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Handle: Ronny
Real Name: Ronny Pries
Lived in: Germany
Ex.Handles: RP, R0nny, Herr Weltschaft, Murray Prisinski, rktic, rpfr, R. Pries
Was a member of: Alpha Flight (AFL), Bing Bang University (BBU), Electronic Knocked, Farbrausch (FR), Free Electric Band pc, LATEX, Lego (LGO), Phase Distortion (PHD - Phase D - Phase'd), RohFormat, Still pc (ST), Teklords (TLS - TL), Thinner

Modules: 70  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 2  online

.:: 70 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
1000000 miles... Ronny XM 140Kb 282
1000000 miles....compo Ronny XM 139Kb 27
1e- Ronny MOD 39Kb 161
<--humper--> Ronny MOD 58Kb 35
Acid4ALL-HHR-RMX Ramboy & Ronny & Markus Huether MOD 113Kb 213
acid_4_all! Ronny MOD 146Kb 172
after hours Ronny XM 110Kb 175
BBU-Ernte23 Ronny XM 1508Kb 89
bubblegum! Ronny MOD 132Kb 165
circus_boogie! Ronny MOD 73Kb 168
cosmotik_disco Ronny MOD 109Kb 77
danny_da_dizkoking! Ronny MOD 134Kb 176
deep_sea_diver! Ronny MOD 87Kb 156
diese augenblicke werden nie vergehen Ronny XM 188Kb 30
duck jakob Ronny XM 123Kb 170
Elitegroup-Kasparov Ronny XM 4588Kb 127
famous_thang! Ronny MOD 101Kb 160
footlights-nomeltdownremix Ronny XM 266Kb 161
funky! Ronny MOD 112Kb 158
Go Danny Go! Ronny XM 194Kb 24
gotta_keep_on! Ronny MOD 125Kb 151
h. s. b. b. m. Ronny & Zyad XM 186Kb 155
hakumba_metumba! Ronny MOD 25Kb 148
hausmusik! Ronny MOD 55Kb 174
hidden secrets Ronny XM 194Kb 159
hidden secrets Moon & Ronny XM 192Kb 31
hippie_disco! Ronny MOD 101Kb 156
kurkkukipu Raw Style & Ronny & Vesuri MOD 67Kb 29
megaperls! Ronny MOD 30Kb 165
motor city Ronny XM 138Kb 166
motor city hb remix Ronny XM 142Kb 60
mutex Ronny MOD 81Kb 152
nighttrip! Ronny MOD 43Kb 158
no way out! Ronny XM 74Kb 165
on_and_on! Ronny MOD 22Kb 154
pianotic Ronny MOD 50Kb 61
ping_pong! Ronny MOD 21Kb 149
r-o-n-n-y! Ronny MOD 80Kb 151
release the pressure Ronny XM 95Kb 155
silikontitten! Ronny MOD 21Kb 158
sound_foundation Ronny MOD 102Kb 164
storm Ronny XM 347Kb 56
supersonic-sound Ronny MOD 25Kb 164
teklords.v1 Ronny MOD 84Kb 163
the milky way Ronny XM 79Kb 166
the_discomaniac! Ronny MOD 89Kb 148
toiletflush-rmix Raw Style & Ronny & Skyphos MOD 193Kb 206
toilet_flush! Ronny MOD 73Kb 156
toilet_flush-wbmix Ronny MOD 74Kb 172
tonca Ronny MOD 13Kb 158
tru_funk! Ronny MOD 142Kb 185
we distort the phase Ronny XM 230Kb 169
your_mind!! Ronny MOD 126Kb 59
_a1 Pherplexer & Ronny XM 413Kb 167
_a2 Pherplexer & Ronny XM 1132Kb 162
_b1 Pherplexer & Ronny XM 539Kb 197
_b1 (b. rosu mix) Pherplexer & Ronny XM 562Kb 174
_betriebsstoerung Ronny XM 208Kb 161
_blechroehre 1 Ronny XM 250Kb 168
_blechroehre 2 Ronny XM 179Kb 164
_gummistiefel Ronny XM 223Kb 157
_kolbenfresser Ronny XM 273Kb 153
_nockenwelle Ronny XM 403Kb 164
_nullstellung Ronny XM 602Kb 149
_planquadrat 12b Ronny XM 130Kb 154
_reloaded Ronny XM 367Kb 166
_subraum kruemmung Ronny XM 248Kb 163
_wellengleiter Ronny XM 279Kb 160
_whop Ronny XM 64Kb 152
_zyklop Ronny XM 132Kb 156

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