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Handle: Spoon
Real Name: Alexander Marburg
Lived in: Germany
Ex.Handles: SPN
Was a member of: Dynamic Technologies (DYTEC - DTC), Dynasty (DNS), Motivate (MTV), Radical Rhythms (RR), Superior Art Creations (SAC), The System, Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Modules: 66  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: n/a

.:: 66 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
 MY GENERATiON Spoon S3M 232Kb 70
.EMERGENCY. Spoon S3M 338Kb 70
.MALEFiC UNdERGRoUNd Spoon S3M 164Kb 45
.o_ANGEL_o Spoon S3M 302Kb 79
amtrax (c)20cc Spoon MOD 14Kb 148
aphex razor on 1911 Spoon XM 95Kb 92
arkanoid Spoon MOD 3Kb 197
BACK ON TRACK DAC & Spoon XM 521Kb 106
blahblupps Spoon MOD 4Kb 152
blerp Spoon FST 4Kb 171
blubberhupf Spoon MOD 2Kb 188
BrainChild REMiX Spoon XM 433Kb 71
Brainchild Remix Spoon XM 436Kb 169
c64 #6 Spoon MOD 5Kb 175
c64 2 Spoon MOD 6Kb 100
c64#5 Spoon MOD 5Kb 91
c643 Spoon MOD 6Kb 80
c64intro#1 Spoon MOD 13Kb 154
cefimod 4 Spoon MOD 5Kb 64
chipmuzak14 Spoon FST 3Kb 155
chip_03 Spoon MOD 24Kb 141
chip_04 Spoon MOD 5Kb 144
chip_05 Spoon MOD 3Kb 130
chip_06 Spoon MOD 3Kb 139
council mag theme #? Spoon MOD 5Kb 68
CRUCiFiEd Spoon S3M 109Kb 74
dARK STAR Spoon S3M 250Kb 69
DER STRAHLER Spoon XM 1031Kb 68
dytec intro mukke Spoon FST 10Kb 73
dytecintro Spoon S3M 15Kb 72
eagle soft intro Spoon FST 4Kb 155
EEK UGH ARGH! Spoon S3M 155Kb 66
energy intro mukke Spoon FST 9Kb 162
FiCKPiSSE! Spoon XM 421Kb 63
flex intro #2 Spoon MOD 9Kb 157
flex intro 01 Spoon MOD 12Kb 140
GiMME NORDLEAD! Spoon XM 941Kb 63
intro #23453445634 Spoon MOD 3Kb 143
intro fuer irgendwas Spoon MOD 3Kb 145
intromukke #43240723 Spoon MOD 3Kb 139
intromukke blah Spoon MOD 3Kb 139
krimskrams Spoon MOD 6Kb 135
MEDIA Spoon XM 538Kb 52
noisy pillars Spoon MOD 17Kb 174
Nordisch by Nature Spoon XM 404Kb 67
pdm intro Spoon FST 8Kb 160
PERMANENT bLUE Dalezy & Spoon S3M 71Kb 113
Phloating Higher I Spoon XM 441Kb 62
quantum gate Spoon XM 1048Kb 69
razor1911 intro Spoon MOD 20Kb 226
razor1911 intro 4398 Spoon XM 15Kb 206
REALMS Spoon S3M 159Kb 68
remix Spoon XM 392Kb 68
SCHWARZE MiLCH Spoon XM 964Kb 61
spn&dac.kickit DAC & Spoon MOD 3Kb 217
spn.rzr1911.intro#8 Spoon FST 18Kb 192
system mag 01 Spoon MOD 3Kb 155
THE 2Nd REbiRTH Dalezy & Spoon S3M 79Kb 121
The One Edit Spoon XM 527Kb 67
The only Edit Spoon XM 1434Kb 66
TOLLE MUSiKE - WAVE Spoon FST 206Kb 55
vort intro Spoon FST 7Kb 60
WAVE-MAG MUSiKE Spoon FST 276Kb 53

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