolling NZO MOD 204Kb 89
tennis NZO MOD 54Kb 99
tools for fools #5 NZO MOD 12Kb 200

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