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Handle: Smash!
Real Name: Ramon Chacón Freixa
Lived in: Spain
Ex.Handles: Ramon Chacon Freixa
Was a member of: Crystal Shade, Fuzzion pc, Inside (INSD), Stravaganza

Modules: 52  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 1  online

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Module Composer Format Size Infos
" Maybe Forever " - Smash! Smash! S3M 817Kb
"...and I close my eyes" Smash! IT 588Kb
- Biologic War - Smash! MOD 144Kb
- Cool Decade - Smash! MOD 134Kb
>>> rulas pa to kiski <<< Smash! & SML IT 451Kb
Anthrax! Smash! IT 901Kb
Avatar Smash! S3M 662Kb
Black Dragon Smash! S3M 632Kb
Bloody Street III Smash! S3M 358Kb
Critical Phase Smash! S3M 559Kb
Dark Ritual Smash! & Wonder S3M 618Kb
Destination- Venus Smash! & SML IT 764Kb
EP3-Report-Intro-Tune Smash! S3M 148Kb
Esto rocks Smash! & Wonder & Naif MOD 336Kb
False Visage (Ext.) Smash! MOD 379Kb
GetDaFuckOutOfMyWay! Smash! MOD 208Kb
I can feel her body. Smash! MOD 592Kb
Inmersive Dream Smash! MOD 64Kb
Inorganic Smash! MOD 70Kb
Intro By Smash #DF# Smash! MOD 67Kb
Like a Game Smash! S3M 19Kb
Lil' beauty Smash! MOD 1Kb
MoonDancer - Smash! Smash! IT 544Kb
no turning back Smash! IT 525Kb
Pardi Kirl Smash! & Wonder IT 643Kb
Path of hope Smash! S3M 154Kb
Peace inside me Smash! S3M 351Kb
Queen of Sun Smash! & Wonder S3M 264Kb
RavEWorlD Smash! S3M 217Kb
Resistance -Smash!- Smash! MOD 12Kb
Rokabilis-Totar! Smash! & Wonder MOD 39Kb
Savage-MenMachine1 Smash! S3M 466Kb
Soul Abductor Smash! IT 1016Kb
Symphony in E Minor Smash! & Wonder MOD 3Kb
The DeadRow Smash! S3M 201Kb
Time Gate Smash! IT 622Kb
Under Pressure! Smash! S3M 16Kb
War Survivor Smash! MOD 451Kb
Worm's race! Smash! MOD 4Kb
| Atmosphere | Smash! S3M 147Kb
| Bloody Street | Smash! MOD 66Kb
| Bloody Street |.compo Smash! MOD 66Kb
| Falling Star | Smash! S3M 153Kb
| Go Wild | Smash! S3M 132Kb
| Lost in a Dream | Smash! S3M 207Kb
| Metal Thought | Smash! S3M 323Kb
| Mirror's Face | Smash! S3M 132Kb
| Take A Look Behind You | Smash! S3M 146Kb
| The Last Time | Smash! S3M 154Kb
| Two Hours Later | Smash! S3M 234Kb
| Virtual Zone - Mix IV | Smash! S3M 206Kb
| Wild Thing | Smash! MOD 92Kb

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