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Handle: Boo
Real Name: Ulf Dahl
Lived in: Australia Norway United Kingdom
Ex.Handles: Mace, Citizen
Was a member of: Abnormeda, Awe, Creators (CTR), Pimp Ninjas, Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), Talent (TLN - TLT - TAL), Talent pc (TLN - TLT - TAL), The Paladins

Modules: 309  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 2  online

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Module Composer Format Size Infos
    monoton waltz Boo MOD 209Kb
  >>> mobile <<< Boo MOD 69Kb
 (( yellow roses )) Boo MOD 123Kb
)) twirled (( Boo MOD 226Kb
+Korean Fantasies+ Boo & Brainbug XM 250Kb
70 Boo XM 113Kb
80pop Boo XM 68Kb
90s funk Boo XM 237Kb
a secret garden Boo XM 367Kb
A Sober Moment Boo XM 10Kb
Abominable Snowman Boo & Don Cato MOD 73Kb
Acid Moog Jazz Boo XM 122Kb
acid2 Boo XM 710Kb
acid3 Boo XM 321Kb
acid4 Boo XM 212Kb
acoustic theme1 Boo XM 13Kb
Alltime Classics Boo & Bruno XM 159Kb
An ode to Vangelis Boo XM 217Kb
anekje Boo XM 757Kb
aprilfool Boo MOD 2Kb
astronaatio Boo MOD 28Kb
at the sea Boo MOD 87Kb
at the top Boo MOD 98Kb
atmosphere_final Boo & Jukebox MOD 89Kb
Back To Childhood Boo XM 140Kb
background Boo XM 11Kb
Baguio Boo XM 140Kb
ballade Boo XM 834Kb
Bi-bi-billig2 Boo MOD 20Kb
Biospheria Boo XM 20Kb
Blue Cats Boo MOD 31Kb
Blue Cats.short Boo MOD 31Kb
BoO Fantasies#1 Boo MOD 17Kb
boo fantasies#10 Boo MOD 2Kb
boo fantasies#11 Boo MOD 1Kb
BoO Fantasies#2 Boo MOD 10Kb
BoO Fantasies#3 Boo MOD 35Kb
BoO Fantasies#5 Boo MOD 17Kb
BoO Fantasies#6 Boo MOD 20Kb
boo fantasies#7 Boo MOD 2Kb
Boo Fantasies#8 Boo MOD 7Kb
boo fantasies#9 Boo MOD 1Kb
boo on the playground Boo XM 1Kb
Boo's Lullaby Boo XM 261Kb
Boo's Lullaby2 Boo XM 267Kb
boo-gie Boo XM 38Kb
boo-gie1 Boo XM 13Kb
boo-gie2 Boo XM 7Kb
boo-gie3 Boo XM 39Kb
boo-gie4 Boo XM 39Kb
boo-gie5 Boo XM 5Kb
boo-gie6 Boo XM 13Kb
boo-gie7 Boo XM 7Kb
boo-gie8 Boo XM 2Kb
boo-gieA Boo XM 15Kb
boo-gieB Boo XM 16Kb
boo-gieC Boo XM 16Kb
Borealis Boo XM 5Kb
Brilliant Corners Boo MOD 1Kb
c64 roots Boo XM 39Kb
Camomile Sequel Boo XM 137Kb
charttrack Boo XM 24Kb
china funk Boo MOD 30Kb
chip1 Boo XM 39Kb
chipmunk#01 Boo MOD 7Kb
chipmunk#02 Boo MOD 4Kb
chipmunk#03 Boo MOD 2Kb
chipmunk#04 Boo MOD 5Kb
chipmunk#05 Boo MOD 10Kb
chipmunk#06 Boo MOD 5Kb
chipmunk#07 Boo MOD 6Kb
chipmunk#08 Boo MOD 4Kb
chipmunk#09 Boo MOD 5Kb
chipmunk#10 Boo MOD 20Kb
chipmunk#11 Boo MOD 8Kb
chipmunk#12 Boo MOD 7Kb
chipmunk#13 Boo MOD 5Kb
chipmunk#14 Boo MOD 1Kb
Chipmunk#16 Boo MOD 4Kb
Chipmunk#17 Boo MOD 2Kb
chipmunk#18 Boo MOD 4Kb
chippy1 Boo MOD 5Kb
Christmas Jingles Boo MOD 141Kb
Christmas Mix Boo XM 15Kb
clavere Boo MOD 112Kb
Cloudberry Fields Boo & Loonie XM 15Kb
Come Along Boo XM 16Kb
compo Boo XM 435Kb
confetti Boo MOD 8Kb
Crack 2000 Boo XM 23Kb
Crack 2000.2002 Boo XM 23Kb
Crying Soul Boo XM 495Kb
crystallized Boo MOD 123Kb
culhoon Boo MOD 2Kb
d-pop Boo XM 215Kb
danielle Boo XM 243Kb
dawn of hope Boo MOD 274Kb
deal with dreams Boo MOD 43Kb
dejavu2 Boo XM 337Kb
delarosa Boo XM 550Kb
Devotion Boo XM 180Kb
devotion.intro Boo MOD 75Kb
devotion.work2 Boo MOD 187Kb
Discotrack Boo XM 18Kb
Doskpopcorn Noise Boo XM 393Kb
Dr0mmedyret Boo MOD 1Kb
dream Boo XM 282Kb
Dreams & Tears Boo XM 270Kb
Drifted Boo XM 277Kb
drolled Boo XM 163Kb
drums Boo XM 232Kb
e-xact Boo MOD 25Kb
Eighties Pop Boo XM 39Kb
Emotional Landscape  Boo & Jogeir Liljedahl XM 177Kb
Emotional Landscape Boo & Jogeir Liljedahl XM 603Kb
En liten trall Boo XM 15Kb
Enantiodromia.forNitch-Noon Boo XM 330Kb
Enantiodromia.tekno98 Boo XM 361Kb
Enantiodromia.tp96 Boo XM 335Kb
end Boo XM 56Kb
Falling Star Boo XM 39Kb
Feedback Freedom Boo MOD 253Kb
Feedback Freedom 2 Boo MOD 252Kb
Feel The Raid Boo XM 171Kb
fffunkyy Boo XM 1088Kb
Flowers Behind Boo MOD 309Kb
Flute Love Boo MOD 10Kb
foggy Boo XM 302Kb
fractured Boo MOD 354Kb
funk Boo XM 647Kb
funk break Boo MOD 42Kb
funk my luck! Boo MOD 74Kb
funk3 Boo XM 660Kb
funk4 Boo XM 659Kb
funktry Boo XM 140Kb
funky Boo XM 758Kb
funny Boo XM 535Kb
game over Boo MOD 18Kb
gameboy jingle Boo MOD 62Kb
Gamesong #2 Boo MOD 123Kb
gamesong#1 Boo MOD 58Kb
gift of giving Boo MOD 49Kb
Girl From Ipanema Boo XM 69Kb
gitarballad Boo XM 130Kb
global themes Boo MOD 99Kb
Goa Funk Boo XM 302Kb
Goa Stream Boo XM 245Kb
good bye Boo MOD 141Kb
happy day of mine! Boo MOD 7Kb
he's in a greenroom Boo MOD 163Kb
hex files Boo MOD 195Kb
Hexfiles Theme 2 Boo XM 264Kb
hipp Boo XM 231Kb
i leikestova Boo MOD 100Kb
in the cave Boo MOD 32Kb
infrared lazer Boo MOD 40Kb
ingame Boo MOD 52Kb
intro-tune5 Boo MOD 8Kb
introduction Boo MOD 38Kb
introduction.short Boo MOD 29Kb
Introduksjon Boo MOD 141Kb
jamboree Boo MOD 71Kb
Jay Walk Boo XM 27Kb
Jay-Walk Boo XM 504Kb
Jazz Extravaganza Boo XM 237Kb
Jazz Extravaganza 2 Boo XM 113Kb
jibboom Boo XM 113Kb
Jimbo Swing Boo XM 17Kb
jogeirst Boo XM 386Kb
jollyone Boo XM 101Kb
Julekveldsvisa Boo XM 16Kb
kewl new style Boo MOD 40Kb
Kinderscheisse Boo MOD 206Kb
kompet gaar Boo MOD 105Kb
kortlaat Boo XM 41Kb
kremlaat Boo XM 591Kb
Kveldsromans Boo XM 58Kb
L o o n g l a n d s Boo XM 124Kb
laat2 Boo XM 188Kb
larusse Boo XM 13Kb
larusse Boo MOD 13Kb
Latin America Boo MOD 47Kb
lesson Boo XM 90Kb
let it groove Boo MOD 83Kb
loader Boo MOD 14Kb
loader Boo XM 227Kb
macabre Boo XM 214Kb
mace_green dogs Boo MOD 19Kb
mary-go-around Boo MOD 4Kb
Masabjonn Boo XM 51Kb
Med sus i massevis Boo XM 86Kb
mem Boo XM 8Kb
Memories Boo XM 107Kb
memories Boo MOD 66Kb
menu-tune1 Boo MOD 11Kb
Moon Madness Boo XM 86Kb
Moon Of Kilimanjaro Boo XM 204Kb
my heart will go on Boo XM 201Kb
My Spanish Heart Boo XM 228Kb
Never Alone Boo XM 369Kb
new Boo XM 145Kb
new song Boo MOD 114Kb
nightshade Boo MOD 99Kb
nostalgia Boo XM 36Kb
ny sang Boo XM 248Kb
Olorin's Dream Boo XM 282Kb
olsen banden Boo MOD 20Kb
Oncloud Boo XM 102Kb
Oncloud.short Boo XM 79Kb
oob's mare Boo MOD 3Kb
Opp Og Ned Boo MOD 9Kb
palindromes Boo MOD 96Kb
parasites Boo MOD 68Kb
performance Boo MOD 144Kb
pink phunq Boo MOD 187Kb
Polydor Boo MOD 48Kb
Psychedelica Boo XM 88Kb
Psychedelica.short Boo XM 28Kb
pulp Boo XM 596Kb
purple haze Boo MOD 220Kb
rifflek Boo XM 167Kb
rive gauche Boo MOD 285Kb
rolig ballade Boo MOD 85Kb
rundt og rundt Boo MOD 2Kb
salvador dali Boo MOD 76Kb
samba Boo MOD 76Kb
Samba Jam Boo MOD 34Kb
Seagull Summer Boo XM 199Kb
seamless love.fin Boo MOD 153Kb
secret garden Boo MOD 60Kb
Shadow Movements#04 Boo MOD 4Kb
shadow movements#06 Boo MOD 7Kb
Shadow Movements#07 Boo MOD 3Kb
shadow movements#08 Boo MOD 7Kb
Shadow Movements#09 Boo MOD 8Kb
shadow movements#1 Boo MOD 5Kb
Shadow Movements#10 Boo MOD 5Kb
Shadow Movements#11 Boo MOD 6Kb
shadow movements#12 Boo MOD 4Kb
shadow movements#13 Boo MOD 3Kb
shadow movements#14 Boo MOD 9Kb
shadow movements#15 Boo MOD 4Kb
shadow movements#16 Boo MOD 4Kb
shadow movements#19 Boo MOD 4Kb
shadow movements#2 Boo MOD 6Kb
shadow movements#20 Boo MOD 6Kb
Shadow Movements#3 Boo MOD 4Kb
Shadow Movements#5 Boo MOD 3Kb
Shahzoog Boo MOD 41Kb
Shahzoog Remix Boo XM 52Kb
sid Boo XM 57Kb
SID'ete Lykkerus Boo XM 10Kb
SID'ete Lykkerus.2002 Boo XM 10Kb
sid2 Boo XM 414Kb
silents v2.0 Boo MOD 42Kb
skin the fruits! Boo MOD 70Kb
Slow Ride Home Boo XM 245Kb
slowride Boo MOD 267Kb
slummy2 Boo XM 25Kb
slummy4 Boo XM 48Kb
slummy5 Boo XM 53Kb
softbase Boo XM 207Kb
sol-dhoop Boo MOD 39Kb
sol-dhoop scores Boo MOD 25Kb
sounds of science Boo MOD 39Kb
Stardust Remix Boo XM 202Kb
Strawberry Fields Boo MOD 21Kb
Strobo vs. Boo Boo & Strobo XM 20Kb
Summerbee Boo XM 227Kb
sunny delight Boo XM 722Kb
sunny delight remix Boo XM 605Kb
sunrise Boo MOD 80Kb
synkopik Boo XM 20Kb
Synkopik.2002 Boo XM 20Kb
tagaytay Boo XM 354Kb
take on me Boo XM 256Kb
tango-chip! Boo MOD 4Kb
Tender Surrender Boo MOD 345Kb
test2 Boo XM 238Kb
testsang Boo XM 494Kb
tg99 Boo XM 367Kb
the funk traveller Boo XM 458Kb
the happy song! Boo MOD 20Kb
the land of roses Boo MOD 121Kb
the playdaase Boo MOD 27Kb
The Polish Traveller Boo XM 320Kb
Thriller Time Boo XM 288Kb
timbal Boo XM 133Kb
tinypop Boo XM 18Kb
tipman Boo XM 377Kb
title Boo MOD 67Kb
totally freaked out Boo MOD 95Kb
Totally Overdriven Boo XM 291Kb
trekkspillvalsen Boo XM 114Kb
Tribute Boo MOD 106Kb
triphop Boo XM 271Kb
tripping around Boo MOD 51Kb
Tryllelutt Boo XM 116Kb
tubalutt Boo XM 17Kb
twelfth measure Boo XM 77Kb
uferdig Boo XM 307Kb
vapour trails Boo XM 668Kb
vicious Boo MOD 51Kb
wacky wah wah Boo XM 3415Kb
waterfall Boo MOD 103Kb
Weird World Boo MOD 73Kb
World of Wonders Boo XM 303Kb
xendi Boo MOD 76Kb
{lost negros} Boo & Don Cato MOD 140Kb

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